A Proper Response to the Government “Shutdown”

On Monday, January 22nd Senate Democrats have relinquished on the most recent federal government “shutdown” over funding disputes (particularly relating to DACA). They have decided that they will continue to fight for the “dreamers” however as another “shutdown” deadline looms ahead on February 8th. The Senate Democrats, having as high of a time preference as their voting block, likely will not be able to resist this second opportunity to virtue signal about their love for immigrants a.k.a. their loyal voting base.

Now, of course, any right winger and especially any libertarian should know that a true federal government shutdown should be something celebrated rather than dreaded and that these so-called “shutdowns” really aren’t shutdowns at all. The welfare payments continue to be dolled out to every parasitic element of the country and the politicians lose nothing in terms of their own wealth or power. When the government “shuts down” it, unfortunately, doesn’t mean that those sucking on the teet of the U.S. taxpayer will have to find a real job and get their hands dirty…this is an opportunity to virtue signal about how upright your side is, and how selfish and reckless the other side is. But if there’s something we can learn at all from the “new right” movement in the United States this past couple of years its that we can learn a lot from our enemy and exploit them using their own standards or lack thereof. Perhaps it’s time to do some virtue signaling of our own.

The 2011 government “shutdown” was a memorable time for many people. The Democratic party would do anything they could to get the ball rolling on socialized healthcare but there were a few Senate Republicans who still had the fortitude to resist this and the dangerous increase in spending that was being proposed. Senator Ted Cruz led a filibuster and the media went into an outrage about how this absolute maniac and other Republicans were essentially doing this to murder children… especially colored ones! They were willing to let mass destruction and death ensue just to stop the plebs from going to the doctor for free everytime they cough or have a sore throat… Or so the media overlords led the public to believe. The concept that the Democratic party might be to blame for reckless spending proposals was an idea that was completely off the table for discussion and the Senate Republicans in typical soft belly fashion buckled their knees to the pressure being applied upon them. When they gave in the media doubled down on its attacks anyway and the supposed “shutdown” became a rallying cry for delusional leftists all over the country, as they were sure to remind the voter that the Republicans almost caused an apocalypse and the death of millions and would have gotten away with it if not for the heroic Democratic Party, inspired by its deep love for humanity.

As we fast forward to modern day, we see that whether the Democratic Party is the “opposition” or the establishment, they can never be in the wrong in the eyes of the media and the welfare whores of the public. Now all of a sudden there is no hysteria about how a government “shutdown” will leave our nation taken over by warlords and people starving to death in the streets as dead bodies stack up on every corner. But I believe it’s high time we hold the left to their own standards and remind them and the public of what their longtime position has been. While we know that even a real shutdown wouldn’t cause famine, plague, mass starvation, murder, and cannibalism the left is not so enlightened and we would be giving them entirely too much credit if we said that they were liars rather than mentally handicapped. They truly believe that a government shutdown will lead to all of these things they said were going to happen in 2011 and during the funding feuds over Planned Parenthood.

And even though they think a shutdown would leave large portions of our population in death and destruction the Democratic Party chose the foreigners they plan to replace you with over your wellbeing which they have long pretended to care so much about. Afterall, the noble savages are much more loyal voters for them than the natives and what they truly care about is power by any means necessary. They would rather you and your family die and starve to death than to give up the thumb that they have on the scale of the American democratic process. And to add insult to injury the Democrats caved in and gave up on the shutdown after receiving next to nothing. Not only do they have poor negotiation skills but this is how much they value the lives of the American people that they were so concerned about in 2011 supposedly, and it would be foolish for the right to not capitalize from these optics. If we keep up the gridlock maybe the government can shut down for real next time and the federal funds keeping the parasitic elements afloat will dry up and cause them to go out and find a new host, thus ending the left-wing stranglehold on American politics forevermore.

Tony Canzoneri
Tony Canzoneri is the social media manager, assistant editor and contributor of the Revolutionary Conservative.