White Genocide in the Justice System

In recent times many things that were once thought to be the conspiracy driven madness of the far right, have revealed themselves to be the frightening reality we live with today. White genocide being one of many examples has gone from being simply a buzzword that invoked laughter and jeering from the big-brained, mainstream talking heads to an obviously impending crisis that is all too real. This idea finds itself vindicated time and time again as the official “victim class” cries out in pain when it strikes. Recent news of great miscarriages of justice in our countries legal system perhaps provide the clearest picture of this special brand of cultural marxism taken to new extremes.

On Friday, December 8, 2017, 19-year-old Brittany Herring Covington was given barely a slap on the wrist, being sentenced to 200 hours of community service and 4 years of probation. This is one of the four black youths responsible for the kidnapping, torturing and mutilating a mentally disabled white teenager and live streaming it to facebook. He was held captive for nearly two days, having his hands and feet bound with duct tape and mouth gagged with a sock as the four young blacks used a knife to cut and stab at the victim, punch him and wrap a cord around his neck. Even though racial slurs were used repeatedly in the video, with such famous quotes as, “Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck white people”, the Chicago Police Department had initially stated that the incident was NOT racially motivated. The media was also, quite unsurprisingly, beside themselves in trying to find the motive. After her arrest, Brittany was defiant and unapologetic, as she bragged on Facebook from a phone she snuck into the jail, that this hateful and malicious incident was “Tfse” (the funniest shit ever). Cook County circuit court judge William Hooks gave Covington the slap on the wrist, helping her avoid a 33-year prison sentence. Judge Hooks is the first African-American of Chicago’s Federal Bar Association and a member of the Muslim Bar Association of Chicago. Imagine my shock as this beautiful diversity seems to be helping the city oh so much.

Compare this easily negotiated plea deal and slap on the wrist to the recent and historical treatment of pro-white activists and even right-wing activists as a whole. After the Unite the Right torch-lit march on August 11th a warrant was put out for Christopher Cantwell’s arrest simply for defending himself and others by using pepper spray. The media and legal system were absolutely positive of what they perceived to be a hateful and bigotted motive. “Fuck Donald Trump, Fuck white people” is just so much less convincing and a lot more vague after all. After he turned himself in he faced three different felony charges and up to 60 years in prison. Despite showing a willingness to comply with the city government and law enforcement he was denied bond for being “dangerous” and “a flight risk”. Y’know, the kind of flight risk that turns himself in and tried to coordinate with law enforcement before the event to ensure peace and law and order. After his two accusers have admitted to giving false information, once charge still remains. Chris has since been granted bond at $25,000 and the terms of his bond are that he has to stay in the state of Virginia unarmed. Undoubtedly the communist local government wants him to at the very least remain a sitting duck and a victim of attack or murder. If Chris had been 20 shades darker and kidnapped a UTR rally goer and tortured him for two days, the Charlottesville city council would have probably torn down the Robert E. Lee monument and erected one in his honor right then and there. For years to come his story would be lauded as a great and noble defense against the “neo-nazis” and “white supremacists”.

The fact remains that the leftist establishment throughout this country now and for quite some time wants and has wanted to make an example of pro-white, right-wing, and traditional values activists along with anyone and everyone outside of the political establishment norms. The examples range from the massacre at Ruby Ridge to that at Waco, Texas, to the ridiculous miscarriage of justice in the American Front cases of 2012 to current day examples of the Charlottesville political prisoners. So long as they are tearing down the white man and propping up those they wish to demographically wish to replace us with for little more than votes, it is no harm, no foul…and very little noise or complaint will be made of it, because in today’s world it is better to kidnap and torture a mentally disabled white teenager than it is to be called racist. Thus are the values the left wishes to push on the world.

Tony Canzoneri
Tony Canzoneri is the social media manager and assistant editor of the Revolutionary Conservative