Girl Begs Her 4 Muslim Rapists To Stop Beating Her, Their Reply Is Chilling

After a girl entered a kebab shop to ask for direction, a group of 4 men attacked her and took turns brutally raping her. When she could no longer take the pain, she pleaded with her gang-rapists to stop biting and punching her as they raped her. However, what she heard in response was perhaps the most disturbing part of the sadistic crimes.

Despite popular belief, not every jihadist is a bomber or beheader. Muslims are finding much more effective ways to bring a progressive civilization to its knees without every having to lift a man-made weapon. As the rape epidemic sweeps tolerant Western countries, we are seeing the subjugation of women to Sharia law as the Islamic population continues to grow in strength and number. Sadly, one young victim now has a revelation about the failed liberal agenda that no child should ever have to face.

After having too much to drink, a 16-year-old girl stumbled upon an open kebab shop while wandering through Ramsgate in Kent, England, after a night out with friends, according to the Mirror. Clearly seeing that the teen was intoxicated, 4 Muslim men who were at the restaurant seized the opportunity to abuse the girl, restraining her and throwing her on a filthy mattress in a room above the eatery.

As the men took turns raping her, they reportedly beat her and bit her, causing her to cry out in pain and beg them to stop. Instead of showing her mercy, Rafiullah Hamidy, 24, Shershah Muslimyar, 20, Tamin Rahani, 37, and a teen suspect who cannot be identified for legal reasons, laughed at her and explained that the gang-rape was their way of having “fun,” local newspaper Kent Online reports.

“In that grubby room, with an uncovered mattress on the floor, multiple males had sex with the teenager,” prosecutor Simon Taylor told Canterbury Crown Court. “She says that she did not consent. Indeed, you may well conclude that she was too drunk to give any true consent to any sexual intercourse in any event. But what is clear is that each of the men took the opportunity to have a little ‘fun’ at her expense.”

After raping her multiple times for hours on end, the men then threw the girl outside, leaving her to wander the streets for help once again. Although she was initially unable to recall many details about her attackers, the victim eventually managed to identify all 4 men, leading to their arrests.

“The girl was undoubtedly drunk and was walking the streets alone late at night,” Taylor said. “The Crown’s case is that her drunkenness, youth and vulnerability would have been recognized by the defendants. And it was these factors that they took advantage of in the couple of hours that followed.”

The girl was found to be twice over the legal alcohol limit, which undoubtedly provided an easy target for the Muslim rapists. Seeing a young girl without a male escort and most likely wearing clothing that would be considered “un-Islamic,” the religious supremacists sought to exact proper Sharia punishment and enjoy themselves in the process.

Kent County gained worldwide infamy after Muslim rape and grooming gangs were being covered up by authorities. With booming Muslim migration to the area beginning just decades ago, even Former Home Secretary Jack Straw admitted that mostly Pakistani men were targeting vulnerable white English girls for prostitution and rape.

According to CBN, Muslim men in Britain are 170 times more likely to be involved in a sex grooming gang than their English counterparts. In fact, one local jurisdiction indicated an estimated 6 of 7 Muslim males either knew about or were part of one of these gangs.

In keeping with the liberal propagation of multiculturalism, authorities often censored information involving these gangs and their charges, sometimes making it appear as though the child victims and their families were at fault. In some cases, police refused to help victims and known offenders were freed without charge.

Thanks to the left’s dedication to the conveniently coined “multiculturalism,” instead of welcoming the enriching and uplifting aspects of the most humane cultures, the West has been inundated with the most barbaric and oppressive societies. Europe is quickly discovering that all religions are not created equal as their most favored ideology threatens to eradicate our values, laws, and freedoms.

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