The Strange Death of Europe

Multi-racial immigration is not working. The immigrants are not assimilating. Europe as a uniquely European continent is disappearing. This is painfully obvious to anyone who does not have his head shoved into Middle-Eastern sand, and yet our politicians and journalists are tripping over each other to sing the praises of multiculturalism and unfettered immigration. Why? I could speculate myriad possible answers, but the end result is the same ~ the death of Western civilization.

Look to jolly old England as an example. Whites are a minority in London. There are three million households where not one adult speaks English. From 2001-2011 the number of Muslims rose from 1.5 million to 2.7 million. What happened? Before the 1950s, England was homogeneously white, then came the British Nationality Act and the Commonwealth Immigrants Act, both of which were pushed through Parliament without a word from the British public. They weren’t allowed to vote on the matter.

The reason these corrupted politicians gave was labor shortage; the Africans, inter alia, would fill a labor shortage. Well, did they? No. The immigrants had low output, were quarrelsome, irresponsible, ill-disciplined, unintelligent, and volatile; all of this according to an extensive report filed by those who’d attempted to employ them. They were fired as soon as they were hired and that was the end of the failed experiment, and yet immigration continued.

The well-dressed Parliamentarians who caused this continue to claim that mass immigration is good for the economy. Their argument is absolute rubbish. Immigration is a drain on the economy; it cost the Brits alone an estimated 160 billion pounds between 1995 and 2011. What about the population argument? Also rubbish. Most Brits questioned about the matter would have more children if not for the unstable and often violent environment caused by the immigrants, not to mention the higher taxes which are also caused by the immigrants. Hey Parliament! Want more citizens? Encourage your own people to have children instead of importing millions of unassimilable immigrants.

Then there is the diversity argument. Implied in this nonsense is, of course, the idea that Europe was somehow dull and boring. Europe needs new blood to make it interesting! I firmly believe that Europe was plenty interesting before floods of third-world immigrants arrived. Tell me, do you prefer a bed-time story about King Arthur, maybe a Brothers Grimm tale, something from the Norse sagas? Or maybe these dwindling European parents should just issue stern warnings to their children to avoid the no-go zones. Again, rubbish.

Still, the gate openers persist. We have saboteurs like Mona Sahlin, the Swedish Minister of Integration (she’s not Swedish) who declares that Swedes are jealous because her people have a rich culture whereas the Swedes only have nonsense like Midsummer Night. What a way to integrate, Mona. Who elected this nay-sayer? Oh, the immigrants who have completely altered the demographic of the country.

Further still, we hear claims that folks like Swedes, Brits, and Germans have no culture. None. As if the Chivalric tales never existed. As if Wagnerian Opera was a mass hallucination. As if the Viking myths were mere whispers on the wind. No culture? Imagine a white man saying that about Africa, India, or Arabia. Heads might explode with the offense it would cause, and yet to say it about Caucasian countries barely warrants the batting of an eye. If this does not make your blood boil, you have been lied to. Find the truth. Keep reading. Keep asking questions. Never bury your head in the sand. Never turn the other cheek unless you are picking up a weapon to defend hearth and home. This is not simple immigration. This is an invasion.


*Statistics are taken from a recent review of the book, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam by Douglas Murray, due for release in late June of 2017. The review was written by Andrew Joyce.


Rachel Summers