Coming Soon!

We’re updating our subscription feature:


Currently, just about all right-wing crowdfunding websites have been disabled.

Whether it’s because of Stripe, Google, or whatever corporate conglomerate, pledging money is becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, we are currently banned from Patreon and repeatedly get TOS strikes on Facebook. That means our page could be deleted at any moment. We can’t allow our audience (with thousands of viewers) to lose contact with us.

We are experimenting with the idea of a subscription service. Some of our premium content would be put behind a paywall. In order to access it, you can buy a membership. As of now, only basic memberships are available while we work out the bugs. We will have more and are open to ideas on how it could function. 


Basic Membership – $5

This will allow us to create an account for you on our website. Once created, you will have access to premium content ordinary visitors do not.