Understanding Cultural Marxism

Don’t Take The Left-Wing Race Bait

Cultural Marxists make the following claims:

The content of one’s character is more important than the color of one’s skin (unless you’re white).

It’s wrong to racially profile, stereotype, or make race-based generalizations. (Unless that person is white.).

It’s admirable for a people to defend their culture, the legacy of their ancestors, and their land/resources from those who seek to destroy it. (Unless you’re white.)

It’s good for a non-white person to show strength and speak their minds… (Unless they speak for traditional American culture)

It’s wrong to use racial slurs (Unless they’re white… or side with traditional American culture… like an uncle tom, a house negro, a pocho, etc.)

The above contradictions of sentiment exist in the ranks of the Cultural Marxist, because they don’t really believe the lies they spew. The leftists don’t really believe what they infect our children with at school. It’s all designed to rob us, the Traditional American, of our cultural strength, our history, our nation and the legacy of our Ancestors. They break the links between parent and child, wiping out all signs of culture to create a generation of prideless, souless Marxist soldiers… All while you’re at work and trust your children to their “education”. Once they have sufficiently subverted us, the pendulum of power has moved in their direction, and our culture can no longer mount an effective resistance.. they will remove the mask of benevolence and complete the job forcefully, without mercy or remorse.

Read the history of nations that have fallen to Communism in the past. It’s happened many times. Tens of millions of lives, in Russia, Vietnam, China, Eastern Europe, Korea… wiped out by the same ideology that has found it’s way into your child’s classroom. And you let it in.

They do not want racial harmony. They do not fight against racism or injustice. This has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with power. They are attempting to tear down the structure of power in our nation, regardless of what color it may be, so their ideology may take it all over. They infect every cultural institution, every newsmedia outlet, every museum, history book, classroom, movie, television and song with their efforts to weaken the pride, dignity, history and continuation of Traditional America.

Cultural Marxism is the “artillery barrage” that softens a target-nation’s dominant force, clearing the way for the advance of Communism. Be it wealth, class or race. Don’t believe me? Read their books, it’s all in there. Read about the “abolishment of the family” in the Communist Manifesto by Marx. Or the teachings of the Frankfurt School, Gramsci or Saul Alinsky. Research where the 1960’s slaughter of American tradition originated. They’ve been planning this for over a century, and it’s no secret! Their plan has been in plain sight since 1848.

Now you know who your real enemy is. Stop fighting each other, countrymen, and keep yourselves on target. Stop seeking division within ideological minutiae. We don’t need to get along, outside of this shared endeavour. We don’t need to invite each other to dinner. We damned sure aren’t going to agree on everything. The only… ONLY thing we can all rally around, that we all have in common, is our need for LIBERTY. Our ability to live how we like, believe what we like, raise our children how we like… as long as we respect the ability of others to do the same. This principal is the foundation of Traditional American Culture, and American Constitutional Nationalism.

So come together, Americans. Lets defend our common Liberty, defeat all that wish to destroy it… and then go home to our regular lives.

The future depends on us.

Joshua Long
Joshua Long is America's Patriot Trucker. A father, unique social critic, Meme God, and sporadic author - He can be found taking 18 wheels of freedom across America, and is the Illinois President of The American Guard.