Judge One For Yourself, Rise to the Challenge!

For 30 years, regretfully I have had to fight a corrupt system of illegal RICO Acts to control my businesses and free Commerce that we now call “Pay to Play”. Since 1999, as a pro se Dad who has had to fight the Unconstitutional Bush/Clinton Family Court System designed to control Commerce, and to destroy Families, I have seen it first-hand. When the state abducted my children, they did it to try to shut me up for exposing what I would learn much later to be the Bush New World Order Malicious Enterprise to control Commerce, Families and Votes.

Let’s take these areas one at a time.

COMMERCE—Have you investigated the 1970 RICHARD NIXON RICO ACT and learned it was Richard Nixon’s Counter Plan to stop the illegal acts of the BUSH Family RICO violations of the HOBBS ACT of 1946?

In Article I of this series, I set up the basis for what is “Disturbing Our Peace” as it is OUR Citizens Constitutional Sovereign Right to determine what is “Peaceful” and “Domestic Tranquility” that “We the People” are to determine by Our Sovereign Rights via an impartial Jury Process protected in both the Criminal Process and in the Civil Process of determining “Domestic Tranquility”.

So, you read the landmark case MARBURY v. MADISON (1803) with the principle that for the first time the Supreme Court can declare an act of Congress void if it is inconsistent with the Constitution and disturbing the peace?

So who controls what is “Disturbing the Peace”? It is supposed to be the Fourth Branch of Government as “WE THE PEOPLE” and our Sovereign Right to “Redress Government” when those in Government, work for us. An A.K.A. “Judge” or A.K.A. “Officer of the Court” is NOT the Court but only a “person” to whom should act in “Good Behaviour” as Our Constitution states:

“Article III. Section 1. …The Judges, both of the supreme and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behaviour, and shall, at stated Times, receive for their Services, a Compensation, which shall not be diminished during their Continuance in Office…”

“We the People” are the roots from and hold where all Sovereign Rights flow and to allow these “Officers of Our Courts” to make sure both sides of a “Disturbance” follows Our Constitution and follows “Due Process” in the Jury’s solution of the “Disturbance” whether Criminal or Civil.

When the “Officer(s) of the Court” set themselves up for “Unjust Enrichment” by Unconstitutional Acts and receive money from Third Parties or as Lobbyists to “impede” the “Due Process” they then violate the HOBBS ACT designed to protect Citizens from Crimes against us, and Treason to the Constitution. They also violate our laws as “THE UNIFORM BONDING CODE” as they use our money to secure their Bond to follow Our Constitution and Laws. To quote the Code:

THE BONDING PROBLEM—As human population increases and mutual human tolerance decreases, municipal corporations tend to become less sensitive to individual human needs and tend to become more antisocial toward the public. It has been put crudely that municipal corporations become slaughterhouse operations with law enforcement running the sledgehammer department. Judges ignore the rights of the people and legislatures generate heaps of laws, without perfecting the ones already existing to make them fit for bonding.

Gradually, in their Greed for Power and Money, Our Elected and Appointed “Officers of Our Courts” and Legislatures and Executive Branches have entrusted powers and “Unjust Enrichments” to themselves and by using RICO threats to “impede” Our Constitutional Rights, they have violated our rights by their illegal Laws or Executive Orders. But we have been silenced by the participants in their “Pay to Play” that will not be stopped until “We the People” as the roots of Governing the “Redress of Government” from where Government Rights flow, and until we up-root the problems of Our Branches of Government.

For eight years there was not a Challenge to an Executive Order but just this past week we heard another Federal Judge finally challenge an Executive Order because it affected his wallet from monies he gains from Third Parties and not because the Executive Order had Constitutional merit.

I am reminded that Franklin D. Roosevelt signed an Executive Order that called for the internment of the Japanese during WWII and it was ruled by the Court unconstitutional! Then Congress overruled the Courts and Affirmed the Executive Order as it was best for the “Domestic Tranquility” of Our People.

One of many takeaways in the challenges to the Trump Executive Order on immigration delays is where the Federal Judge again, as many Attorney Generals (even John Ashcroft) and Our Representatives on the Floor of Congress as Charles Canady Jr. as the House of Representatives, lead in the impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky Scandal who said, “No one is above the law, even the President.”

If this Principle applies that “No One is above the Law” then “We the People” need to, as the Root of Our Government Rights, remind all the Branches that neither are “Officers of Our Courts” allowed to violate Our Constitutional Rights, which includes “Judges”, Prosecutors, Child Protection Service Agents, and Sheriffs are also not above our Laws.

Randall Townsend