Rethinking the Role of Government

The Case for Freedom

“If it harms no one, do as thou will.”
“No harm, no foul.”
“No victim, no crime.”

Quotes like these make me smile. They speak to the very essence of Freedom and Liberty. Although some may say or do things you find offensive, if it is not directly harming, robbing, or defaming another individual of their personal freedom, rights, or property, there is NO foul done! Ever heard of the saying, “No Victim, No Crime”? That is a Libertarian ideal. Not sure what a Libertarian is? Allow me to explain:

Libertarians, in general, believe in minimal taxation and minimal-to-zero government interference in the personal lives or financial choices of others. The Government has NO AUTHORITY involving themselves in religion, speech, drug use, prostitution , or any other activity relating to personal lifestyle choices, again, so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Really, the Federal Government (according to the US Constitution) has only TWO main jobs:

Keep the people and infrastructure of the country safe, and ONLY go to war if attacked, via a Declaration of War by the US Congress (who are elected representatives of the People). This was established so the People, through their representatives, would choose when war is appropriate, not the elite shadow Government agencies that do so today. Did you know, the US has not legally declared war since WWII? ALL of the proceeding conflicts/wars the US has involved itself with after WWII (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc.) have been initiated by the President, also known as the Executive Branch, not the People. This was something the Founding Fathers, who escaped a similarly tyrannical British monarchy and aristocracy, were deeply afraid of and wanted to prevent. This is why they are quoted constantly reminding proceeding generations to hold the Federal Government accountable to the Constitution’s limitations.

The second thing the Federal Government is responsible for, according to the US Constitution, is to ensure an environment which calls for a sound, stable, asset-backed currency; even if that currency originates in the private sector (outside of the Federal Reserve). Instead, the Government has completely crashed the value of the US dollar with no end in sight, as it continues to attempt paying off bad debt with MORE debt and/or printing (counterfeit) notes/paper in an attempt to fool investors to never stop the lending. The US dollar was officially de-linked from gold in the 1970s, allowing the Government to print paper money without anything worth physical value backing it up. This would be like you writing hundreds of checks a day with a NEGATIVE bank balance. Because of this, the US Dollar has lost more than 98% of its value since the Federal Reserve took over US monetary policy in 1913, outlawing any other form of money such as gold or silver

It doesn’t take much genius to realize they have failed the People miserably, and instead of pursuing practices that encourage economic stability, the Federal Government has successfully made both safety and economic stability worse. The CIA, Pentagon, Department of Homeland Security, and many other extensions of the Federal Government have orchestrated and sponsored more violence world-wide than ever before in recent history, by involving itself in entangling alliances and civil wars abroad (something the Founders advised heavily against). The US Government pretends to be the “policemen” of the world without global welcome, acceptance, or approval. It is a production-destruction machine, depleting common wealth on a global scale and killing millions of innocents while doing so.

Governments world-wide have killed more people in the 20th Century than any plague, mob, or natural disaster by an enormous degree (Google “Democide” to see for yourself). Government is supposed to enforce individual rights, contracts, and property. Instead, it has destroyed all of this.

So what’s real? What’s right? What’s moral? Things have become so distorted. Unlike both major parties/candidates (especially Trump), libertarians advocate for friendly immigration policies and free trade with ALL nations, even those we don’t see eye to eye with, in favor of peace and prosperity within the People of each nation. Cutting off trade does not hurt Governments, it simply does not allow markets to interact or trade with one another. This in turn raises costs for goods here at home, as we further erode away from peace, prosperity, diplomacy, and freedom. What ever happened to “free markets” and “free trade?” Let us not forget, we are a nation of immigrants. It would be quite imprudent and hypocritical to not allow others into this country in pursuit of freedom and a better chance to thrive. Have we not learned from history? Do we not remember, in even recent decades, this country’s disgusting and inhumane treatment of minority groups, forgetting that our founding ideals are based on the INDIVIDUAL, not groups of religions or races? “Liberty and Justice for all…” …Anybody?

