Rules of the Game: Advice to Candidates & Activists from Augustus Invictus

 “A prince must imitate the fox and the lion, for the lion cannot protect himself from traps, and the fox cannot defend himself from wolves. One must therefore be a fox to recognize traps, and a lion to frighten wolves.”

– Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince


Publisher’s Note: This was intended to be a chapter in the forthcoming book about the Senate campaign(s), Set the World on Fire. But this did not fit the narrative structure; neither did its inclusion match the overall message of the book: If the campaigns proved nothing else, they proved that so-called “legitimate” political action is an absolute waste of time, except for propaganda purposes; the only answer is to prepare for war.


But for those of you who have not yet given up on following the so-called “legitimate” paths, here are the things I wish someone had told me when I started out. Much of the advice out there on running for office is for those in the mainstream. Here are the rules for those of you in radical politics who might be unaware of the battlefield onto which you are walking.  


1. Know your code of honor. If perseverance is not one of your foremost virtues, then do not run for office at all. But if you do intend to endure to the end, know that there will be dark times. My case is about as extreme as it gets, between animal sacrifice scandals and public mistresses and LSD journals and Charlottesville – but everyone in the public eye will suffer abandonment and betrayal to a certain degree.


Those who thought they knew you will be horrified by one piece of scandal or another. Those who thought they could control you will turn on you when they figure out that they can’t. All the people who are insulted by some perceived slight will find a way to get even – more than even. Your own Party may attack you, your own family & friends abandon you, your neighbors & co-workers look at you with newfound disgust. The rules of the game will change as you play, and what you thought was fair dealing turns out to be the illusory hope of a naïve man.


Whether you are as gifted at causing scandals as I am, or whether you are merely smeared by your own Party as a run-of-the-mill racist, the effect it has on your reputation, and therefore the support you receive, will be profound. Those dark times will come, in some form or another. So when they do, it is important to hold to your code of honor.


I set certain rules for myself and for my campaign team from which we never wavered. One of those was to be honest. When I admitted to animal sacrifice, I was told: “You should have lied.” But that was never an option. I was up front about everything in my past from the time of my announcement speech, because I knew that my colorful background would be brought up ad nauseam. More importantly, it would have been an insoluble contradiction to wage a campaign against the Federal Government and its agents in the name of Truth & Justice if we were ourselves dishonest.


Another rule I set was that we would not take cheap shots at my opponents. The same person that told me I should have lied then proceeded to hatch a plan that would accuse Marco Rubio of animal sacrifice, because he was a Miamian Cuban who must have been involved with Santeria; and of course Ronald Reagan had committed animal sacrifice; and so on and so forth. But as much as I despised Rubio, it would have been self-destructive to attack him as a horse-trading scumbag while simultaneously pushing something we knew was horse manure just to get the heat off me.


We followed this same rule when the scumbags in the Libertarian Party put forward an opponent for the primary election. He and his campaign team, along with half the Party itself, spread lies about me, even knowing full well that they were lies; spread slander in county meetings and on the internet while refusing to debate so that I could not correct the slander; called me a neo-Nazi even after meeting my half-Hispanic children in person; and a few hundred other disgusting things. But we ran a clean campaign. We set an example of integrity. History will know who the slimy, corrupt, lying vermin were, and that is all I care about.


When everything goes wrong – and there’s a chance that it will – you have to stick to your code. If you become what you are fighting, if you engage in slander and spread lies and try to rig the selection process and blackmail and extort people and try to have them charged for crimes they did not commit – (all of these things happened to me, by the way) – then what was the point?


2. Let the speech of others roll off your back. Believe it or not, there was a time when I actually cared what people outside my family & inner circle thought.


In the Spring of 2015, when people in my own Party would call me insane and evil because I was a Pagan, it genuinely bothered me. Not only was I completely caught off-guard by the fact that, no, actually not everyone in America believes in the First Amendment, but I was also flabbergasted at why these people would not even take the time to listen when I attempted to explain myself. It took me a while to understand that libertarians are just as mentally retarded as anyone else in the world; often more so.


In the beginning, when people would call me a white supremacist, I would point out all the ways they were simply incorrect. It was not until a year or so later, when leftists started referring to my children as the plantation kids a master bore with his slave, that I began to understand the filth inside the vermin heart of every leftist.


