Inside the Third Battle of Berkeley

What It Was Like in the Third Battle of Berkeley

by I, AnCap

When I started out my career as an activist, it was mostly attending events from a perspective that I was there to sit listen and learn, not report as I have recently been. Hence, when I went to the  heart the war between Patriots and the Antifa I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.
Granted, just a few weeks ago I had been to a protest of house intelligence chairman Devin Nunes. That was mostly peaceful, despite most people being left-wing in attendance. No one was blocking the roads, no one was throwing anything, etc. Sure, there was a crazy chick with a megaphone but what harm can she actually do? This could almost certainly be attributed the fact that the two sides did not engage each other whatsoever. The farmers who had arrived in support of Nunes had taken refuge within the building he was speaking it, and the protesters occupy the surrounding area. Not only were there parking lots filled with secret service members and guards but there was also a building with security procedures that no one can answer without being examined first.
The third battle of Berkeley was different. This was on in the open field it was a platform where any Patriot could enter if they submitted to a background check. Sure the police wanted to disarm us, but that hardly deterred anyone who had come to enjoy the presence of so many like-minded people. Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many liberty minded people in attendance of this event. What’s even funnier to think it’s just a couple years ago I might have identified more with the Antifa than I had with the Patriots. I might have thought the Patriots were what I would call “Statists” and the antifa for my fellow Anarchist brethren.
However, the left-wing has a rather nasty habit of alienating people who would make perfectly good allies in their cause. This is certainly the reason they have lost so dismally in recent months. I had planned to begin my live stream for the Liberty hangout Facebook page once the more prominent people had taken the stage however the baying of an m-80 caught my attention and I knew this was the time to begin streaming.
I had never heard an m-80 go off in person and I was still trying to figure out what had happened, what it was, and why it was getting thrown. One thing was for sure though: a fight was breaking out and I had to observe what was going on. Had there not been a thin plastic barrier being chaperoned by police, I have no doubt the two sides would have come to blows.

The orange barricade was referred to as the demilitarized zone, where police would occasionally walk between the two flimsy fences made of plastic. It was overlooked by the fountain area in which the speaker’s address the audience and Patriots gathered to listen. Antifa occupied the area far below that comma with the wall of Patriots on one side and the street the others. Eventually, Antifa became restless with this small smidgen of land that they occupied on the field and felt the need to take to the streets granted the Patriots someone joined them and halted their advance to several degrees.
It was at this point I got to hear Kyle Chapman otherwise (aka Based Stickman) speak. He spoke with eloquence determination and vigor about what was transpiring and the future of this nation. Shortly after Kyle speech, the antifoam again marching through the area right behind us. Loud hip-hop music blared from a portable speaker they had they were all dressed in black like members of Isis comma and a few of them were carrying black and red anarcho-communist flags. I’m not going to lie to someone who has not witnessed a black block this could seem intimidating to those who weren’t properly accompanied. But I found myself somewhat relieved to see several great men and women charged at these barbarians with almost no sense of fear despite them hurling bottles of urine and rocks upon them. It was almost surreal to capture with my cameras the chaos that ensued shortly after.

As I had predicted if it were not for the two fences of the demilitarized zone the two sides would have almost certainly come to blows, and in fact they did in the streets. Antifa had carried with them a large metal dumpster on wheels. It was almost ironic to Witness the side that claims to care about communal property disregard a piece of communal property comma while the side that championed Western private property rights yelled that’s my property as a taxpayer. This side that pays taxes into the communal property was upset that it was being destroyed and disrespected, while the Antifa who are largely young college-age students that do not pay for things the way the older generation has, disrespected it.
It was around this point chaos ensued, and not wearing a gas mask goggles or body armor I decided to film the pandemonium from a safe distance. It was at that point the fight begin to take itself further up the street and away from my ability to film it accurately and safely. I had other friends to link up with at at that point to meet interview and get perspectives on. I had met with our associate Agent 156 of the Revolutionary conservative.
We briefly talked filmed in interview with several friends of mine and then went on to enjoy the rally that was was still occurring. After shooting a lot of footage from the rally including a debate I had with a young lady holding up a “white supremacy is terrorism” sign, I decided to join my friends on the sidewalk.
Eventually I dispersed from the area as did many on that day, and went to enjoy the company of those I had met at other parts of Berkeley I later learned of the victories we held that day and driving back the Antifa and securing our dominance over the Third Battle of Berkeley.
Managing Editor