Making Sense of Syria

The American political landscape seems to be in a perpetual state of Deja Vu at times. For the second time now U.S. bombs have struck Syria, under the direction of a president that was supposed to diminish our pestering presence throughout the region. Strangely enough, this airstrike this air strike, and the alleged chemical attack it is in response to, happen during the same time of year a similar turn of events unfolded the previous year. Other circumstances surrounding this event make it all the more bizarre.
Similarly to the last incident in which Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad was accused of using chemical weapons against his citizenry, he stands absolutely nothing to gain from doing so to such an extent that the allegation defies all reason and logic. The accusation comes at a time when the U.S. was considering complete withdraw from the country and the war waged against ISIS and rebel forces, by all conceivable measures is not only being won but is almost entirely finished. To believe that Assad would commit such an atrocity, we must believe that he is a completely psychotic and irrational human being that is so cruel and depraved and motivated by his torture fetish to such an extreme that he cares not even for his prospects of victory. Surely someone who is portrayed to us as such a power hungry authoritarian could not have maintained his power for so long with such a weak intellect? When you take into consideration with these obvious truths, the video footage of people handling sarin and chlorine gas victims without proper safety equipment and jogging comfortably through the area where the attack is said to have taken place, you can clearly see that this is perhaps the most obvious “false flag” operation or attack to have probably ever taken place. So much so that even U.S. politicians are able to allude to it. Senator Rand Paul put in his two cents on the chemical attack this Tuesday when questioned about his opinion on new U.S. sanctions being imposed on Russia.

“I have yet to see evidence that he did do it. The intelligence agencies claim they have that evidence, but think about it, does it make any sense? He’s been winning the war for the last couple of years. The only thing that would galvanize the war to Assad directly is a chemical attack. It killed relatively few people compared to what could be killed with traditional bombs, traditional machine guns, traditional tanks, and so you wonder really what logic would there be for Assad to be using chemical weapons. So before we get to the Russians, we have to first determine that Syria was implicated and then really we ought to determine what the connection is between Russia and Syria on this attack.”, Senator Paul said during an appearance on CNN.

It becomes obvious then that the narrative surrounding Syria now comes from neo-conservative bloodlust…but why do they have the interest they do in Syria? Some recent remarks from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can perhaps clear up some of the confusion.

“The events of the last days teach that standing up to evil and aggression is a mission that is incumbent upon every generation,” said Netanyahu, during a speech for the annual holocaust commemorations. “We saw the Syrian children who were slaughtered with chemical weapons. Our hearts were rent by the horrific sights…The lack of willingness among the powers of the West to stand firm in the face of the tyrannical regime, their lack of willingness to pay the price of stopping aggression at an early stage, led to humanity paying a much greater price later on,” he continued.

As with most neoconservative bloodlust, it can be traced back directly to “our greatest ally”. Israel has a clear interest in eliminating any powerful regime throughout the Middle East that might have interests contrary to the continuous expansion of the state. Of course, Israel will do little to “stand firm in the face of the tyrannical regime” but will rather continue to shame her allies in the west over their “lack of willingness” to carry all the weight… Of course, using the tried and true method of invoking the holocaust doesn’t hurt their cause either. It is also interesting to note that Syria is perhaps the last country in the Middle East that treats Christians favorably… thus by attacking them we effectively are helping to continue the eradication of what is left of Christendom in the region, reminding us of Israel’s violently anti-Christian stance and the Marxist roots of the neo-conservative movement. As with any Marxist phenomenon, the neo-conservative foreign policy is motivated by such ends as the destruction and destabilization of conservative and Christian states and the spread of Democracy…regardless of any sheep’s clothing this wolf wishes to dress in.


Tony Canzoneri