One time I was sincerely offended that a journalist had called me sexist. I had written him an open letter explaining certain inaccuracies in an essay he had written about me; and I had taken the time to do that because I thought, “Finally, here is an enemy I can respect.” I explained to him with infinite patience the things about which he was wrong, and I offered to buy him coffee when I made it to Portland. His response was to publish a second essay calling me a sexist and taking stabs about Jews and the Holocaust based on the comments of a former co-worker who slandered me to the Florida Bar and the press both. I was furious. All the faith I had in his character and in his ability as a writer vanished upon reading that second essay, which was a mere hit piece, far below his ability. Eventually we did meet, and I think we came to an understanding; but had I known the mentality of leftists back then, I would have known better than to be offended when they act like scoundrels.


People are stupid. People are cowardly. People are hateful scumbags without any sense of integrity. People are brainwashed sheep who could not think an original thought if their lives depended on it. And all of this is infinitely more pronounced when politics are involved. If I had anything to say to the younger me, I would tell him that dogs bark, birds chirp, and stupid lowlife scumbags do stupid lowlife scumbag things.


3. Trust no one. One of my friends on the campaign deliberately interfered in my marriage and then, a few months later, turned coat and worked for my opponent. One of my closest friends slandered me to the police, the Antifa, the SPLC, and the Huffington Post, apparently trying to have me imprisoned and/or murdered. A man I considered my brother actually threatened to kill me twice (after accusing me of trying to ethnically cleanse my own children) because I refused to publicly denounce Richard Spencer. Again, my case is probably one of the most extreme imaginable, but the issue of trust is paramount to anyone engaged in politics generally & radical politics specifically.


The greater my influence grows, the greater the number of my enemies. The less I care about placating the mentally retarded, the cowardly, the hateful, the wretched of the earth, the more the hordes of disgusting üntermenschen make it a point to troll me on the internet machine and slander me to anyone who will listen. The more extreme & uncompromising I become, the more important it is to keep people at arm’s length, to hide my plans, to trust only those who would kill for me.


If you want to run for Mayor or City Councilman on a mainstream Republican platform, then this issue is probably not of life & death importance. But if you are seeking federal office with a radical message – or engaging in something of similar magnitude – I cannot emphasize this point enough.


4. Do not assume the best of people; always assume the worst in them. Once upon a time, I actually believed that people would give a fair hearing to someone who was slandered. I assumed that people would vote against someone who slandered his opponent and then ran from a debate like a sniveling weasel at every opportunity. Imagine my surprise, then, when 74% of the electorate thought that this was acceptable behavior.


Take another example: Communists threaten an assassination and a riot if I am allowed to speak in “their” city. Canadian Border Services is apprised of this fact. One might assume – as I did – that the blame would be placed with those who threatened the violence. No. Oh God no. When it comes to law enforcement, the blame is always placed where it will cause the least amount of paperwork – or the greatest amount of damage to the person they hate the most. These agents actually justified my expulsion by citing the website of the Vancouver Antifa. Stranger than fiction.


There are several organizations in which I was involved for work or for volunteer efforts, organizations I will not name because I’m just not in the mood to quibble about it with HuffPo, organizations with persons leading them that just plain hated my political message and took it upon themselves to launch crusades against me until I would be booted from said organizations. It does not matter how long you have worked with someone, how good you are at what you do, or, really, anything else: as soon as you are called a Devil worshiper or a white supremacist (or both, God forbid!), certain people will pull out all the stops to drive you out. Forget understanding, forget the First Amendment, forget former ties of affection: cowardice rules all.


Be wary. Assume that everyone will tuck tail & run. The more uncompromising you are, the more terrified they will be.


5. Do not associate with drug addicts, prostitutes, or other criminals. That probably seems pretty obvious to most people. If it isn’t . . . well, just read the book.


6. Do not associate with Communists. My little brother is a Communist. He has never accused me of a crime or slandered me to the press When I informed him that his people had tried to take me out in Portland, he responded that the Antifa were not his people.


