The Diseased Divisions of the Right 

To what end must we begin the process of preservation at all costs? The romantic idea of pre-Renaissance civilization, one that is full to the brim with self reliance and civil order with an overflowing stream of philosophical and artistic thought, is not an end goal, but rather, a means to a much more prosperous and transcendental future. The collective of post European men and women in the 21st Century have longed since the age of greater thought, in an age of sprawling academies and hanging gardens surrounded by luscious countryside and the untouched purity of nature. Why is it today, after the rabid industrialization of the earth, are we helpless pawns to the forceful wind, blowing the plague towards other lesser developed nations? The quest to destroy and conquer the once pure earth has had no grander future than today. The limitation of power is within the grasp of those with their hands on the marionette strings, blindly leading their dolls to their demise. But what to do? The sole purpose of the reactionary is to restore, but what is there to restore in a world where the once great is now lost, doomed to repeat and die in the endless cycle of corruption? The Revolutionary has his purpose to violently change, but what is there to change if it all spirals back to where it has started from? What remains is a blend of the two, which gives way to the fourth way. The only way through the labyrinth of eternal suffering.

The new waves of the right wing have proved that change is needed. The alt right, although the laughing stock of the political sphere, has paved the forefront of the right wing force. Various groups have split from the alt right, most notably the alt lite and the new right, though, among these, there is an underlying sentiment of division that is spread between them. Former alt right preachers like Paul Joseph Watson have elaborated time and time again that he and his fanbase are distant from the “darker side of the far right.” The proclamation that he made had cemented the idea of a far right establishment. What the libertarian party had been 4 or 5 years ago had now manifested to Gary Johnson/Bill Weld establishment libertarianism. Now, in the mid of 2017, the once “revered” anti establishment sect of the far right had done what every reactionary and revolutionary group preached not to do: sellout to weaker ideas. So, what is to be done?

The people of the far right are sick and tired of newer waves with half hearted promises and weak men with a craving for money and security. The waves of far right politics need not split further into more niche and divisive sects of personal griefs and complaints. The unity of the far right must be the priority and primary focus. But to what extent must compromise blossom? Within the sphere of what many on the far right look to with admiration, there is the underlying presence of self reliance, peace through iron clad order, and rugged individualism being the ethical religion that governs the land beyond the greater cities and tribes of people. The true intellectual understands the vast pool of philosophical thought and that he alone will not be the supreme truthsayer to all his subjects. That is what makes him an intellectual, unlike the pseudo scholars of the left. Divisive political thought is best left to the self-absorbed and falsely righteous left wing intellectuals. There is no bigger scam than the “intellectual left”, who praise the academic supremacy and elitism of universities but cannot unite under the banner of one belief. They would rather preach zealously of their own intelligence and rabid individuality and then call that intellectualism. Within the context of the alleged “anti-intellectualism” of fascism, the premise being the zealous and pseudointelligence of the academic elite. The intelligent man understands this, and does not declare himself an intellectual.

With the plague of right wing division among us, the one savior is to not exponentiate the division further with more niche and falsely prudish claims of political thought to fit the one person as the only benefactor. Such a unification need not have a name such as the alt-right and the like, for a true patriot should have no name or group to prove that he loves his country and is willing to die for the soil it rests upon.

Nathan Guerrette
Nathan Guerrette is an author, musician, political activist, survivalist, aspiring brewmaster and offgrid enthusiast. He is the founder of the yet-to-be-released homesteading podcast. Lygonian Pinehouses. Aside from political theory and activism, Aesop devotes time to his musical endeavors and world-building in his dark fantasy/cosmic horror legendarium, A Lonely Pilgrim.