On Modern Democracies & Flawed Constitutions


To keep perfect order, change is inevitable. This accurately describes the eventual downfall of any form of government that is without a strong and ever present force yielding it. American Libertarianism at its core, is built on the basic principles that our founders established. The idea of total freedom and civil responsibilities is not without the consistency dilemma, which the founders prayed not be the case in the creation of their newly founded nation. In the event that now plagues America, with the Constitution being an incredibly hindering document, the idea of allowing the most coveted thing on the planet, which in this case is freedom, to be accessed by everybody in the United States at the expense of the status quo staying the same, even in the darkest of times, the charade of elections and total freedom of speech must stay the same.

The issue lies in any system that operates on the basis of a constitution, which acts like a restraint to hold back any sense of change. The founders had absolutely no idea the damage done to their nation; the idea of a constitution (in modern democracies) has been used as a method of oppression to any sort of movement that those in power may see unfit. The Constitution of the United States is not what is was, as it is now bastardized by means of corporate money, interests in banking and self preserving agendas that play chess with the nations of the world.

As many may say, what is the solution? What may offer the benefit of freedom and order, as well as the luxuries of art and culture and the traditional man of honor and the women of the home? The answer lies not in fixing a system doomed to fail from the start, as is the Constitution and all “free republics and democracies.” The cycle of tyranny and unjust foreign rule and their endless quest to destroy culture will not cease lest the system that we were brought on to believe as the only way, the true way, stay the same. There is no mending a dying man from his crippling illness, but instead, the true prowess of the new man is to embrace the change that will soon follow. A return to city states, pre renaissance Europe, during the height of the Roman Empire. The United States need not remain as United as they once were, but with the idea and philosophy of antique Europe in mind.

Do not fear authority, but do not let your trust in it go blind. Do not stop craving freedom, but do not submit to false prophets of ultra individualism. The latter being the more important, as it is the one most easily corrupted. The state need not change for you, but rather, you shall change with the state. The progression of lesser to greater men is one that gives way to reactionary and traditional thought, whilst maintaining the idea that the modern status quo of constitutionalism, must end. The steady balance of personal goals, and the state as the whole, will make the cogs in the machine run. You, brother, are no better than your neighbor, in that you have both have nothing but the hands to sew the seeds of freedom, and the force of ten oxen to plow the way past enemies of yourself, but also, your race and nation.

Nathan Guerrette
Nathan Guerrette is an author, musician, political activist, survivalist, aspiring brewmaster and offgrid enthusiast. He is the founder of the yet-to-be-released homesteading podcast. Lygonian Pinehouses. Aside from political theory and activism, Aesop devotes time to his musical endeavors and world-building in his dark fantasy/cosmic horror legendarium, A Lonely Pilgrim.