Anatomy of a Coup d’Etat

What does a coup d’etat look like?

It depends on how the perpetrators intend upon accomplishing it, whether it is soft or hard, and WHY it’s happening in the first place. While history doesn’t always repeat itself, it almost certainly always rhymes.

I know I’ve said that before, but it’s very true. I repeat myself a lot. I hate repeating myself; it is truly one of my least favorite things to do. I’m not saying these things for my health, or the trickle of admiration I get from the few people that actually listen. I say this stuff and repeat myself because I want people to WAKE THE FUCK UP and realize the world around them is not what it seems! (Please note also, I hate the phrase “wake up”, and anything derived from it.)

The commonality between ALL coups are as follows.

1. Garner support of the military. If not ALL the military, one must secure the support of enough of the military to ensure that any resistance to the plan, once exposed, may be suppressed.

2. Take control of the media. NO COUP IN HISTORY has ever been successful without this. For example, the recent coup attempt in Turkey.

3. Take control of the Judiciary. With control of the courts, one controls what is and is not legal, which can completely legitimize just about anything. Everything Nazi Germany did was legal. Controlling the courts was #3 on the Sandinista’s list (as it always is).

“History doesn’t always repeat itself, but it almost always rhymes.”

So, what the hell is actually happening right now?

Short of a full on revolution of the bullet slinging variety, you are seeing exactly what must happen to counter the slow and deliberate Marxist coup which has taken hold in our country over the past few decades. A full-on bloody revolution would certainly tear this country to shreds. It is wise to avoid, if at all possible, such a revolution considering the geopolitical climate of our time and the time to come.

So, how do you counter a coup without violent revolution? Simple: another coup.

First, you gain control over the military. In this case, Trump was approached to run for President by some very concerned military brass, no doubt concerned about Obama’s recent purging of Military brass who said they would not stand with the government in the case of violent revolution [1][2].

Second, you gain control over the media. The Marxist Left already has complete and utter control over the mainstream media, so the only way to counter this is to invalidate said media, which Trump has done masterfully. As of September 2017 fully 60% of Americans said they do NOT trust the mainstream media, with 24% saying they don’t trust it AT ALL [3]. That number has only continued to plummet, while the public increasingly turns to independent content creators to discover what is taking place in our nation and the world around us.

Third, one must control the Judiciary. And in this country, the judiciary can be summed up by the Supreme Court, SCOTUS. Well, if you pay attention at all you will know that Trump is on course to have three (3) SCOTUS picks during his first term. This is by design. Those picks were “supposed to be” Hillary’s picks. It is no mistake that it is during this Presidential term that this must happen. A failure to take this election would have been truly disastrous.

You are indeed witnessing a revolution: a second American Revolution. Yet too much is at stake this time to just let the lead fly. This is a revolution to counter the last 70+ years of slow Marxist infiltration — the “long march through the institutions” — and its “Active Measures” [4].

You see, Obama’s entire Presidency was, much like Trump’s, by design. Obama was selected and ordained. His records were sealed. He was a one term Senator from Illinois [5] and even the slightest research into his past would reveal that he was a Marxist. However, he was black. That too, was by design. Those conducting this coup at the highest levels knew that the first black president would have some very predictable effects.

First, most if not all resistance to Obama’s presidency could be efficiently dismissed (through the media they controlled) as “racist.” After carefully massaging this word into everyday conversation for years, they managed to change its meaning — a favorite tactic of theirs — to indicate that anyone labeled as such effectively had no argument. Thus anyone labeled “racist” would be instantly ignored, regardless of how solid an argument they presented. The useful idiots bought into this scam.

Second, this would drive the political right, now unfairly being called racists, into a sort of mania. This in turn could further get spun by the MSM as evidence of “Nazi” behavior. Hollywood has done a masterful job at over-saturating our culture with the Nazi trope, ensuring that at least the youth in America could hardly withstand the onslaught of emotional hyperbole over the “obvious nature of the right”.

This was all by design.

With his Presidency, Obama gained control of what he called “his military” [6]. Many in the Military were skeptical of him to begin with. As time went on and his Marxist policies became evident, there was a real push within the military to stop cold whatever they saw as an inevitable move toward Communism. (Please refer to Dr Corsi’s speech, footnote #2, below.) Those Generals got purged in an unprecedented fashion over the course of five years. The military members whose careers survived knew what was at stake.

It began there, but it did not end there.

Next, Obama and his handlers made use of the already completely controlled media to push “the narrative.” Up until the election of Obama, our media had maintained at least an illusion of being impartial and independent. Since that election, and especially today, this is, without a doubt, no longer the case. Chris Mathews, in a truly bizarre moment, said “he got a shiver up his leg” when he thought about President Obama. Mainstream content has grown increasingly more surreal since then. Today, media spin and lies have become unbearable to the point that most Americans don’t even trust their once beloved news agencies.

Third, the Judiciary. Hillary Clinton was slated to follow Obama’s Presidency and finally play all the cards that had been put into place. It was HRC who was “supposed to” make all those picks, including the one to replace SCOTUS Judge Scalia, who was murdered in what was described as “wet work” in the emails obtained from Podesta’s account [7].

When Trump won, it shook the deep state to the core. Evidence of this is easy to find, yet has been, and continues to be, largely ignored by their MSM [8]. They knew exactly what was at stake. Having played the soft coup game for the past 8-16 years, they understood what was occurring and had to circle the wagons if they were going to come out of this alive as evidenced by Clinton’s tirade.

I’m going to stop here. I want to leave you all with this. PAY ATTENTION!! This is no joke and no mere conspiracy theory. The very existence of our Republic is at stake. If you see what I see, then you are smarter than 90% of the people in this country. This administration must tread the needle just so on these matters; else the likelihood of a literal, bloody civil war breaking out is high.










Tim Falardeau