Denying an allegation of racism, is racist?!

The left has completely lost their minds. Of course, that’s not news…but now they’re eating their own.

When accused to being a racist in a faculty meeting at his school, progressive college professor – and Bernie Sanders supporter – Bret Weinstein tried to defend himself. He explained that he wasn’t a racists and that if the other faculty member making the allegation didn’t do her homework, the allegation may blow up in their face.

The administrator shut down Mr Weinstein’s self defense, explaining the faculty meeting wasn’t the place to defend himself against such an attack. As one would expect, Mr Weinstein asked what time and place would be appropriate, to which his accuser told him there was no appropriate time or place for him to make a defense.

Further, at a different time Mr Weinstien was informed that it’s racist for him to question an allegation of racism.

OK, let me understand this. If you’re accused of being a racists you can admit guilt – thereby being branded a racist – or deny the accusation, thereby proving you’re a racist via your behavior.

The left is literally insane. Of course we already knew that…but it’s amusing to watch them eat themselves.

Everte Farnell