Thought Reform in the Current Year

In 1961 psychologist Dr. Robert Jay Lifton published a book called “Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of ‘Brainwashing’ in China.” In it, he describes how the Maoist government of China would brainwash people after imprisoning them. He didn’t like the term brainwash due to its misleading nature and preferred to call it thought reform.
This thought reform wasn’t merely the product propaganda, disinformation, and half-truths.

To attack the mind successfully it is first necessary to defeat the body and spirit. The body is weakened through sleep deprivation, starvation, torture, confinement in shackles or overcrowded cells, physical abuse, and other similar techniques. The spirit is weakened by manipulating the emotions of guilt, shame, and fear. To enhance these bad cop techniques the prison warden would play the good cop. He would beg the prisoner to just confess for his own good and reward him with food, sleep, medical treatment, etc. when the prisoner confessed his sins or squealed on a co-conspirator.

Prisoners would enter into delusional states where reality and dream blurred together. Any honest mistake the prisoner made would cause him to be accused of lying to cover up some conspiracy. In some cases when a new prisoner was introduced into the crowded cell the old prisoner would engage in physical and mental abuse of the new prisoner.

The modern Western world bears striking parallels to the Maoist prisons. Though the attacks are concentrated on the spirit of the Aryan people and we are nominally free to move about, there are some attacks on our bodies that are worth noting. We have become a malnourished people, not through starvation, but through overfeeding on food that’s been denuded of nutritional value and infused with high fructose corn syrup, soy, and sodium. Antifa and Black Block, the shock troops of the Cathedral, attend right-wing rallies and attack people with near impunity. In many cases, they work hand in glove with the police, for example as we saw in Charlottesville. The media, when they mention Antifa at all, glorify them as soldiers fighting Nazis like Americans storming the beaches of Normandy.

On the spiritual side anyone who publicly dissents from the official narrative is slandered, libeled, socially ostracized, deplatformed, fired from their jobs, threatened with violence or arrest, guilted, doxed, and shamed into publicly apologizing. Globalist friendly corporations discriminate under the guise of free enterprise while the police and courts are one-sided in the pursuit of justice. Our history is mocked, our cultural icons replaced, and our values are degraded. We’re no longer even free to flee the post-modern Sodom and Gomorrah cities because the government brings the degeneracy into our towns and schools and the Cathedral media brings it into our homes. We can’t even legally disassociate from those whose cultural values clash with ours. It’s hardly surprising that our stress levels are high and our testosterone levels are low. The twist of the knife is that the masses don’t even know that we’re in a decades-old cultural war.

Demoralized yet? Well, don’t be. No man has ever proved his mettle by having an easy life. We gain strength through resistance, not avoidance. Embrace the challenges ahead. Amor fati. Today we lay the foundations for the Satya Yuga.

Lifton presents four means of resistance. He writes, “The first form of resistance is the acquisition of a sense of understanding, a theory about what is going on, an awareness of being manipulated.” It’s crucial for us to spread the word about how the government and media lie and manipulate us. The more lies and manipulation techniques we can expose the better we are able to notice them when they’re used against us. Technology has advanced so that amateurs can make high-quality documentaries and disseminate them to thousands of people online. Even if videos are crushed by the censors on Facebook and YouTube it takes time to do that and many people can be reached in the meantime. Additionally, other social media sites like Gab, Bitchute, and Minds are growing to meet the demand for uncensored media.

Lifton’s second method of resistance is to avoid emotional participation in the communication system of the thought reformers. Here too there have been many success stories, at least in the United State. Homeschooling has become quite popular which removes children from the government education camps. People have stopped watching TV, especially corporate news (and I use the term news loosely). A large portion of the population doesn’t even vote or belong to a political party because they understand that elections are a sham and that the two parties are just two wings of the same bird dumping on our heads. Still, more work needs to be done. Americans will still cut our own throats if we’re shown a dead child on a beach.

It’s never fully possible to detach from the system since we all have relationships with people still stuck in the Matrix. So, the third technique of resistance is to meet manipulation with humor or stoicism. Responding to the manipulators with anger or hatred simply redoubles the efforts of the priests of the Cathedral. They dig in their heels. However, humor cuts them off at the knees. Here is another place where there’s already been great success. Whether from the Alt-Right (e.g. Murdoch Murdoch), the Alt Light (e.g. Paul Joseph Watson), or centrists (e.g. Sargon of Akkad) making fun of the insanity of the Left has caused a mass exodus of people from Social Justice Warrior circles. Stoic resistance in the face of Leftist madness can have both short-term benefits (e.g. the lunatics suddenly feel a burst of shame, though short-lived) and long-term benefits (e.g. people love an underdog and become sympathetic to his cause).

The most important technique of resistance, according to Lifton, is identity reinforcement. Identity is an onion with many layers. We each identify ourselves by our values, religious beliefs, family, occupation, ethnicity, gender, etc. These are all reinforced through celebration and ritual, whether private or public. Perhaps this is why there’s been such a focus on attacking our identities. The Cathedral promotes the destruction of identity through miscegenation, transgenderism, mass immigration, replacement of cultural icons, transracialism, attacks on beauty and excellence, the push for egalitarianism and equality of outcomes, communism, pornography, corporate homogeneity, drug abuse, victim culture, separation of labor from the product of our labor, etc. We’re taught that we should be ashamed of our white privilege, male privilege, and straight privilege. We’re taught that our ancestors were evil and that we need to atone for it.

Western Civilization is unlikely to survive another century. It’s become corrupted and rotten. Our institutions actively work against our interests. What we should be working towards is not the preservation of the ashes of Western Civilization, but the palingenesis of the Aryan Phoenix.

Leroy Dumonde