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Publisher’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Chapter V of Set the World on Fire, which will be published 12 August 2017.

I mentioned that the Antifa are not a revolutionary force because they are not fighting to overturn an existing structure but rather to enforce the existing structure. I noted that this was evident in the fact that the Portland Police Department never even bothered to call me about a known attack that was publicly admitted by the attackers.


A far more potent example of this was my treatment at the Canadian border. I was scheduled to speak in Vancouver on the common struggle of Canadians and Americans as Westerners. Richard Heathen had interviewed me during the campaign for Liberty Machine News, and he asked me to speak in Vancouver. He masterminded the entire event, scheduled the appearance at the Railway Club, promoted it, the whole nine yards.


The Antifa having caught wind of this, they called the Railway Club. They harassed them (“lobbied” in Antifa doublespeak) until the venue canceled our reservation there. So I decided that it was necessary to hold the speech right outside the front door of the club in order to shame them, to make the point that cowering to the demands of Communists is absolutely unacceptable.


I drove to the Canadian border on the evening of Thursday March 3rd. Rather than allow me to pass, they ordered me to pull over, at which point they began a three-and-a-half-hour investigation into my connections with neo-Nazis and allegations that I was a racist and a Fascist. This investigation included reading my messages with Anna & Victoria, interrogating me on my connections with neo-Nazis, and ordering me to remove my shirt so that they could search for tattoos with neo-Nazi symbolism.


Seeing on my shoulder the Latin phrase IGNE NATVRA RENOVATVR INTEGRA – which they could not read – they asked what it meant. I said, “It speaks to the alchemical process of destruction. It means ‘By Fire is Nature renewed in whole.’”


“So, that’s what it means to you?”


“No,” I said, “that’s what it means.”


And do you know what the Canadian Border Services quoted in their report as justification for the decision to exclude me from the country? The website of the Vancouver Antifa. How do I know this? Because a libertarian border agent who supported my campaign told me so. Obviously I cannot say who this person is or how I came to be in contact with that person. But I can quote that person’s letter:




I’m not sure if the officers explained to you how you were “inadmissible” to Canada but the section they used was A41 which means “nongenuine” visitor.


This is kind of a catch all section to use but I think it would be extremely hard to prove in your case.


They argued that you were lacking funds, no ties back home in the States and had no speech prepared for the event.


It also doesn’t mention anything about previous criminal charges, which i think is a good thing. Those are easier to use to deny someone entry into Canada.


I found it interesting they used non genuine instead of “hate speech” considering they were trying to get you to admit to being a neo nazi or whatever sort of affiliation they wanted to pin on you. There are sections of immigration law that deal with “hate speech” and I don’t think you have been convicted or charged of any such offense in the united states. I’m curious how they could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that that would be the case with you. They also used antifa vancouver as a their “open source” for you being labelled a racist, etc. Which i find laughable but we live in strange times.


You were correct about how invasive they were. They mention your ex‐gf, american front and some other associations. They went through your email and text messages.


If ever I doubted that the leftist street gangs and our decadent Western Governments were in league together, the report I received on the CBS decision settled that question. Obviously the reasons given for the denial of entry were fabricated nonsense. Obviously I had funds, or I could not have been traveling through the Northwest. Obviously I had ties in the States – I am an American citizen, and I had just met with scores of supporters across the border. And I never write my speeches until the night before an event, if not the day of, so that I can include references to current events.


The real reason for the denial of entry was equally obvious: the Canadian government explicitly condones Communism and stands against nationalism. I was denied entry into the country because the Antifa had made baseless accusations against me; because they had made threats of violence against me; because they had threatened to assassinate me and cause a riot. The Border Services agents admitted that they did not believe that I and my supporters were going to harm anyone; but the fact that violence would certainly ensue if I were allowed into the country was enough to send me back across the border.


I was therefore made to sign a document titled, “ALLOWED TO LEAVE CANADA”; which is the outrageously and superficially polite, Canadian way of saying, “Get the fuck out of here, eh?”



Though we canceled the speech due to this unfortunate turn of events, the Antifa still showed up the next day to protest, of all things, a meeting of Libertarians. To my knowledge, this was the first attack by Antifa against Libertarians, just as their attack on me earlier that week had been their first attack against a politician.


Richard Heathen, who had organized the event, was one of a handful of Libertarians who had to fight back – physically – against the mob. If I had to pinpoint the moment Richard began his journey to the right-wing radical he is today, I would say it was that night. Many of us who were centrist Libertarians took a hard right turn with the advent of leftist violence against us.


But the Antifa threw more than just fists that night. Having filled a bottle with urine to throw at me, apparently they felt they had to throw it at someone, and so they targeted Lauren Southern, a prominent Libertarian who could not possibly be confused as a Fascist, certainly not back then. But she refused to agree with their leftist views about gender, and she became the object of their mob wrath. She, too, took a noticeable turn to the hard-right after that week.


The thing is that no Antifa or feminist or other stripe of social justice warrior saw any problem with pouring urine on a woman for having her own opinions. In fact, boys and girls alike in their crowd laughed at her, and one said, “Hopefully that washed the scum off you.” A constant chorus over the next few days reiterated that it is okay to assault and batter a woman, even with human urine, if she does not agree with the prevailing progressivist perspective.


And of course none of those people were ever arrested. It was never even investigated. As far as the government officials, the police departments, and the news outlets are concerned, everything turned out well: a Fascist with neo-Nazi connections was denied entry into the country, a riot and a possible assassination were avoided, and a right-wing hatemonger got what she deserved for not agreeing with the mob.


You might be wondering: Where are the journalists to condemn what has happened here? But you already know.


In a totalitarian society like ours, such a journalist in the mainstream media would be counted among the neo-Nazis himself and shown the door. He would become a pariah like us, and he would no longer be protected from attacks with 2x4s and urine-filled bottles. He would join our blacklists and be denied entry into otherwise friendly countries. And when the mob murdered him, the headlines would read: NEO-FASCIST JOURNALIST ASSASSINATED BY FREEDOM FIGHTERS.


To this point, my martial rhetoric was aimed at waking up My Fellow Americans that the time had come to fight back against the System. Inside a week, everything changed. From that point forward, preaching war became secondary to training for war.

Augustus Invictus
​Augustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.