Who’s Meddling Where?

Over the last year, the Department of Justice, the FBI, and their various government cronies in Congress and the Senate have set out to justify their existence through a seemingly neverending investigation into supposed “Russian collusion” in the United States election that resulted in a victory for President Donald J. Trump. Since it has begun there has been nonstop news coverage and very little has been found out about the matter whatsoever. The only “damning” evidence the investigation has yet to find is 3 replies to messages from Wikileaks by Donald Trump Jr. and political Facebook adds that were paid for by someone, somewhere in Russia. Shocking! After all, the accusations of Donald Trump being a Russian puppet began by his foreign policy stance that our conflict with ISIS outweighed any issues with Russia and its Syrian ally. Not wanting to blow Russian planes out of the sky over an imaginary line in the air, while they were trying to combat Islamic terrorists was unthinkable to Hillary and the foreign policy establishment, and the fact that Putin might prefer a U.S. president that didn’t want to start a 3rd world war was just unthinkable.

But what country has really meddled where? The U.S. has had a long-standing reputation, especially under the Bush/ Obama establishment of being involved anywhere and everywhere it could be, overthrowing leaders in countless countries throughout time, such as in Iraq, Iran, and Libya. And even now the political establishment seems to always be on the lookout for someone it must remove from power. The United States has been estimated to give foreign aid to 96% of all countries and its biggest clients have been Israel, Saudi Arabia, and their allies. Israel has, because of our close relationship, maintained a lot of political control over our foreign policy decisions. Where on the mainstream media stage have we seen discussion of Israeli interference in our politics? Nowhere. What is really important is that someone somewhere in Russia bought ads on Facebook. What an unprecedented attack on national sovereignty!

In recent news, the U.S. State Department has been on the offensive against nationalism worldwide, which was recently put on display as it poured $700,000 into Hungarian media to bolster anti-government sentiments in the country against the right-wing administration of Prime Minister Viktor Orban. This is the obvious consequence of having so many Obama era leftovers still running things in our State Department, as President Trump has praised the Hungarian Prime Minister. Afterall, much like President Trump, Orban has continued to earn himself all the right enemies. Orban has been constantly targeted, slandered and criticized for his right-wing social views, nation first policy, and staunch opposition to the EU and open border advocates, which makes the intentions of the largely still left-leaning U.S. State Department all the more obvious.

So if someone, somewhere in Russia buying Facebook ads during an election season constitutes for evidence of foreign collusion, what can be made of this? What might be said if Russia, Poland or Hungary gave nearly a million dollars to American media companies to put a positive spin on our current President, especially if it were close to an election cycle? The left would be calling for the heads of the media executives who took the money and would likely go as far as to lobby Congress for blanket bombings of the funding countries immediately. At the very least we would see endless war propaganda as we have with Russia in the last year (over “evidence” that is far less damning).

The obvious truth of the matter is that the establishment left cares not at all for national sovereignty, and everything it promotes runs contrary to it and this is proven not only by who their sworn enemies are but by who their financiers and clients are. A foreign country having influence in our own only becomes problematic when it does not share their agenda, and this is where normal diplomatic behavior has been turned into “collusion” and collusion has been turned into “normal diplomatic behavior.



Tony Canzoneri