Alfie Evans Has Died After Long Battle With NHS

Alfie Evans Has Passed Away

by I, AnCap


Heartbreaking news has come forward that Alfie Evans, a British boy who has been suffering from an undiagnosed condition since 2016, has passed away 2:30 AM. 


The boy’s parents had long fought to get their son help from a variety of sources, but were all routinely denied or delayed by the UK’s state-operated healthcare system. At one point, the Italian government had offered the boy citizenship and treatment but the hospital he was kept at refused to let him leave in what many are calling a desperate attempt to stop growing skepticism of the socialized medical system. In one instance, the hospital had evidently placed guards to manage the public outrage surrounding the incident around the building. 


The parents have both made posts about the development, one in the support group and the other in a public post. 


From the Facebook group, “💂💜Alfies Army Official💂💙”


A profile believed to be the boy’s father posted this status which received a great deal of attention.

The staff at The Revolutionary Conservative would like to send our thoughts and prayers to the family during these trying times. We are saddened by their son’s passing and wish them all the luck in the world going forward. 


EDIT: An earlier version of this post state that Alfie Evans had passed away an hour before publishing the post. It has since been edited to 2 AM for accuracy. 

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