May Day: A Holiday of Hate

Last night I gave a Fireside Chat on May Day. In that address, I spoke of the case of the American Front. I am going to post the video & full text of last night’s Fireside Chat and my Fireside Chat on the American Front from the Senate campaign last March.

Fireside Chat on May Day
30 April 2017 (Beltane)


Good Evening, Friends. Here on the East Coast, the sun is setting. This means that the Holy Day of Beltane is beginning as I speak. It is one of our most Ancient celebrations in the Pagan religion, as we celebrate the coming of summer and the sacred marriage of God & Goddess.


In the Ancient calendar, sunset marked the beginning of the Holy Day. So tonight we light the bonfires, and tomorrow we celebrate May Day. Quite frankly, the point of it is a celebration of fertility; of vitality, love, and creation.


And yet, all I have heard all weekend – and all we will hear tomorrow on May Day – is Nazi; Fascist; racist; Trump; right-wing terrorist; white supremacist; Marxists; Muslims; Antifa.


May Day is a celebration only for a handful of us backward, ignorant Pagans who missed the memo that secular humanism is the new religion. For the rest of the world, for all of those hip to the times, May Day is a holiday of hate. Tomorrow tens of thousands will flood the streets to let everyone know how much they hate the country of their residence; how much they hate their employers; how much they hate the racist, patriarchal system of the cis-gendered, heterosexual, white people who created and built this country.


I am 33 years old, and already I am an old man, an Odin-like wanderer at the twilight of the age of his kind. I am watching the entire world go mad around me, and trying to point it out to people is like trying to reason with rabid camels.


Say a word to a Libertarian about the world falling apart, and he’ll yell, “It’s the Government!”


Say a word about it to a leftist, and he’ll scream, “It’s white supremacy!”


Say a word about it to an actual white supremacist, and he’ll answer, “It’s the Jews!”


And I sit here, like a broken record, until the thread is worn thin, repeating: It’s inside of you.


McDonalds & Burger King exist because you want convenience. Television & raves exist because you want mindless entertainment. Pollution & urban sprawl & traffic jams exist because you cannot stop your consumption of pure shit. And that’s a hard truth, but it is the truth. It is not the government or the white supremacists or the Jews who have turned the world into hatred & concrete: it is the human condition.


More substantially, it is not the neo-Cons or the neo-Liberals who are to blame for the state of the government. “Every nation gets the government it deserves” – and this is the government we settled for, America.


It is not the leftists or the Jews who are to blame for the fact that those who are patriotic or religious are persecuted in their own land. That is no one’s fault but our own. If we do not have the backbone to stand up for ourselves when we are called mean names, then how do we dare claim to be the makers of Civilization?


It is weakness, it is fear, it is materialism, it is apathy, it is self-obsession: this is what has brought Western Civilization to its knees. For no empire is defeated by outsiders until it is already corrupted from within.


Five years ago today, I undertook a Pilgrimage to Egypt. It was on May Day that I entered into Cairo. Unbeknownst to me, an Antifa rally was planned for that day in Melbourne, Florida. But I had no idea about that; what I was upset about that day was that the Ancient Sphinx was staring at a Pizza Hut / Kentucky Fried Chicken combo 200 yards away. That was my issue. I did not even know that the Antifa existed back then.


The day I returned to the United States, I was sent to visit two people at the county jail. They were part of a white supremacist militia that had plotted a race war, which they were going to begin by overthrowing Orlando City Hall. They were making chemical weapons at their compound, and if the FBI hadn’t swooped in to save the day, all hell would have broken loose.


Only none of that ever happened. What they were doing was planning a counterdemonstration against the Antifa at a May Day rally. And by the way, they ended up canceling the counterdemonstration. But that didn’t stop the FBI from rolling onto the leader’s property with a tank on May 5th. It didn’t stop the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office from making arrests for paramilitary training or the State Attorney’s Office from trumpeting all over the media that this was the biggest domestic terrorism case in the history of Central Florida.


I have told this story so many times at this point that it fills me with anger to have to tell it again. But the fact is that no one wants to hear it. At this point, everyone knows full well that the charges were completely fabricated. The FBI paid an informant $40,000 to infiltrate the American Front, to manufacture evidence against them, and to provoke violence. And while this very well-paid informant was able to infiltrate and to manufacture evidence, he was not able to provoke violence of any sort. There was only one trial in all this mess – the trial of my friend Marcus Faella – and the State’s key witness, the confidential informant himself, said on the stand in front of God and everyone else that every charge was made up from whole cloth. The FBI agent talked about Marcus having trained his cows to sound an alarm if the FBI came; he talked about Marcus training his geese to attack FBI agents. Absolute. Lunacy.


