Free Trade Is Not Free

Until World War II, a mere two percent of the United States’ economy was dependent on foreign trade. Now? Now it is hard to find even an American flag that is not made in China. Why? It wasn’t economic necessity but the result of deliberate and calculated manipulation. Indeed, since our grandparents stumbled back from Europe’s bloodied shores, our economy has been steadily passed from American to foreign hands.

1947 saw the beginning of this transfer. This was the year the United Nations affected the GATT treaty. GATT, or the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, was passed at a UN meeting in Geneva and the American economy has slowly crumbled since. If we are not making or purchasing products made in this country, we are hurting our economy. It is that simple. Also, trading with countries who pile up labor violations does no one any good. This is not “free” trade but an encouragement to those who would enact slave labor.

The Council on Foreign Relations adores the idea of “free” trade. Free to whom is the question we should ask, as well as the Council on what? Who are these people? They are, by and large, career politicians and the international bankers who control them. Even Hillary Clinton made a(nother) faux pas when she publicly admitted that it would be nice having a new CFR headquarters so close by to tell her what to do. No, she was not being facetious. There are hundreds of recording of this; here is just one:

The CFR goes back several decades and as their power grew, the power of the American economy and the living standards of the average citizen declined. Such an inverse relationship begs investigation. As for the question of “free” to whom, the answer is no less murky. Free trade means simply no tariffs and no restrictions or quota limits. That means factory workers making pennies on the dollar in Mexico can sell to American stores an item x for a fraction of the cost that item x costs when made in America. Add to this troubling scenario the fact that many American consumers are often strapped for cash thanks to the IRS and the Federal Reserve’s unending inflation, lower wages or even unemployment because of so-called free trade, and higher costs of living in general. The result? Joe and Jane Consumer will buy the cheaper version of item x regardless of where it came from because they can’t afford to be patriotic. Not to mention, there is often no option to buy a similar product made in America – not after American factories went overseas for cheaper labor. Plenty of the corporate business owners who decided to move their businesses, by the way, are members of the CFR. The owners’ bottom line inflated. The American factory worker was out of a job. So, “free” to whom?  Not the average citizen.

Free trade might work to a point between countries of comparable living standards and workplace environments. However, when a country like ours trades with a country like Malaysia where the economy is damn near one of slave labor, no one but the owners of large corporations and their hand-in-hand bankers benefits. Not specific enough? In 2015, Obama let a few things slide in regards to Malaysia and the recent TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). Malaysia is notorious for human trafficking, a violation of TPP’s standards for participation. That’s alright! They have cheap stuff so the deal was signed. Yes, Obama’s hope and change did this with nary a word from the mainstream media. Imagine if Trump turned a blond eye to human trafficking in exchange for cheaper goods and a further undermined American economy – the press would never let it go, and they shouldn’t regardless of the party in the Oval Office.

The press should dig into this. They should be infuriated. You should be infuriated. As international financiers watch their bottom line expand, our bottom line is this: National sovereignty depends on economic self-sufficiency. We as a nation are no longer self sufficient. The only demographic this benefits is that of the top-tier international financiers and their pocket politicians. Know this: when you hear the innocuous term “free trade” you are hearing something that has cost Americans dearly.

Rachel Summers
Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Her novels are what some have called a journey into antinomian mysteriosophy, where socially sanctioned morality is turned on its head in order to shake out just a few drops of enlightenment.

Summers holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy but ran afoul of academia when her dissertation proposal was rejected as something that might cause a scandal or, worse yet, cause the check-signing alumni to sign fewer checks. Welcomed to stay and write if she accepted a pre-approved project, she chose to leave and vowed to cause a scandal indeed, whether with pen or sword. She is currently writing her fifth novel as well as articles for the Revolutionary Conservative and Europa Sun Magazine; thus far, the sword remains sheathed. You can buy her books at