The Anti-Sharia Orlando Rally

ACT For America, a Grassroots Security organization founded by Brigitte Gabriel, held nationwide rallies protesting Sharia Law and Islamic fundamentalism, last Saturday, June the 10th. One of these prominent events was the rally in Orlando, Florida. An estimated 400 people arrived to stand in solidarity against Sharia Law and Islam, and clashed with approximately 30-40 members of Antifa, the domestic terrorist organization responsible for attacking civilians and destroying infrastructure in numerous riots, like that in Berkeley. Numerous groups were present for the event, a few of those being ACT for America, The Revolutionary Conservative, Three-Percenters, Identity Evropa, The American Guard, The Oathkeepers, The Proud Boys, and others. Speakers included Organizer Mike Skubiak, and Taylor Foland, as well as Augustus Invictus, Ryan Ramsey, and Avialae S. Horton, of The Revolutionary Conservative and The American Guard, and Jacob Engels of The Central Florida Post. Much like the Orlando Confederate rally a couple weeks earlier, this event demonstrated the ability for the various organizations to unite in a new resistance against the Left and all of its factions, whether they be Antifa, Islam, or agitators and apologists. Despite the ideological differences of the groups, they remained united against Sharia law and its barbaric practices, and gave numerous speeches attacking them, including Beheading, Female Genital Mutilation, Pedophilia/Child Marriage, and General Terrorism.

“They say that Sharia Law does not equate to Islam. I say that is a lie! A bold faced lie! Islam IS Sharia, and the Islamic State has implemented Sharia Law. ISIS is 100% Sharia compliant. If you want to see what Sharia looks like, look no further than the Islamic State itself. If you want to see what the Islamic State looks like in America, then look to the Pulse Nightclub massacre. That is the Fruit of Islam on our soil!”, said Augustus Invictus, during his speech at the event.



Avialae Horton