A Look Back on 2017 (A Year of Polarization)

The year 2017 has surely been a once in a lifetime political experience for many of us. Between the election of Donald J. Trump, the ongoing Russian conspiracy investigation, the battles of Berkley and Charlottesville, and the ongoing clashes between right-wingers and patriots with Antifa and BLM thugs and so much more, there remains one major recurring theme. If one were, to sum up, the state of political discourse throughout this year the word “polarization” might come to mind. The left has doubled down in their increasingly unpopular war on Western Civilization while those on the right have pivoted even farther so as a reaction. Even the most prominent voices of libertarianism have adopted a hard right approach as Murray Rothbard’s “Right-Wing Populism” begins to seem as if it were a prophecy. While the radical left foams at the mouth and begs you to allow them to push mental illness, genital mutilation and self-hatred on our children, even the most moderate and centrist thinkers are beginning to realize that our blood and soil are indeed under attack and worth preserving. Suddenly “We have a right to exist” has become increasingly attractive compared to the screeches on the other side of the aisle saying “you should put your 4-year-old child on hormone blockers and let them cross dress or your a bigot” and ” oppression is in your blood because you’re white” and “if you’re white and have children you’re part of the problem”. Whatever used to be scary and off-putting to a large portion of the public about far-right political movements has begun to dissipate as if just part of a survival mechanism. Looking back now it seems so absurd that it took the liberal left reaching such an incredible depth of lunacy for the ideas of preserving our race, culture, tradition, and families to not seem so extreme and over-the-top after all.

Libertarian circles are perhaps the most polarized of all. It has come to the point where one is either advocating for the physical removal of communists and democrats or is standing alongside the black bloc agitators as they throw molotovs into the local pizzeria. Unfortunately, the left appears to put a lot of money and time into dragging the libertarian movement with it and thus nearly every “safe” libertarian outlet you can think of pushes things that are certain to stand in solidarity with their agenda. All understanding of property norms is pushed aside for a gospel of rebellion and thus all desire of law and order that was once a major component of the libertarian movement seems to be lost. At least from the mainstream “libertarian” outlets. But there has been healthy pushback as a large number of libertarians have allied themselves with the far right in what reminds of us the paleo alliance of the 1990s. Left-libertarians are largely ignored and mocked while helicopter memes and Hans Hoppe quotes circulate through libertarian groups online. Some dissidents have discovered that tranny bathrooms and multicultural egalitarianism infused with white ethno-masochism has nothing to do with libertarianism at all nor does it make them edgy and separate from a political paradigm.

However, time will tell if all change and trends that have been picking up steam this year will have a completely positive impact. while the Overton window shifts farther and farther in each direction it provides a great new opportunity for far-right libertarian activism. Necesarry and long time controversial subjects that have needed to be discussed for short term political action such as: human bio- diversity (iq, time preferences, race and crime etc.) , the need for strong border restriction, the failings of democracy and the merit of more ancient systems of government compared to it, the societal deterioration caused by single parenthood and alternative family lifestyles, and the necessity of physically removing parasitic elements of society and brutal and swift enforcement of law and order can now be discussed with more ease and have even become major talking points of atleast somewhat prominent political figures. What a time to be alive it is indeed.

But there is a dangerous flip side to this phenomenon we should be mindful of… The Overton window of the left is shifting far and fast as well and unfortunately they seem to at times have much more uniformity and singleness of purpose all across the spectrum than does the right. Very seldom does the left ever punch to the left. During the last year and even the previous year, we have witnessed the normalization of far-left politics and downright communism. When one spends time on social media they will find videos and pictures of transgendered prepubescent children as an example of bravery and beauty and many people are terrified to speak out against a thing that once would have even made the most far left liberal cringe. Democratic socialism has become a normal catchphrase amongst the left and there has been a large clamor for socialized public services even among those who claim to be right-wing. The modern left cries out while it strikes and spreads its gospel of oppression and victimhood more far and wide and with more desperation than ever before with the media and academia following suit. The very livelihood of the establishment and its institutions feels every bit as threatened as white men and right-wingers and that is because our survival is a threat to theirs and vice-versa. With monopoly control over the media and academic institutions they are able to slander any and all right-wing activism as terrorism and if you dare step out of line your employer, your family, and maybe even your priest or pastor will be called and tormented until you are dispelled as a complete outcast (something they won’t even bother to do for child molesters). Now that the left-wing establishment is clinging on in desperation for its life it must paint everything that threatens its survival as the worst evil known to man. And while they have stepped too far and pushed much of the population away from them we must not underestimate their power. Even conservatives and right-wing folk are accepting the mass media narrative of what happened at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia when they were previously happy to tell you that the media was dishonest and had a left-wing agenda. The right-wing of politics in many ways seems more divided now. The “Alt-Light” does everything it can to countersignal the “Alt-Right”. The Alt-Right attacks the Alt-Light. And meanwhile, many libertarians are afraid to come out and participate in any demonstration that might get negative publicity as if we weren’t all called fascists anyway the second we began advocating for unfettered free markets.

To end on a positive note, however, the power structure of the left is crumbling. While they still enjoy whatever might and influence they have over the populace it is dwindling and they are overstepping their bounds. As they strike out in desperation to preserve their ideal system and cry out in pain while they do so they have revealed their true colors as being anti-white, anti-family, anti- God, and against all cultural norms of decency and tradition. While it might make them feel in charge now a new age is upon us in which distrust in the media has started to become the new norm. Even as Judge Roy Moore lost the senatorial election in Alabama toward the end of this year it was by a slim margin….and after he was accused by the media of pedophilia which was pushed constantly in the news cycle. One would have reason to believe that the previous election he would have been eviscerated. We have witnessed leftist after leftist falling in Hollywood and in the government as new accusations seem to be brought forward at least every week, and their own tactics are damning them.

Our current president is perhaps the most right-wing and pro-white man to be in the Whitehouse for quite some time and also the most libertarian (these two go hand in hand after all). His administration has cut countless regulations and is on track, perhaps, to repeal the most regulations of any sitting U.S. president. As he has withdrawn the U.S. from the T.P.P., the U.N.E.S.C.O., the Paris climate treatise, and has made progress on immigration reform to what extent he has been able to there remains very little left in place of former president Barrack Obama’s legacy. Taxes have been cut, major cuts are on the way for planned parenthood, and the economy is making a comeback. The Russia investigations that have now gone on for nearly two years have led to nothingburger after nothingburger and the DNC’s own corruption has been exposed as a result.

There is a lot to be thankful for and positive about heading into the new year and to a large extent it now seems that the tides have turned and the cultural conservatives have made a comeback in the culture war and are refusing to go down without a fight. The question now for 2018 remains how far we are willing to go and what we are willing to give to see victory happen.

Tony Canzoneri
Tony Canzoneri is the social media manager and an assistant editor of The Revolutionary Conservative