Loser Mentality: the Impediment of Ego & the Right’s Progress.

There is a problem that needs to be addressed by all of us, from the most abrasively confident to the deplorably timid, and that is: loser mentality. We often suffer from this adverse state when we experience failure or when we witness others out-perform us. Loser mentality is a blind-spot to our own shortcomings erected by our ego to protect itself from injury, and it prevents us from addressing our issues and stunts growth. Poignant examples of this phenomenon are: the Democratic Party being completely unable to address why they are losing elections with all the backing in the world and white-knight men who still think that asking for permission, holding doors, and paying for everything is the answer to courting women, even when it has never worked for them.

The former example is caused by a fanatically inflated ego so confident that it looks to uphold its fantasy image of itself by blaming external forces for its current predicament–“it’s not our fault! I-i-it’s the Russians!” The latter example does the same thing as a result of unfounded and idiotic moral dogmatism: “If I just keep being a ‘good guy,’ then she’ll eventually realize that the guy she is with is a jerk, and she’ll come be with me.” Both examples are asinine, and there is only one solution to the problem: accepting your deficiencies and open-mindedly analyzing those who are succeeding where you are not. Own up to your faults. Don’t let them hang you.

Surely you have heard someone relent: “I voted for Trump, and I like his policies, but I wish he would just tone down his language,” or “I support free speech, but I just don’t think it’s presidential for Trump to use Twitter the way he does.” Both of these indictments get thrown around quite a bit, and those that assume these postures even when Trump won could never hope to be ahead of any trend–they will always be followers. You may not agree with someone, but you can still understand what makes them effective. The question of whether or not president Trump’s tweets are “presidential” will be debated by those who will never be president. Others will recognize the efficacy of the president’s tweets and learn what they can from them.

We see this dilemma play out with the Right’s infighting as well. Alt-Light and Alt-Right can trade blows endlessly, but both points are moot if they can’t effectively accomplish their goals. Similarly, the Libertarian Party can remain unsung purists or sellout to Johnson and Weld and still fall short, because we all refuse to learn from the real players; we all refuse to learn from what works. Why was the leftist tactic of labeling us all Nazis, white-supremacists, homophobes, and bigots so effective for so long? Many of us obviously never learned from our time in the schoolyard that: playing defensively against such attacks only provokes more abuse. Why waste our time trying to clarify how far right we are to people who don’t care? Why squander our efforts differentiating ourselves from others on the right instead of tackling common issues?

President Trump is living proof that political correctness need not be heeded. His tweets are evidence of our need to harness the new media. His Republican opponents epitomized the result of impotence. Gary Johnson proved that selling out isn’t superlative wisdom. Hillary Clinton further demonstrated that throwing money at every problem, cheating, and pure Machiavellianism won’t necessarily net you the win. Limp-wristed, feminist men showcase how to never secure a quality woman, and the resurgence of conservatism in our youngest generation speaks of the exodus back towards what’s right.

As the quote attributed to Edmund Burke goes: “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing,” and the result is the same if good men accomplish nothing. Don’t let yourself fail to see the lessens gifted to you by your contenders and your own inadequacies. Mainly, recognize from President Trump’s example: people respect and ultimately approve of those that have a spine, even if they’re rough around the edges, more than a clean-cut, politically correct worm. Also, come to terms with the fact that you’re not going to please, and you shouldn’t aim to please everyone. That is folly. So, quit capitulating to the left by doing things like cowering from speeches just because Richard Spencer is there. If you don’t tote the leftist line one-hundred percent of the way, you’re a Nazi now as far as they’re concerned–might as well get the most out of it.

It is imperative that we can analytically ruminate on our own weaknesses. We can no longer seek to throw money or feeble excuses at our problems. We can no longer quibble about anti-Semitism in the Alt-Right. There are bigger issues at stake like: endless government spending, jihadist invasion, and the Federal Reserve, or is it perhaps that you have forgotten?

Arthur Jackman
is a Florida native well versed in health and fitness, social dynamics, and systems integration. He has studied business management and is planning on opening his own gym in the near future. Although he is fresh on the scene of political activism, Arthur has considered himself a conservative libertarian for his entire life. He strongly opposes feminism and leftist ideology while always remaining weary of big government. Arthur hopes to promote individual liberty, the family unit, and western culture.