The Culture War Reborn: Traditionalism in Action

I have long speculated now, that if there is any hope for long-lasting political change to occur, a revolution and insurrection will likely have to take place. It is important, however, that we do not become convinced that an insurrection in and of itself is the solution to our modern crisis. If the attitude of the new “revolutionaries” is not in fact “counter-revolutionary”, then it would indeed follow that any major overhaul of the current governing system will result in driving political power into the hands of men that are all together even more Marxist, more democratic and more culturally revolutionary. In other words, the cultural revolution of the 1960s and even of today will seem very mild when compared to what would ensue.

It is then clear that for any lasting political change to occur, a cultural and societal change must precede it. In the words of Andrew Breitbart, “Politics is downstream from culture”. While this might seem like an obvious or even milquetoast truth to those on the far right, how often do we actually act accordingly? Are we simply looking to conserve the current culture, and maybe take us back 20 years, while still living under the mentality of the eternal revolution? or are we truly reaching back farther for something more promising and much greater?

Consider now, if you will, how the neo-Marxist left has achieved the most success in their revolution. It was not and has not been primarily or directly political, but rather completely cultural and thus indirectly political. The weapons of the left have not been so much in voting or campaign ads but rather through subversion of our every day lives utilizing: art, television, music, sex, and fashion, etc.

Take for example the sexual revolution. The beginnings of the sexual revolution though not directly political has nonetheless spurred a movement that has had obvious political implications. After the long march to the institutions and through countercultural “art” and “entertainment”, amongst other things, these despicable revolutionaries changed the nation’s mind on sexual morality, marriage, divorce, modesty, homosexuality, promiscuity, contraceptive, abortion, and so on. It is now glaringly obvious to anyone who has paid attention, what political implications this movement did have. We now see same-sex marriage, government funding of contraception and abortion, no-fault divorce, flippantly casual “sex education” in schools (even for elementary school students), transgender bathroom policies, government-funded sex-changes and a litany of other atrocities. While we now see this political cesspool, generations past only saw what they thought to be harmless films, music and “art”. It is also important to keep in mind that the sexual revolution along with another Marxist subversion of cultural and societal attitudes did not start off full throttle. At its very beginning, ideas about naming your children “gender” neutral names and support of the LGBT movement were hardly an afterthought. The roots of degeneracy are long and deep and if we truly wish to uproot it we must also go deeper and reject what has now become more subtle degeneracy. And this sexual revolution is just one of many examples of the cultural and societal subversion of the left. It is also obvious how cultural attitudes on technology, vice, race and so on, have impacted the political landscape.

Now a major shift is in the wind in American and throughout the world. The revolutionary left has ridden the counter-cultural wave so far and fast that now they have become the establishment culture which they used to rail against so violently. Subsequently, more conservative political and cultural views have become counter-cultural. Knowing how powerful the counterculture was political for the left, why is it then that conservatives fail to seize on the opportunity at hand? Why is it, that on the right, so many people who are talented on so many fronts, insist on direct political action, running candidates and launching political talk radio shows? If the creation and spreading of low culture have been the most powerful tool of our enemies then perhaps creating and spreading high culture can be our most powerful remedy that is so often overlooked. But how do we accomplish this?

If something as simple as music videos with scantily clad women, raunchy lyrics, and drugs have done more to shift the country leftward than any Bernie Sanders speech could ever dream of, then perhaps art and movies depicting happy and wholesome families is an antidote. If blatantly sexual advertisements on television for any and every product have influenced the culture to destroy the family and morality, perhaps we can counteract this by leading by example, getting married, having many children, and promoting this publicly in an appealing fashion. If the left has driven society to worship the state by dethroning God, it is high time we return to Him and bring our families along with us. If leftist culture has convinced us and our families to replace the altar of God with an abominable shrine to technology and fashionable trends, then we need to restore a proper respect for natural and wholesome entertainment within society.

Instead of complaining about low culture and modernism, create high culture and traditionalism. Start practically. Reject all forms of degeneracy and form a family, raise your children and teach them right. Turn off the screen and pick up an old book that you might be equipped with proper knowledge. We must become true reactionaries rather than mere conservatives. If we conserve the revolution it will be of no avail to us…we must go back farther and rediscover the traditions that brought forth great and virtuous people.

And once you have your own house in order, carry this to as many people as you can. If you have the talent and the means, create music, movies, and art that inspire the traditionalist spirit. If you’re a political commentator and blogger, make sure to discuss culture even more. It is time that we make fertile the soil for the counter-revolution. Finally, after we put traditionalism into action we can begin to be just as subversive to the culture that our leftist foes have created as they have been to decent society. While the culture we create might not bring forth immediate political changes it can ensure overtime that when insurrection occurs the ball will be left in our field.

Tony Canzoneri