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We at The Revolutionary Conservative are dependent upon the support of people like you, our readers and listeners who rely upon independent journalism and political analysis to bring you solid facts and consistent perspective. We depend on you for our equipment, material, time and overhead. Unlike the mainstream media, we do not receive our funding from wealthy private donors or faceless corporations with an interest in controlling our message or tone. Our publication is 100% funded by those who appreciate the boost and quality of the signal we offer among the clamor of the rabble.


If you appreciate what we do, please know that we cannot do this for free. Humbly, yet frankly, we seek your direct support for our mission. There are many ways you can contribute to this work.

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Amazon Wish List

We have made two separate Amazon Wish Lists: one with all of the titles we plan to review, and another with the equipment we need for conducting interviews as well as our upcoming project in Europe.

Our publisher, Augustus Invictus, reviews books on a weekly basis for The Revolutionary Conservative, and it is most helpful when our readers can donate copies of whichever books they would like to see reviewed.


The Europe project is largely top secret at the moment, but further details will be released in the coming weeks. Our promotional video for this project is below.



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We need volunteers for screening messages, returning calls and emails, scheduling interviews, organizing written submissions, and a host of other things. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the following form:


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Again, we depend on audience contributions for our survival, so every donation is appreciated. Help us to build a real resistance to the globalists and the leftists.


Libertas et Imperium,

Augustus Sol Invictus, Esq.