Twitter Needs to Stop Shoehorning Users It Thinks You Should Follow At The Top Of Your Highlights

It’s one matter to optionally suggest following new users. It’s another to force them down my throat.

This thought originated when I checked my email a few minutes ago. Usually, I ignore emails from Twitter. I don’t favor their website remotely. On Facebook, my posts have garnered hundreds of thousands of engagements and views during my career. On Twitter, I am shadowbanned to the point of obscurity.

Regardless, the headline of the typical “Your Highlights” email caught my eye. “Barack Obama’s Tweeted…” Really? Obama?

Initially I thought this was accidental, possibly following him unknowingly. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t followed Barack Obama, recently or otherwise. This man has found his way into my inbox without my permission.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my disdain for this “person”. Barack Obama’s healthcare scam cost many close to me dearly. Details withheld, this isn’t only a matter of policy, it’s personal. I’m sure Twitter and Facebook are well aware I find no positive qualities in Barack Obama. I want him nowhere near my timeline, inbox, newsfeed, etc.

It’s also strange that I only follow two users in this email. I followed thunderf00t during my edgy anarchist/atheist phase, although certainly not for his political views. I may have followed Ivanka shortly after I grew fond of Donald Trump, but even she is pretty liberal on many issues.

I can already hear the internet autistics readying their keyboards. Before you school me on how to disable these emails, riddle me this: why should I have to?

Sure, I could sift through the settings and eventually find a way to disable this propaganda. That’s not the point. I shouldn’t have to take ANY extra steps to stop this email from showing up in my inbox.

Twitter should be aware of the fact that I can’t stand most of these people. Any extra steps to disable these emails are too many. I have to go through settings, read something, learn something, and figure out where something is. That’s not simple, that’s a whole lot of steps that I don’t have time for. To their credit, they did include a minuscule “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email. It was in nearly the same color as the background, jumbled in a bunch of other distracting, meaningless text.

The point is simple. Twitter is picking and choosing what you and I see. Look at the screenshot from earlier. “Barack Obama,” “Hillary Clinton,” and “The New York Times,” all sent to a user named “I, AnCap.” They should know from my username that I don’t care to hear from any of these idiots. It’s like if they sent featured emails from President Trump to someone who named their Twitter “I hate Republicans.”

After you’re annoyed by this, they have you shift through settings and options to figure out how to get this trash removed from your inbox. People don’t have time for this. Sadly, thats the point. They know the average person doesn’t want to navigate some convoluted menu to fine-tune their highlights subscription. Right now, if you don’t want Twitter to barrage you with propaganda, it’s painful to stop it. In the future, maybe there won’t even be an option to stop it.

Bottom line: as Cantwell says, “(they’ve) come for your right to speak a long time ago, and now they’re coming for your right to see and hear.”

Managing Editor