Rules of Engagement: The Philosophical War Tactics of the Right

“The Strength of the aggressor can be measured by the opposition which he needs; every increase of growth betrays itself by a seeking out of more formidable opponents.” –Nietzsche

The left is established upon a gross demeanor of emotional tribalism. They are united only according to a common opposition, rather than any solidified common consensus, and are purely reactionary towards Conservative politics. There is, however, one strength that they possess, that the Right is currently lacking: The ability to set aside ideological differences in favor of fighting upon a commonality. Conservatism is typically considered to be the intellectual side of political discourse; It is only within the Right Wing that civil discussion and the consideration of alternative perspectives might be found. However, in our gross contempt of Liberalism and the Left Wing, we often find ourselves engaged in the midst of an intense confrontation with others on the Right, who might possess alternative ideological opinions to ours. In our distaste for the Left’s sacrilegious moral superiority and condescension, we often erroneously disavow the consideration of alternative perspectives as a symptom of compromise on behalf of the Conservative philosopher. Ironically enough, however, the enemy is ever expanding, and converging upon our position. If we are to reign victorious against our enemies, we must retain our cultural ideals: the Philosophical war tactics of the honorable Conservative.

Nietzsche emphasizes four points in his “War Tactics”, pertaining to his engagement of his philosophical foes, and they likewise prove their applicability and practicality in the political realm. He establishes his principles of warfare upon the tenets of Honor, Integrity, and Respectability.

1) “My war tactics can be reduced to four principles: First, I attack only things that are triumphant- if necessary I wait until they become triumphant.”

This is evidently practical in terms of determining who it is that ought to receive the expenditure of our criticisms. The Right has wasted its time, energy and resources in expenditures regarding insignificant foes- any who might make the slightest criticism of the right. Our foes must be those who instigate division, and perpetuate the ideologies with which we vehemently disagree and oppose, those being, the Left, Liberals, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, mainstream celebrities, and those who advocate political correctness and censorship throughout every aspect of our society- educators, politicians, and mainstream entertainers. Our enemy expands beyond the drones who follow in their trails of mimicry- it is not the drones alone, but the Leaders of the Hive- those who reign triumphant.

2) “Secondly, I attack only those things against which I find no allies, against which I stand alone- against which I compromise nobody but myself.”

This is likely one of the most difficult principles for many on the right to adhere to. They ardently dismiss others on the right who may present a different perspective regarding ideological matters, E.G, the most efficient form of government, or the legal legitimacy of taxes. These disagreements are insignificant in comparison to the principles that we hold to in our opposition to the Left, and are secondary to our primary objective. Nothing cultivates a greater discord and confusion within the left than witnessing a libertarian and national socialist shake hands in cooperation; a civic nationalist and white nationalist fight alongside one another in fraternal honor against the foe.

3) “I never make personal attacks- I use a personality merely as a magnifying-glass, by means of which I render a general, but elusive and scarcely noticeable evil, more apparent.”

This point is crucial in maintaining respectability among the Conservative Right. To behave honorably is to demonstrate only objective, authentic criticisms which might be easily validated. Ad hominems and hasty accusations are evidently not under this jurisdiction. For this reason, Conservatives should abstain from this type of self-destructive behavior, and aim their rifles in the correct direction, rather than permitting an opportunity for the Left to organize and converge upon the Right. What we oppose is a parasitic idea, a detrimental creed and a dangerously Marxist ideology.

4) “Fourthly, I attack only those things from which all personal differences are excluded, in which any such thing as a background of disagreeable experiences is lacking.”

This principle is essential in logically refuting our opponent’s ideology. Using the opponent’s character as a point of observation of a larger mentality and ideology, rather than as its own sole point of criticism, is the key to dismantling our opponent’s position successfully.

These four points are an integral portion of political discourse that are mandatory in not only opposing our enemies in reactionary politics, but also in preserving our cultural heritage, philosophy, and intellectual traditions. In the war against the Left, Censorship, and Cultural Marxism, the Right requires scholars insomuch as it requires soldiers. May we be successful in utilizing our weapons, both physical and intellectual, in this endeavor.

The most intellectual men, as the strongest, find their happiness where others meet their ruin; in the labyrinth, in hardness towards themselves and others, in endeavor; their delight is self-mastery, with them asceticism becomes a second nature, a need, an instinct. They regard a difficult task as their privilege; to play with burdens which crush their fellows is to them a recreation.”

Nietzsche, the Antichrist

Avialae Horton