Shithole Countries Shitstorm

After an embarrassing turn of events in regards to DACA, it seemed that President Donald J. Trump had absolutely lost his mind, saying that we need a “bill of love” to protect the “dreamers” in our country. Such moments like this make it hard to be an enthusiastic supporter of the president, I must say. These kind of statements sound as if they came straight out of his daughter or son-in-law’s mouth. But then he went and completely redeemed himself, speaking the truth that everyone is afraid to while the media went in an all-out attack against him and weak-kneed, milquetoast conservatives everywhere are capitulating to the onslaught. Such moments can remind us how lucky our country got in the 2016 election.

It is now being reported that during an oval office meeting on Thursday that the madman himself referred to immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from “shithole countries” and suggested that we should accept immigrants from more countries like Norway. You know…countries that might have some cultural compatibility with ours. That’s right folks…the countries that account for the largest number of AIDS patients and people still running around in loincloths and living in mud huts are shithole countries. Not to mention that the average IQ of Haiti is 67. What an unimaginable thing to say. But what is truly remarkable is that he had the gall to suggest that we shouldn’t be accepting just anybody from countries in these conditions. Donald Trump, if anything, should be applauded for his bravery and if the left-wing cosmopolitan elites are so abhorred at the statement they should have living arrangements made for them immediately for a straw house in sub-Saharan Africa or even an apartment or boarded up house in the nearest black neighborhood.

This is what they rather subject us peons to as the third world continues to invade what is left here and builds, at best, slightly better conditions than they had at home, despite all that white oppression we are told they go through. If anyone wants proof of this they should look to Europe right now, especially Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. Not a day seems to be able to go by without a pack of refugees (many or most of which are actually coming from Africa) gang-raping a woman in an ally or in the streets. They set up neighborhoods that become no-go zones, in which police do not even dare enter and services such as mail delivery dread to go. One does not even need to look that far, however, to see what wonders the multicultural and multiracial experiment has brought America. If you travel to your nearest inner-city housing projects or ghetto area, in general, you can see houses not much better than the mud huts that their ancestors or they themselves came from, windows filled with bullet holes, and youths selling drugs and sex on nearly every other street corner.

The white citizen can not protest, cannot flee and cannot segregate and secede from this disaster they have in store for us all. You are decried as the great “privileged” scourge upon humanity and yet you are denied a basic right to opt out of their game. They need you, your labor and your money, after all, to pay for the welfare recipients they are about to replace you with. The left cares not, who’s neighborhood goes to hell or who’s child gets raped or filled with bullets. The “cultural enrichment” and immigration from shithole countries is their thumb on the scale for votes, and each mentally damaged rape victim is a plus as they, in turn, lose their mind, head to the voting booths and turn to the left-wing agenda, because of “rape culture”.

The enemy is not motivated by misplaced do good intentions or bleeding hearts, they are motivated by gaining names in the ballot boxes without having to provide a platform that wins over the hearts and minds of the native population. This is a power struggle. Now we will see if the leader of this nation will stand for the American people or will join with the left-wing cosmopolitans eating caviar in gated communities while some mud huts all but pop up next door to your home and you’re terrified to let your kids walk the street with their friends.

Tony Canzoneri
Tony Canzoneri is the social media manager of the Revolutionary Conservative