Trump Should Pardon Confederate Flag Wavers to Heal our Nation

A recent heartbreaking story of Draconian sentencing has shocked patriotic Americans from sea to shining sea. The public court system has failed us all yet again. This time, a couple will be serving up to 35 years for waving some flags as political prisoners in a miscarriage of justice one would expect to see in Castro’s Cuba, not the land of the free.

This sentence should have offended everyone across the board, of every political persuasion. We live in the age of the prison-industrial complex with overflowing prisons everywhere. Rapists, murderers and other violent criminals walk the streets because an excessive amount of resources are allocated toward non-violent offenders. Now, more resources will be squandered for two people who should have probably received a sentence of probation, community service, or nothing at all.

That’s why President Trump should step in and do something about this. After all, he has the power to give pardons to convicted criminals. While Barack Hussein Obama gave pardons to drug-dealers, radical Islamists, and politically-connected cronies, Trump could actually do something good with his power. Right now, Trump has the power to heal the nation and assuage racial tensions with the mere stroke of a pen. He should take full advantage of this power.

There were conflicting stories about what exactly happened, and some witnesses say the confederate flag wavers allegedly yelled slurs and had guns on them. If that actually happened, that behavior is certainly abhorrent, but it shouldn’t be criminal. The 1st Amendment of the Constitution was written to protect controversial political speech. Even the uber-liberal ACLU regularly defends the “God Hates Fags” preachers at the Westboro Baptist Church. The 2nd Amendment states plainly that “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Although these flag wavers may have been out-of-bounds morally, they were clearly within their constitutional rights to conduct themselves in such ways.

Perhaps the flag wavers got a bit overzealous in their demonstration. After eight years of Obama, white people were regularly berated, humiliated, spit on and literally terrorized merely for the color of their skin. Whiteness was treated as a national plague. Liberals gleefully joined in this cultural Marxist plot to weaken and break the American character. Obama’s Machiavellian “divide-and-conquer” scheme may have caused these flag wavers to go overboard. Should one overexuberant display really ruin the lives of these two individuals? Of course not.

Additionally, this is the way for Trump to show that he is serious about criminal justice reform. People are having their lives ruined needlessly every day in the criminal justice system. Massive reforms are needed desperately. Criminal justice watchdog organizations have criticized Trump for his unwavering support of the police and the military as well as his policies in favor of private prisons. Trump said that he wanted to be a President for everyone. This is his golden opportunity to live up to his rhetoric and finally land a YUUUGE victory for criminal justice.

Trump could also finally put the end to the Confederate Flag controversy with this maneuver. By pardoning these political protesters of their thought crimes, it would be understood that the Confederate Flag is here to stay. It is firm part of our heritage, and the history will not be stomped on by totalitarians on the left. The heroes of our past should not be desecrated to satisfy America-hating leftist trash. That is why Trump must step up to the plate. Jose Torres and Kayla Norton were victims of a grave injustice. Make this right, President Trump, and heal this nation.

Shane Trejo
is the state director of the Michigan Tenth Amendment Center. He is the Social Media Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan as well as a county coordinator for Michigan Campaign for Liberty. Previously, he led the Offnow Project in their efforts to deny much needed state-level compliance and material support to the NSA.