Why SJW philosophy is so popular on college campuses?

Why are so many young people falling hook, line and sinker for the ridiculous and incomprehensible philosophy put forth by the SJW crowd on college campuses?

There may be some truth to the quote often attributed to Winston Churchill, “If you reach 20 without being liberal you have no heart. And if you reach 40 without being conservative, you have no head.” Still, the SJW philosophy doesn’t seem to be about liberal politics as much as it is about living in a delusion about the realities of life.

College students have always been politically active, even though they lack the experience and understanding of the world to be able to have an informed opinion. As this writer’s mother used to say when he was a college student, “Quick, go get a job and make a bunch of money while you still know everything.”

The truth is students don’t know much of anything, and so they are gullible. But that’s not the only reason. Here, noted psychology professor and purveyor of common sense, Dr Jordan Peterson offers a plausible explanation.

“It dominates the universities because you can learn it in about a week, you sound like an intellectual to outsiders, and you don’t have to do any real work or real thinking.”

So Dr Peterson thinks students are just lazy. We tend to agree.

Dr Peterson also has some very insightful thoughts on comics, Milo and the trickster archetype leading to the savior archetype.

Everte Farnell