Does Capitalism Really Cause Degeneracy?

As more and more libertarians begin to find themselves in the far-right movement they encounter some suggestions and opinions that they may find awkward and contradictory to their long-held worldviews. Some of these seemingly contradictory things are easily reconciled, such as the question of our borders and the need to secure them, tighter restrictions on voting, and the necessity of identity politics. But there are other things that are perhaps more difficult to make sense of and take more effort to unravel. Right-wing criticisms of materialism and life dedicated to runaway consumerism seem to be a primary place which we find ourselves perplexed. Furthermore, understanding the atrocities brought upon our world by this scourge is key to understanding the right of center critiques of capitalism and thus it can assist us in debunking them more thoroughly.
In the mind of a person who calls himself a national socialist, capitalism is intertwined with materialism and degeneracy. After all, capitalism gives power to one with money to buy and sell what he pleases, restricted by demand and market availability. To the untrained eye, this could explain the problem that our society has with materialism and in particular with degeneracy, especially of the sexual variety. Sex sells, instant gratification sells, vice of all sorts sells. Therefore it is understandable how one may come to the conclusion that the ability to purchase such things creates an incentive for the marketplace to produce such a thing. But to simply look at what is readily seen without further investigation does us all a great disservice. There are many, many factors which contribute to epidemic proportions of widespread materialism and degeneracy.
It is important to take note of that fact that as time has gone by in the world the market has become overall less free and more regulated and yet degeneracy and materialism are still on the rise. If one’s theory of degeneracy and social deterioration is simply that people have too much freedom to spend and make capital as they please, then something seems to be missing from the equation. When the average tax rate was a small fraction what it is today and there were nearly no regulations, families were bigger and stronger and played a healthier role within society. Runaway sexual escapades, drunkenness, and irresponsible reckless behavior were discouraged to such a point that a person was cast out of polite society for engaging in them and their lives were destroyed. This is a far cry indeed, from the modern world which not only tolerates disgusting behavior but puts it up on a pedestal to be worshipped as if it were enlightenment itself. The fact of the matter is that in times past these behaviors were risky not only in a social sense but also in a fiscal sense and our ancestors did not have the same hope as those in these modern times that their governing institution would bail them out of the consequences of their poor decision making and thus these pressures led to many living more upright lives although they may very well have had the same animalistic desires we now see people giving themselves over to without reserve. For can, we honestly say that such behaviors, as for example, a woman giving herself to promiscuity and leaving her husband and family from which she derives support is a behavior to be rewarded most highly in the open marketplace? While it might satisfy her lower impulses such behavior had only become an epidemic when a third party intervention allowed the woman to attach herself to the state as a substitute for a husband.
Long before the state embedded itself in the financial institutions and teamed up with puppet corporations to overtax and overregulate each and every one of us trying to put food on our tables, a person was incentivized to work, primarily, for the good of his family. The current incentives that are present in most of the modern world pressure many men to be as dishonest, treacherous and usurious as possible in order to make a living. If you or your business want to get ahead, it is no longer necessary that you provide better service to your customer, but rather that you get yourself some good connections with the state and bully your competitor out of business legislatively.
In addition to the parasitic shadow government and it’s international finance system the state has hijacked education and media to turn the public, and most especially the gullible youth into effete bugmen that are easily pacified by video games, pornography, and processed foods. Nearly all industries which we turn away from in disgust are also in bed with the state whether it be directly and indirectly. Keep in mind the next time you sit through a college class in which your professor cries about white privilege or makes you read Karl Marx that your school would likely go under without federal aid; Keep in mind that next time you see a commercial on your TV screen depicting white women draped all over a black Hip-Hop star that the entertainment industry also receives special government grants and privileges year after year; Keep in mind that when you see promotion of artificial intelligence and robots marketed as nearly human…yes, this is also government funded to a large degree. The entire program of international finance is to create an ungodly amount of imagined wealth through inflated fiat currency that is handed to their choice corporations…inflationary spending of dollars and cents that would likely never be possible absent this wretched system.
And never forget how a system of government can also incentivize high time preference degeneracy and materialism. There can remain no doubt that democracy in all of its forms is a large contributor to the problem at hand. When the vagrant drug addict can have as much of a say over your governance as the hard working blue collar man providing for an entire family it creates the most unholy of incentives and as taxes continue in all parts of the world to rise each vote gives not only authority over your governance but over your wallet. Why not live as the degenerate? The safety net is right there if you fail and you might even make more with it than by the sweat on your brow from common labor.
So how then can a capitalist system hope to curb these destructive societal pressures? An unfettered market system of government is not a “live and let live” utopia as some supposed libertarians would have you believe. On the contrary, what we see arise is definitive law and order, as the end game of a libertarian social order becomes property rights based monarchy, or another form of absolute rule over a section of land. The landowner, landlord, or king under such a system will be incentivized to keep his people and his land free of much that is toxic, in an effort to preserve his kingdom for himself and his posterity rather than to exploit his people and suck out as much resources as he can with no regard for the future (this is the curse of revolving door politicians). And now that he has complete rule that is rooted also in the natural law he is free to impose his rule in the most efficient way without being held back by the former strings of democracy and voter opinion. For the good of his kingdom, land, and people it is not unreasonable to come to the conclusion that he would be incentivized to brutally and swiftly remove the degenerate left-wing hoard from his midst.
Man is imperfect, and any political or economic system will not cure us of our imperfections. But if we are to make a genuine effort to curb what is wrong and evil in our modern society we must revolt against modernist statecraft as a whole and uproot the disastrous social impact and incentives it has helped foster. Nothing short of a total insurrection will bring about the needed change.

Tony Canzoneri