Stupidity Is A Gene Set That Wants To Survive

The Battle of the Gene Sets 

by I, AnCap


From the smallest microbe to the largest beast, an overwhelming drive to survive and reproduce is what has driven life anywhere it has arisen. Too often human beings like to think we are above this directive and that or cognitive abilities allow us to instead direct our efforts elsewhere. There is a case to be made that since mankind is civilized, deliberate, and capable of logic, he is separate from nature that lacks those things and therefore exempt from any natural constraints. While mankind’s abilities and individual ambitions can indeed defy nature, the reality is as a species we are subject to much of nature’s directives. Hence, our evolutionary path is worth examination and consideration.

Man’s brain depends upon inhibitory transmitters, meaning impulses and signals to behave antisocially are kept in check. This evolutionary advantage is one of many factors that have allowed mankind to conquer the globe and become the undisputed ruling species on Earth. Our evolutionary trajectory allowed us to not rob our fellow man of food as if we were beasts, but to work with him to forage and hunt. The ability for us to adopt a degree of time preference and delay gratification is what built hunter-gatherers into civilized peoples.

However, there remains a group of individuals who are either unwilling or unable to adopt low time preference or delay gratification. The characteristics of this group include laziness, egotism, high-time preference, jealousy, and pathological altruism. This group, like any subset of a population, also wishes to survive and reproduce. The difference is, since they are incapable of producing anything of value to trade, and are often too weak to provide for their mates, they must use those among them who are capable of brute strength to rob, assault, and plunder those who are capable of production and innovation. As mentioned before, one characteristic of this group is stupidity and short sightedness. Since they are incapable of inhibiting behaviors that result in stealing from those who can produce, they are blissfully unaware that robbing the productive will starve the host society will eventually result in their own demise. In short, these individuals are “non productive people.”

The end goal of the non productive person, however, is not to create a better world for those who inherit it, since the concept of inheritance is entirely despised by them. Instead, the end goal is to not consume to survive, but consume to consume. Similarly, the goal is also to not reproduce to advance the species, but to reproduce to reproduce. Such a realization that their motivations display circular logic should not be shocking to those analyze them. After all, their entire existence is not one that exists off inhibitory behavior, but rather one that exists off impulse and compulsion.

In order for the non productive gene set to continue, it is vital for them to indulge to the point of societal burden. Quite simply, the only limit to their consumption is how much of a burden the host can handle. The parasite thinks not for how much time the host toils at work, nor do they care how much time away from family the host must spend in his effort to support the parasitism. The parasite is so short sighted he does not even care if the host eventually dies from the theft of his resources. As long as in the immediate moment the non productive person can receive some sort of gratification, he is happy.

Through this method, the non productive people do not need to exert effort or utilize a high IQ to reproduce. Those on the lower half of the IQ curve can instead rely on the production of those on the inverse half to multiply at a much higher rate. This is how the battle of gene sets is won by the stupid and lost by the intelligent and productive.

Managing Editor