Despite his ideology, he was still raised with the same virtue of omertà that I was. So I have always given people a fair shake, even when they are on the total opposite end of the political or religious spectrum.


It took me an unfortunately long time and several disastrous betrayals before it finally got through my head that my brother is an exception by virtue of being my brother, not because he is representative of a certain type of virtuous Communist.


My brother excepted, then, these are the facts: A Communist pretends to care about humanity when, in reality, his driving force is hatred: hatred of the strong, hatred of the noble, hatred of those who are better than him. A Communist pretends to engage in a discussion when, in reality, it is only ever a propaganda effort. A Communist pretends to fight for those in poverty; meanwhile, they attack the poor as white supremacists and glorify the multimillionaires who got rich off the very ideology they believe to be all-too-rare. A Communist talks day-in, day-out about things like fairness, truth, justice – and then gives you one hand in friendship while holding a dagger in the other.


Never trust them. Never associate with them. They are existential enemies who deserve nothing more & nothing less than being put up against the wall.


7. Arm yourself and your team. On the First of March in 2016, the Antifa in Portland called to harass a restaurant in which we were holding a meet-&-greet, telling the manager that a group of evil white supremacists was holding a nefarious rally in their establishment. Well that manager kicked us out, but the next place we went didn’t care so much. They told the Antifa that we were not causing any trouble, so they were not throwing us out. So the Antifa decided to show up in person.


They attacked two people who left just before me, smashing their car windows with a 2×4 and beating one of them with the same. Those guys called the cops and then called me to tell me not to come outside. I had stayed behind with a woman in order to escort her to the bus stop because she had taken the bus to town in order to attend the meet-&-greet, and at this point it was approaching midnight. The Antifa started flooding the bar, covering the exits, and it was just me alone with the woman. We were screwed. As if by magic, the police arrived at that very moment.


They never got to me, but they didn’t need to for the lesson to hit me harder than any lesson I’ve ever learned. Those two who were beaten outside the bar were beaten because of my naïvete, my ill-preparedness, my irresponsibility. And if they had gotten to me and the woman, that would have been my fault, too.


From that point forward, I didn’t need anyone to tell me: if anything happened to anyone at an event of mine, it would be my fault for being unprepared. From that point forward, we started doing things differently. To this day, every event I attend is a military affair. We have a small army, heavily armed, ready to crush any sort of violence attempted against our people.


If you are going down this road, know that this subhuman, Communist garbage will show up to your events, they will try to shut you down, and if they cannot succeed in shutting you down, they will attempt violent action. If you are a candidate for public office, and people come to see you speak, you are responsible for their lives. If you cannot accept that responsibility, then do not run for office: you do not belong in a leadership position.


8. Transparency is overrated. I said that one of the rules I set for myself and my campaign team was honesty. I did not lie, even where a politically savvy person would have. And yet there is a difference between being honest and putting your personal business on display for swine. If I could do it all over again, I would tell all the “journalists” and gossip-mongers to go to hell.


You tell them, “Yes, I did perform an animal sacrifice, but these reports are deliberate distortions. This was done after a pilgrimage to the Mojave Desert,” and so on and so forth, explaining until you’re blue in the face. And the headline that comes out is: “Senatorial Candidate Admits to Sacrificing Goat and Drinking Its Blood.”


You tell them, “No, these allegations are false, and here is the evidence.” They graciously insert the word “allegedly” once in the article before simply repeating every slanderous accusation as fact and throwing in a hundred other things they didn’t bother to ask for comment on.


You tell them whatever the hell you want; I guarantee you that it will not be printed in a way that even remotely resembles what you said. Do interviews, podcasts, et cetera with friendly media only. The mainstream, leftist media is going to crucify you no matter what you say, so just let rats be rats.


The same thing is true of your enemies in your political movement or Party: they have no desire to understand you or your positions; all information you give them will be twisted to slander you. So don’t give those pigs a thing.


9. Never be intoxicated in public. A lot of people wonder why I have an accent in speeches but not in normal conversation. It’s because I’m jacked before a speech. That’s like asking a fighter why he’s walking around wildly in the ring when he doesn’t walk like that in “real life.” In the early days of the campaign, I would take a shot or two of Jägermeister just to calm my nerves enough to speak without hollering at the crowd. But I never got drunk.


