Rehabilitating the Right: A Convocation for Men

“Sharia Law will never come to America–it’s unconstitutional!” This was the fundamental argument championed by the few white-knight invertebrates with a pulse against us at the Anti-Sharia March in Orlando a few weeks back. It’s mildly encouraging that they were on the side of the constitution in some form, but ultimately this is a delusional fallacy. How has our constitution remained intact at all? People have fought, even died, to uphold it, and we must continue to do so–that’s how it works.

Surely many people in the U.K. lulled themselves to sleep at night with the same grandiose fantasies of multiculturalism being the epitomic virtue, and now they continue to prostrate themselves through endless terror attacks, look the other way when Sharia courts are established, etc. As Robert Heinlein said:

“You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don’t ever count on having both at once.”

This isn’t a call to arms–but a recognition of the fact that: remaining idle and disarming ourselves will only beget violence upon us. No more can we just play video games and live on social media or constantly find ourselves at the bottom of a bottle. We have to grow–physically and mentally. We must stop acquiescing, kowtowing, and apologizing. We must temper our resolve, bolster ourselves and our corps, and remain hungry. We have to relish in the animating contest of freedom and adopt a thirst for liberty…or lose it.

This message is addressed mostly to the men out there, because men are ultimately the party most responsible for the problems in the world, if for no other reason than: we’re the ones with the greatest ability to fix them and produce change. Thomas Jefferson assessed: “the amount of tyranny we live under, is the exact amount we are willing to put up with,” to which I will add: “or the amount we’re unable to bridle.” Men are ultimately the ones that will be laying down their lives to deal with the final threat of tyranny more often than not, and thus they are inherently more responsible for allowing our lives and families to be threatened by any foe.

Not only should we reinforce our vanguard from physical and legislative peril, but for familial and social ends as well. In civilized society, where women are safeguarded by law and order, women become the gatekeepers for sex as they are equipped to practice discretion in their choice of partners thanks to protections normally provided by men being ensured by the government. I’m not saying this is bad, however; the result is men need women more than they need us–we hold the burden of earning their favor and are accordingly culpable if we do not secure a quality woman. Should we submit to apathy and extenuation, the end result will be the same, whether by the sword or simple lack of survival instinct, and that is: obsolescence.

It is time to flex our muscles–figuratively and literally. Hit the gym. Learn to fight. Learn to shoot. Carry whenever possible. Engage in worthwhile fraternal organizations and masculine activities. Flirt with women. Goad your anemic friends into doing the same. Do NOT apologize unless absolutely necessary, as it only increases the demand for your contrition. Again: not only will this benefit our cause should fighting break out, but it will be a boon for your own confidence and self-worth. Maintaining proper testosterone levels is even a crucial element to a man’s state of mind. This legitimate tenacity and clout will aid in your ability to influence others, entice suitable women, and better accomplish personal goals.

What are you waiting for?

Arthur Jackman
is a Florida native well versed in health and fitness, social dynamics, and systems integration. He has studied business management and is planning on opening his own gym in the near future. Although he is fresh on the scene of political activism, Arthur has considered himself a conservative libertarian for his entire life. He strongly opposes feminism and leftist ideology while always remaining weary of big government. Arthur hopes to promote individual liberty, the family unit, and western culture.