The Orlando Confederate Rally

The Revolutionary Conservative intends to demonstrate action within our political convictions, rather than to simply announce our perspectives, and expect others to act upon them. This is what separates us from other political organizations. This was manifest on Saturday, May 28th, when The Revolutionary Conservative, led by Augustus Invictus, organized and held a rally protesting the removal of the Confederate Monument in Orlando, Florida at Lake Eola park- an action initiated by David Porter, a Black Lives Matter agitator who insists upon moving the statue to a Confederate graveyard. It would inevitably fall destitute, into disarray and decay, a forgotten remembrance, and an abandoned monument. Invictus organized the rally of approximately 100 people, to stand in solidarity against the leftists who insist upon dismantling our memorandums, and destroying any opportunity of commemorating our culture, heritage, and history.

Present at the rally were those representing numerous right wing groups: The Revolutionary Conservative, 3 percenters, Identity Evropa, the Libertarian Party of Florida, Republicans, Conservatives, and others.

Not a single Black Lives Matter or Antifa agitator was present at the event, and numerous speakers provided speeches to demonstrate their support of Southern Culture and History.

This event conveys precisely what is required for the future and preservation of the Conservative Right in this country, against the Left. It is necessary for all factions of the Right to set aside our differences, and to join forces in powerful unity, to oppose our foes. Infighting amongst ourselves accomplishes nothing. Whether you are a Republican, Conservative, Isolationist, Nationalist, White Nationalist, Libertarian, Activist or Right Wing politician: We remain one people, and we do not have the luxury for superfluous division.

Two more rallies in which The Revolutionary Conservative are a part are scheduled for next week: One Confederate rally in Tampa, Florida, similar to the one held in Orlando, on June 7th, and another in Orlando, on the 10th, designated as an Anti-Sharia rally.

Avialae Horton