Statement Regarding the Resignation of a Friend

Last night we successfully defended against two motions by hostile actors. One of those motions was to cancel the sponsorship of State Convention of the Libertarian Party of Florida by The Revolutionary Conservative. The other was to suspend my membership in the Party personally.

We won on both fronts. The decision was so clear & incontrovertible that this puts to rest any question of whether the Party is still divided. I immediately gave a Fireside Chat offering peace to our enemies and asking them to join us in growing the Party.

The euphoria of victory was cut short, however, when we learned of the resignation of a good man, who we will call David. David was, until last night, a member of the Libertarian Party of Florida. He was a Chair of his county affiliate, a representative of his region, and a candidate for office in the State Party. He never worked on my Senate campaign, but he was supportive throughout. I tried to give him the same moral support and encouragement in his campaign to become Vice Chair.

I did not support him publicly, because my very name is a magnet for Antifa violence and leftist mudslinging. I did all I could to completely separate myself from his campaign politically while continuing to support him as a friend. But despite my best efforts to keep him out of the war between our faction and the leftists, he was targeted as a deliberate casualty anyway.

David was made the subject of a hit piece yesterday morning by two Antifa/left-libertarians. David, a Native American, whose father once broke out of prison with a Black Panther, was labeled as a neo-Nazi because of his association with me and Ryan Ramsey. His personal information was posted, along with his photograph and a host of false allegations.

These leftists have targeted my family, and they have targeted the family of my friend Ramsey. Rightly fearing that they would target his family next, David resigned all of his positions and left the Libertarian Party of Florida entirely.

There is no doubt that this is exactly the outcome desired by the Antifa and their left-libertarian friends. But let me explain something to you – because I know you love to monitor my writings – just in case you can still think rationally:

With every peaceful David you chase out of legitimate political activity, you make room for another warlike Invictus. With every kind-hearted man you chase out, you create a battle-hungry fighter. With every good, honest, and decent man you chase out, you create the climate – and the space – for those of us who are not just ready to play your game, but who have been chomping at the bit for it for years.

I find it a shame that the aristocratic nature of American politics is done. John Adams & Thomas Jefferson wrote with exalted language of their ideals; Clinton & Trump talked through social media like third-graders. Aaron Burr & Alexander Hamilton fought a duel over honor, and the men of today resort to internet slander without thought or consequence. Having to work in this modern political climate daily, I am physically pained when I reflect on these facts.

But there is still hope that honest men, at least, can work inside the System, and that their meager contributions – however stalled, however stunted by the powers that be – might change things in the aggregate. The reason any of us work within this System is in the hope that the truth will out, and that the scoundrels will be exposed for what they are when the American people know them by their fruits.

You think that in taking out all these casualties you are hurting me. But really all you are doing is further degrading the political culture to the point that good men must leave in order to protect their families. Whether you actually plan to enact violence or have others show up at their front door or just plain intimidate them by giving out their addresses and listing their family members is irrelevant: the result is the same.

What you are doing is creating a political climate in which people like me come to the fore. The more violent you become, the more the people will look to a leader unafraid to use violence in response. The more peaceful men you drive out with your dirty tactics, the more vicious your opposition will become. The more you escalate the conflict, the greater the retaliation will be.

If you want to keep good men like David around, men with whom you can reason, men who are kind-hearted and try their hardest to see the good even in people like you, then my unsolicited advice to you is to stop trying your damndest to drive them out. It is short-sighted and self-destructive. Even if you gain a short-term advantage by eliminating a casualty, the long-term consequences are disastrous for everyone.

So all the left-libertarians supporting the Antifa, listen up: I hereby renew the offer of peace I made last night, even in the face of my great disappointment at the loss of David. Let’s not lose another good man because certain bad actors can’t refrain from targeting civilians and families for violence. Let this be the end of it.

Augustus Invictus
​Augustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.