And yet, to this day, I am forced to defend not only the members of the American Front, who were completely innocent, but also myself for having defended them. Because I refuse to throw them under the bus for having stood up to the Antifa, I am labeled a genocidal white supremacist recruiting neo-Nazis into the Libertarian Party to start a race war. And let me tell you something, let me share with you a hard truth that I have had to learn in these past five years: It is not the FBI that is to blame. It is not the media, it is not the Antifa, it is not the international financiers or the New World Order or anything of the sort. It is the American people who are to blame.


You call yourselves conservatives. And yet where were you when fourteen of your fellows on the right-wing were smeared as white supremacist hatemongers by the media? Well naturally you were joining in the smearing.


You call yourselves patriots. And yet where were you when the government was protecting the Antifa – the actual domestic terrorists – and driving a tank onto an innocent man’s property to arrest him and his wife?


You say you stand against government tyranny. And yet where were you when the FBI was nakedly setting up a group of people because of their political beliefs? You were hiding in your living rooms, thanking the FBI for saving you from evil neo-Nazis, that’s where you were.


Weakness. Fear. Materialism. Apathy. Self-obession. Which of these base character traits causes you to believe everything you see & hear in the newspapers? The government, the journalists, the leftists, the Antifa – of course they’re going to lie. No matter the evidence, they will scream until they are blue in the face that all who refuse to bow to the agenda are white supremacist terrorists. That much is to be expected. What is inexcusable is that the great mass of Americans swallows it, without question, even knowing that the government & the media lie for a living.


So let me ask you this, Dear Listener: Now that you know that the charges were fabricated; now that you know that it was a setup by the FBI; now that you know that these were right-wing patriots smeared by the mass media for planning a counterdemonstration against the Antifa – what is your excuse for perpetuating the lies now?


Well, perhaps it’s that you don’t want to end up like Invictus. When a man with an Hispanic family can be called a white supremacist by every media outlet in the country; when a man whose career is devoted to restraining the Federal Government can be called a neo-Nazi on a daily basis; when even an attorney can be slandered, apparently by anyone in the world with an axe to grind – well then it can happen to anyone.


Certainly it can. But here is my thought on the matter: If you cannot be hit with slander and remain standing, then what good are you going to be in a street fight when hit with fists? And when the bullets start flying, what good are you going to be with a rifle? If you cannot take mere words and fight against the vicious tongues of petty lapdogs, then tell me honestly: How are you going to stand against the most tyrannical System ever known to humankind?


Tomorrow tens of thousands will take the streets to complain about unfair treatment. The men, the white people, the heterosexuals, the patriarchs, the homophobes – they are the reason workers are in a bind today, or so it will be said.


Listen, if you want to talk about unfair treatment, let’s talk about the American Front, set up by the FBI; about LaVoy Finicum, murdered by the FBI; about Ruby Ridge, where the FBI sniped right-wing patriots; about Waco, where the FBI & ATF conducted a military operation against American citizens on American soil.


You want to talk about unfair treatment, let’s talk about the veterans living on the streets today, the veterans who fought our wars and now take a backseat to Third World immigrants invited by our politicians en masse to plague our land and drain our resources.


These are the same Third World immigrants who will be striking tomorrow because they want the native white folk to know how important they are to our economy. Empty slogans like fairness will take the day.


Once a peasant farmer complained to the god of the sun. He protested, said it isn’t fair, the fact that he worked his hands to the bone and reaped only enough to survive. And Sol replied, “Life isn’t fair.”


There will be blood. Locusts will plague the crops. Sons will die in war, daughters in childbirth. Sailors will drown at sea, pilgrims perish of starvation, children die of fever. This is the world. The government will kill innocents, the FBI will manufacture evidence, the financiers will strangle entire nations with debt.


This notion that the world will be fair is the greatest lie the West has ever swallowed. Impartial courts, unbiased media, neutral education: these are pure fantasies that enslave Western man in the same way that equality enslaved the East. Speak with a Russian about equality under the Soviet regime, or a monk under Mao, and you will look into a mirror.


