Mission Statement



Myriad indeed are the conservative networks. Legion in number, too, are the more hardcore right-wing publications. But none says what needs to be said.

None dares to say that the preservation of our way of life requires an insurrection of national scale. This is akin to a doctor refusing to tell his patient that the cancer must be cut out. “It would be better to talk it to death,” says this doctor. “Yes, the limb is rotting off, but perhaps with enough determination we can cause a standstill and come to terms with the fact that half your leg is lost.”

A cancer such as this cannot be reasoned or compromised with—and we find ourselves afflicted by the deadliest cancer in human history, manifest in the twin symptoms of leftism and international finance: in a word, globalism.

The conservative media outlets believe that compromise is possible. It is trusted that, should we simply continue to educate the public, the system can be changed. But far worse a failing than this nonsense is that they still play into the same wretched victim mentality proselytized by the left-wing.

Their stories are about the immigrants, the communists, and the wretched of the earth attacking the peaceful Westerner. Their commentaries focus on what a crime the violence is, and they are careful to designate themselves as the peaceful martyrs of a world gone mad. This is the means of their commercial success, for those who self-identify primarily as consumers are prone to buy into the victim mentality.

But who amongst the consumer class wants to hear about how this is all their fault? Who wants to listen to a media outlet putting the responsibility on them? Who wants to hear that the solution to radical Islam is Reconquista? Who wants to hear that the solution to Antifa violence is violent self-defense? Who wants to hear that the solution to the overreach of the Federal Government is self-accountability and preparedness for armed resistance?

These solutions are not as marketable as playing the victim, which outlets like Fox News, The Rebel, Breitbart, and Info Wars are all-too-happy to do. These commentators are satisfied with talking as reasonable people morally indignant at these horrors but totally helpless, saying all the while “someone should really do something about this”—and their audience swallows that easy pill of useless martyrdom.

The Revolutionary Conservative will present brutally honest commentary addressing the themes of current political issues, the restoration of the American republic, and the defense of Western Civilization. In doing so, we will eschew the tired format of modern journalism, which pretends to be unbiased while pushing their paymasters’ hidden agenda. This will be a revolutionary paper, as of old, with a definite objective: the defense of the West, starting with the restoration of the American republic.

It was pamphleteers like our colonial forefathers who made possible the first American Revolution. It was Paine’s Common Sense and Jefferson’s Summary View of the Rights of British America that educated the public and prepared them for independence. We aim to do likewise in preparing Our Fellow Americans to declare themselves independent from the globalists, the leftists, and the international financiers.

May God help us in our task. May we conquer or die.

Augustus Invictus, Esq.

Orlando, Florida USA
31 January 2017