There was only one time I was actually drunk in public, and that was a Christmastime meet-&-greet in Tampa in 2015. I met Curse Mackey of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and was starstruck. But I was also hammered, and we didn’t have much of a constructive conversation. I deeply regret that.


More generally, though, I have known people who drink in public, and it is just plain not a good look. No one sees a drunk guy and thinks, “Man, what a cool guy, I want to elect him to office because he’s such a cool drunk.” If you are aiming for a leadership position, no one wants to see you drunk; and the people who say they do are not your friends.


Never getting drunk in public turned out to be a good rule, too, when I was once accused of behaving like an asshole and not remembering it because “I must have been drunk.” That accusation, made by one of the scumbags in the Libertarian Party who came to one of my speeches just to try to trash me in public, was one of the most transparent attempts at slander I can recall. And because I never got drunk in public, everyone knew it was a lie.


Just don’t do it. And as a more general comment, if you cannot control your drinking, maybe it’s best not to seek a leadership position to begin with.


10. Do not break the law. Everyone is watching every move you make. When you run for office, you are a public figure and a leader – especially when you do something wrong; doubly especially when that “something wrong” is actually illegal. My use of entheogens notwithstanding (because that is a religious practice), I kept everything above board. We filed all our reports, we never misappropriated money (you will go to jail for screwing with campaign funds), we did everything as by the book as possible. As Caesar said, “If you must break the law, do it to seize power: in all other cases, observe it.”


11. Keep a Spartan mindset. You do not need to eat steak dinners with appetizers & desert at events. You do not need to stay in four-star hotels on the road and visit the massage parlor because you had “such a long day.” You do not need to be living a life of luxury while running for office. Keep your mind on the goal, and do not be distracted by what is irrelevant.


Another thing to note: Fame is a dangerous drug. I know this from firsthand & secondhand experience. It is intoxicating, and much like power it overwhelms the senses and becomes an end in itself for many people. They forget that it was only supposed to be a means to an end. As an introvert, I am less susceptible to this one than most; but I have known certain people personally who have absolutely destroyed themselves and any sense of integrity they may have had in the beginning, simply because they were chasing the high of fame instead of executing the mission.


Humility isn’t exactly my greatest virtue; but as a Pagan, I am well aware of the consequences of hubris. So I won’t say, “stay humble,” but I will say, “don’t lose your head.” Eat what you need; stay in the bare minimum of hotels when you cannot stay with supporters; don’t go out throwing money at strippers and slot machines when you are supposed to be shaking hands & kissing babies, or going to bed early for important activities the next day. And as I have said a couple times now, if you cannot understand the difference here, maybe don’t run for office.


12. Research the media. One time a reporter from Vice contacted me, asking me to star in an episode of some show about extremists in America. I have had a thousand yellow journalists trying to squirm into my life and defame me, but let’s just use this one example to demonstrate how important it is to research the people who reach out to you. This is the open letter I wrote to that dirty bastard from Vice:


Good morning, Josh.


Please forgive the tardiness of my reply. As I explained over the phone, I have been on the road for some time now, and I plan to be so indefinitely. Between the rallies, the political functions, and the day-to-day affairs of our publication, I have quite frankly not made this response a priority.


I think we had two fundamental misunderstandings when we spoke. The first was my own. When you asked whether I was familiar with the video product of Vice Media, I said I was – but I was mistaken.


What came to mind for me was a neat little piece of journalism in which one of your contributors visited a remote village in Yugoslavia to report on the ancient magick of the country folk there. However tainted it may have been by your colleague’s very suburban-American, materialistic prejudice, it was a beautiful (if fleeting) glimpse into another world. I also thought of the Vice piece on “The Iceman,” Wim Hof, which was a very humanizing portrayal of a somewhat superhuman character.


I had never heard of the Hate Thy Neighbor series, but I assumed that it was in the same vein as other work I have seen from Vice: trite, superficial garbage with an irredeemable streak of juvenile snark – but a commendable attempt nonetheless. Like a middle schooler giving a presentation on the causes of the Napoleonic Wars, the work product of Vice Media gives you a sense of embarrassment for watching it, though you still applaud at the end for the sake of being polite.