The truth is that men are not equal. The truth is that life is not fair.


If you want to restore the American republic, you had better be willing to shed blood for it. If you want to stop the flood of communism, you had better have the will to fight. There is no judicial process or ballot box or congressional initiative that will save us now.


Maybe one day, long after I die, Beltane will again be honored for what it once was. Maybe then May Day will be a celebration of life, and not a rally of hatred. But until that day, I am resigned to fighting.


After all, what better way could there be to honor our ancestors and their Holy Days than by living the Ancient Ways? Why hold an empty festival when we can live the very things celebrated? Vitality, love, creation: these are perfected in times of War. So let us go forth to the battlefields – and if God & Goddess bless us with fertility, let us bring forth warriors.


Fireside Chat on the American Front
28 February 2016


Good Evening, Friends, and Greetings from Portland, Oregon. As I speak, I am on campaign in the Great American Northwest, touring Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. I will speak more on this, but first I would like to tell you a story.


In the Spring of 2012, I went on a Pilgrimage to Egypt. The day of my return, I got a call saying that I needed to visit the jail to see two potential clients. The FBI, it was explained to me, had raided a compound and arrested a group of neo-Nazis who had been plotting a race war, making chemical weapons, and conducting paramilitary training – right in our backyard.


This was the beginning of my involvement with the American Front. It has been almost four years now, and I have become personal friends with the members of the notorious skinhead organization. Since the beginning of my campaign, I have been called a neo-Nazi, not so much because I represented the members of the American Front in court, but because I refused to throw my clients under the bus.


It is a central tenet of American law that everyone is entitled to a fair trial. Whether Black Panther or neo-Nazi, Mexican gang member or Islamic terrorist, even the scariest of people are guaranteed this basic right in our country. It is essential to our legal system and to Western Civilization as we understand it.


But this is an abstraction, isn’t it? Because the fact is that every lawyer in Central Florida was appalled by the case of the American Front. No attorney wanted to be known as the person to defend a vile group of racist hatemongers, and no one was eager to take their case as it was: a piece of political theatre. We were all expected to distance ourselves from the group. In fact, I was denied an employment opportunity because I refused to drop the case, because the managing partner of that firm did not want to be associated with it in any way whatsoever.


No matter the dogma we hear about due process, the right to counsel, the notion of being innocent until proven guilty, the fact of the matter is that the members of the American Front were judged as soon as their story hit the media, even by the attorneys, those of us who are tasked with upholding the rule of law.


I wonder whether those familiar with the case ever thought about the fact that it was never taken to the federal courts. If a national group of domestic terrorists were plotting a race war inside the United States of America, and the FBI had infiltrated that group, and there was overwhelming evidence of this, would that not be a federal matter? Then why – we should ask ourselves – why would this be given to the State Attorney and the State courts of Florida?


It is because there was no evidence of any race war being planned. Neither was there any evidence of chemical weapons. There was no evidence of anything illegal whatsoever. This was not a legal matter for the federal courts; it was a political matter for State Attorney Lawson Lamar in an election year. This is why the American Front was targeted, because neo-Nazis will always be guilty until proven innocent, and they are an easy target for someone looking to gain political points with the media.


All of the cases were dropped except for those of members who were already convicted felons. Those members entered pleas so as to avoid lengthy prison sentences – but this is another failing of our legal system that will have to be discussed at a later time. The important point to note here is that only one of the fourteen accused ever went to trial in this case: my friend Marcus Faella, who was the National Chair of the American Front at that time.


Mr. Faella’s attorney did exactly what all attorneys are expected to do when defending political opponents of the System: he told the jury that though Mr. Faella’s views were reprehensible, Mr. Faella was not actually guilty of any crime. He distanced himself from his client, perpetuated the idea that the American Front was a group of backwards, hatemongering villains, and argued that despite the fact of how vile they all were, no crime had been committed.


The reason that I am called a neo-Nazi; the reason that I have been vilified by the media and the leadership of my own Party; the reason that I am now being protested by antifas in the Northwest; is because I refused to do this. I committed a cardinal sin of American law & politics when I dared to say that the members of the American Front were good people and that I was proud to call them my friends. Not only were these skinheads innocent of any criminal wrongdoing, but they were human; not only were these skinheads human, they were good people.


That is what no one can fathom, and that is why there is such great resistance to this campaign from the left. For we all know that no one accused of white supremacy could ever be a good person, because by virtue of their ideology they reject the central premise of our society: that everyone is equal.


