Cuban Libertarians Harassed – Before Being Kidnapped and Beaten By Regime

Secret Police Are Dispatched As Libertarian Party of Cuba Members Hunger Strike To Pressure The Castro Regime To Release Their Brothers From The Communist Gulag

Live video of plainclothes secret police in Cuba at the headquarters of the Libertarian party of Cuba intimidating members, some of whom were on a hunger strike.

Soon afterwards, they were kidnapped, beaten, and had their shoes stolen, before they were dropped off miles from their homes.

The Communist Dictator fears the public finding out about abuse of these brave activists, please share this video far and wide, you could save a life!


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Ryan Ramsey
is a Navy Veteran, father, and musician, who took the war against communism from the street to the legislature.

He founded Jacksonville Open Carry and the Florida Liberty Project, and Co-Founded the Sons And Daughters of Liberty. He is the Florida Vice President of the American Guard, and serves on the Libertarian Party of Florida's Executive Committee as the Region 4 Representative, and is the Chairman of the Party's Bradford County Affiliate.

His band Lovecrime can be found rocking against Communism, while his show Global Dissident Voices reaches a world audience of freedom lovers on the Mad American Network.