Libertarians also believe in dropping knowledge and education on countries, rather than bombs. Bombing countries where women and children sleep at night only creates MORE “terrorists.” I’m not sure where you are from, but as Congressman Ron Paul once so elegantly described, imagine if China was bombing entire neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, right here in America. Imagine they were setting up bases and checkpoints, ransacking American’s homes and stealing individual property, often times killing innocents (FACT: over 1,000,000 people are estimated to have either died or been dispersed in Iraq alone, and Iraq actually had NOTHING to do with 9/11). We now have over 900 bases in more than 130 different countries. That is not protecting Freedom, that is building an empire and it needs to be stopped. We need to focus on our own conflicts here at home, not picking sides in civil wars in countries half way around the world.

Those points discussed above are your common and “basic” Libertarian principles, and while the admin(s) of this page consider themselves to be closest-aligned with Libertarians, we HAVE established our own set of theories during our journey of awakening, as I’m sure many of you have done as well. Not many, even in the Libertarian Party, have the courage to address the questions surrounding 9/11. We do.

After years of reviewing the facts, we (administrators of this page) believe 9/11 (September 11th) was most likely orchestrated and/or allowed by the CIA and/or other shadow forms of the US Government in an effort to convince the American People to go to war against the global challengers to their plan of global domination. The CIA and its affiliated US Military Industrial Complex knew they could not just come out and say, “Hey we want to destabilize the Middle East and surround China and Russia,” so instead they had to create a proxy war, funding and creating groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS to justify their plans for never ending war and global domination.

A little too far-fetched, you might say? FACT: Official released/declassified Government documents prove the US Government plotted to use the CIA and other agencies to hijack planes, and crash them (with bombs) into American cities, only to then create phony evidence blaming the Cuban Government and justifying an American strike against Cuba during the Cold War. That very well could have led to nuclear warfare, but it was thankfully rejected by the Kennedy administration in 1962. (Source:

To the average mainstream-media-viewer turning on their television set only to see, on repeat, violent extremists cutting the heads off Christians, it may be alluring to assume these grotesque acts of violence and disregard for human life, could in fact represent a large majority of Muslim and/or Middle Eastern sentiment. After all, we never hear of anything good, only the bad. That means, there must be only terrorists living over there, right? This could not be farther from the truth. Sadly, these acts of violence are likely just the continuation of propaganda theatrics created by our own Government. Just to give you a peak at how government officials typically think, a very successful Statist once said, “Never let a good disaster go to waste.” This rings true to everything they do. Hitler burnt down his White House and blamed it on international terrorists, then proceeded to rally the German people behind his violent scheme in the name of “safety.” (Source:

Sound familiar? I’ll give you a hint, it’s the oldest government play in the book and it’s been implemented by hundreds of government tyrants throughout history: Problem, Reaction, Solution. Create a problem, inspire the preferred reaction via media and other disinformation outlets, and then wait for the citizenry to become so terrified of their immediate safety through propaganda that they then offer a “solution” which is almost ALWAYS more violence and war.

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Benjamin Franklin

It is time we step away from the societal model of government monopolization on force and instead reassess the ideals this country was founded upon: FREEDOM!

If any of these ideals sound interesting, or appalling, please do some research about this! Google Libertarianism, Ron Paul, Ludwig von Mises, Austrian Economics, Murry Rothbard, and start “liking” some of the Facebook pages we have “liked” on the I Don’t Trust The Government’s Facebook page! This will help expand your liberty-loving, freedom-addicted, information-sharing network. Become a Freedom Bot! Share these ideals! Look up the Libertarian Party, and “follow” them! Register Libertarian and get out of this two-party fraud system!

Or if I may, I think another way to say this is, “Those who would give up security for freedom will wake up one day to find neither.”

If you are reading this and seriously made it to the end, I WANT to have a discussion with you!! Feel free to comment or message us on Facebook no matter if short or long, in agreement or in disagreement; all feedback is welcome!

Fred Freeman
Professional Liberty-bot, Fred Freeman is an emerging "shadow" voice within the liberty movement. While few may recognize his name, thousands engage with his liberty-loving Facebook pages on a daily basis. Officially joining the Libertarian Party in Fall 2016, Fred is firmly planted into the ideals of Liberty and its BEST path moving forward. It's time to troll the trolls of Liberty, one article at a time!