The real crime of the members of the American Front had nothing to do with race war, chemical weapons, or violence; their real crime was their ideology. And I would rather relinquish my license to practice law than be part of the mob that daily spits on the principles our forefathers held dear, the freedom of speech and the freedom of association included.


Never have I seen such hatemongering as I have seen from those who are offended by the American Front. For the mere fact of refusing to denounce its members I have been the subject of vicious attacks by Libertarians and communists alike; by journalists and lawyers; by friends and random internet trolls. I am, along with the members of the AF, called a racist, a Fascist, a neo-Nazi, a hatemonger, and all the rest. People have dared to say that I hate my own children because the American Front hates Hispanics, and I have sided with the hatemongers. People have gone so far as to say that the entire reason I ever had Hispanic children was the cover up my own white supremacy. The most hateful speech, the most outrageous attacks, the most hideous insults that I have ever seen, have come not from the American Front but from those who are offended by my defense of the American Front.


In point of fact, the members of the American Front have been kind to me and to my family. Never have they said a word about my life choices or insulted me because of them. Never have I been the subject of hateful speech by any of them. More than this, they have helped me and my family in times of need. Conversely, none of these hatemongering leftists who preach love of their fellow man have ever helped me or my family or anyone I know with anything. I have been the subject of their hateful speech. They have derided me for my Hispanic family, my use of psychedelics, my religion, and all else. None of these attacks come from the so-called neo-Nazis; they all come from the left, who claim to cherish tolerance and diversity and spiritual exploration and all the rest.


Ultimately, Mr. Faella lost his trial, and I became his lawyer for the appeal. The oral argument finally came last Tuesday. We are now waiting for the ruling in that case so that we can know whether it will go back to trial or whether it will go to the Supreme Court.


In the meantime, the American Front has been revived. Yesterday I had the honor of giving a speech to a gathering of the American Front in Washington. I noted that though I was not a member and never would be, we share the same objective of reclaiming America from the financiers and the leftists. My nationalist agenda is broader-based, I said, but this makes us allies, not enemies. I called for the unity of nationalist groups in furtherance of the broader movement to restore our country. This call was well-received, which is more than I can say of the Libertarians, who have resisted my call for unity at every turn and insist on perpetuating their infighting to the detriment of the larger movement.


In addition to the fact that they were receptive to the call for greater unity and are kinder, more tolerant, and more constructive than my detractors, I will also say this for the skinheads: they have something to believe in, and they put their very lives on the line for it. While a guest in Washington I have heard tell of self-defense spun as hate crimes, lengthy prison sentences for the crimes of others, discrimination by the private sector and the courts in ways that the social justice warriors could not possibly imagine. And despite this persecution for their beliefs, they maintain a positive outlook for the future and are adamant in pursuing their political agenda. If the Libertarians had half the resolve my friends do, the Libertarians would dominate the American political scene in a single election cycle. But they would rather eat each other alive, debate who is a real Libertarian, talk about all the things they oppose rather than the things they believe in, drag each other down instead of lifting each other up.


Perhaps if Libertarians were to come together and work toward a common goal, say, that of restoring our country to its constitutional principles, instead of attacking each other as Fascists or racists or closet Republicans – well, perhaps we could achieve that common goal.


For my part, I will continue working toward reclaiming our country. I would love to see all Libertarians come together and work constructively toward this end, but I will continue on without the Party leadership and the old guard if I must. I will not turn away skinheads or racialists any more than I would turn away evangelical Christians or secular humanists, and until the Libertarians start providing support for this campaign, they really have no right to demand that I exclude anyone.


More to the point, they should listen to their own propaganda about tolerance: The fact that I am not part of a certain subculture does not mean that I must reject the members of that subculture and label them as evil. That is true intolerance. And as the Christ said, you should remove the plank from your own eye before you would remove the speck of dust from your brother’s.


From here I will travel to Seattle, and I will arrive ultimately in Vancouver, British Columbia. There a large group of leftists are planning a violent protest to my speech about the common struggle of Americans and Canadians as Westerners. They have already caused the scheduled venue to blacklist me on the charge of being a neo-Nazi, so we will be meeting in the street outside, where we will show the leftists what it means to have a backbone. I will relay the outcome of that event next Sunday.


Until then, Dear Listener. Goodnight.

Augustus Invictus
​Augustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.