After our conversation, however, I went to the source. I have been in law & politics long enough to know better than to take anyone’s word at face value, leftist journalists least of all. So I watched “America’s Far White” [], from beginning to end, and I took note of this half-retarded mulatto with a speech impediment and a Jewish film crew (his characterization, not mine) giving a fourth-rate stand-up comedy act about the National Socialists and the Ku Klux Klan. Clearly the difference between this nonsense and the pieces on Wim Hof and Yugoslavian folk magick were worlds apart, and I admit that our first misunderstanding was my own.


Our second misunderstanding was yours. Seeing as you were the one reaching out to me, I would assume that you had done at least ten minutes of homework before trying to lay an ambush. Either you are unaware of the previous hit piece on me by Vice, or you think that I forgot about it. I forget nothing. To this day, I remember your colleague’s voice shaking with giddiness when asking me, a Senate candidate at the time, about animal sacrifice. Clearly it was the biggest hit piece he ever had a crack at, and it also appeared to be his last, as he has gracefully fallen off the planet since its publication.


More importantly, I would think that – all past hit pieces aside – you might have noticed that I am not one of these talking heads that rants about politics because he likes the sound of his own voice. If you have listened to a single speech I have ever given, if you have paid the least bit of attention to my political career at all beyond the hit pieces published by your fellow leftists, then you would know that I have no interest in the media beyond hijacking your platforms to inject revolutionary speech into the mainstream.


Media is a weapon. You and I know this full well. I have absolutely no desire to be in the limelight or to bask in the false warmth of public praise. The flattery of the people is a drug I have never wanted or needed, except that I might sway public opinion to pressure my political enemies. In point of fact, the all-seeing eye of the media is a handicap to my mission, as my status as a public figure prevents me from hanging every last one of you left-wing traitors from the lampposts.


Vice Media is hereby blacklisted from any event at which I have a presence. You are not journalists, you are propagandists: you are enemy combatants, and you will be treated as such.


You and those like you have done your best – whether wittingly or unwittingly – to run all the peaceful, kind, and reasonable people out of the right-wing. With every hit piece you published; with every act of character assassination; with every doxxing of an innocent man and his family; with every hateful attack on innocent civilians; you pushed out from public life the last of the people willing to reason with the Left.


In doing so, you and the Antifa and all the rest of your kind have created an atmosphere in which people like me have become not only necessary, but welcome. Your viciousness, your rampant dishonesty, your rabid crusade in furtherance of a cancerous ideology – these have all been duly noted by the American public.


You do not get to hide now behind a cloak of impartiality and pretend to be the voice of reason in speaking vague words of disapprobation against the Antifa at this late hour. The people want blood, and I am here to give it to them.


The time for you to denounce the radical left passed after they spent a year physically attacking my supporters, having them fired from their jobs, targeting pregnant women, trampling the elderly, having my wife & newborn son ambushed by the sheriff, and all the other dirty tricks they have pulled since I ran for office. We tried to be reasonable, we tried to use “legitimate” processes, and you people spat on us at every turn, thumbing your noses at peace and practically begging for retribution.


I will advise my people to treat all Vice Media personnel as enemy combatants. You will not be distinguished from Antifa or Black Lives Matter or any other left-wing terrorist organization. You have chosen your side, and you are the de facto propaganda arm of the Left. The rules of engagement for rats will be the same across the board, whether your weapon is a brick or a video camera.


This is a war. Act accordingly.




Augustus Sol Invictus, Esq.


13. Build a team. You cannot possibly do everything on your own. Graphic design, letters, newsletters, compiling email lists, website design, phone calls, fundraising – it all takes a monstrous chunk of time. And I of course insist on writing all of my own speeches & essays, so that took a great deal of my time, personally. And that’s not to mention the duties of the Treasurer, which is easily the most important job in the campaign. You need to build a team before you run for office, not after. If you do not have a core group of people who support you and will volunteer to get the campaign off the ground, then how are you going to convince a mass of people to support you?


Building a team was one of the things I actually did correctly from the very beginning. We had, in fact, built a team for a U.S. House run when Marco Rubio announced that he was leaving the Senate to run for President. So when I decided to run for that seat, we already had the team in place.


Hold weekly conference calls, hold people accountable, stay on top of everything. Without a team, you will get nowhere fast. It is hands down the most important element of your campaign.


14. Learn the art of guerrilla warfare. The first weekend of May 2017, the Libertarian Party of Florida held its annual convention in Cocoa Beach. My publication, The Revolutionary Conservative, sponsored the event by paying for a luncheon. The year before, my Senate campaign had sponsored the presidential debate. Needless to say, the usual scumbags in the Party were outraged. A witch hunt was organized for Easter Sunday to have our sponsorship refunded, have me personally banned from the convention, and, fingers crossed, have me expelled from the Party completely.


Well, needless to say, I won all of those fights, across the board. I remained in the Party, I was still going to the convention, and the sponsorship stood. The next attempt, then, was one of the convention organizers trying to blacklist me from speaking at the luncheon we had sponsored. That was the last straw for me, so I quickly hatched a plan to turn the entire thing around on the aggressors and on those members of the Party who turned a blind eye to those disgusting, leftist tactics.


There were two serious contenders for the Chair position: the incumbent and the challenger. I never breathed a word about running for Chair, because I didn’t want to run for Chair. The incumbent had stabbed me in the back in a legal matter concerning a hotly contested press release erroneously & illegally issued by the Party in the fall of 2015, and so I quietly backed the challenger.


Everyone was shocked & appalled, then, when I was nominated for Chair and that nomination was seconded, completely out of the blue. A hushed silence fell over the room as the attendees started wondering what horrors I had planned.


For me – unbeknownst to them – the entire issue was the speech. These people had tried to expel me from the Party just to stop me from speaking. They tried to rescind our sponsorship to stop me from speaking. They tried to blacklist me the day of the convention as a last-ditch effort to stop me from speaking. And now, as a legitimate candidate for Chair of the Party, I was to be given the floor for five uninterrupted minutes, and the entire Party had to listen to what I had to say.


Within half an hour, that rat of a convention organizer came crawling to me to offer that slot to speak at the luncheon. So I spoke about The Revolutionary Conservative and left. Otherwise, I did not say a word to anyone about why I was running for Chair or what I was going to do when I got up to that podium.


This is what happened:



And even after all of that, the son of a bitch holding the stopwatch cut me off at three and a half minutes. As Clausewitz pointed out, you can’t prepare for everything.


15. Persevere. If you wrestle a pack of jackals in the arena, consider yourself lucky if all you lose is your arm. These people are not interested in discovering truth, or in engaging in honest debate, or in examining philosophical concepts in the marketplace of ideas: their only interest is in destroying you.


They will play at twisting facts or statements, they will try to blackmail you or bully you – and when that doesn’t work, they will just plain make things up. I once explained to a political enemy in a private conversation the Nietzschean concept of the overcoming of man: that rat piece of garbage immediately went downstairs to the bar and proceeded to yell out to everyone there: “You know what Invictus just told me? He said he wants to murder every man, woman, and child on the planet.”


Running for office, being an activist, being a public figure of any sort when fighting for truth & justice – it’s a thankless job. People will attack you and your family with the most disgusting things, things you cannot even imagine unless you’ve been in the game yourself. Your own people will turn against you, parroting the enemy’s propaganda. The people slandering you will justify their slander with other slander they heard elsewhere. People will deliberately misconstrue your statements to make a point about what a terrible person you are. Others will call the police on you – regularly. You will be blacklisted & assaulted, your family will be harassed. If you are not self-employed, you risk losing your job.


That list could go on forever. What helped me was reminding myself, every so often, of the reasons I started in politics in the first place: Juliette, Alexander, Aiden, and Jezebel. And at this point I have four more children – Luna, Sol, Cesare, and Odysseus – to remind me of why I am doing any of this at all. What has made my perseverance unshakable is the knowledge that none of this is for my sake.


Fifty years from now, I will be dead; and either my children & grandchildren will honor me for fighting against impossible odds, or they will shake their heads and think to themselves, “How could he give up so easily, with the future of his children & grandchildren at stake?” That is, quite frankly, my strongest motivation for persevering.

Augustus Invictus
​Augustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.