Review: For a New Fascism

When Richard Heathen first told me about his film project, he said he wanted to document the rise of the right-wing force that appeared to be a backlash against Communism in the West. Having been around from the inception of the film to its publication, I think it is fair to say that Richard, like so many of us, has made the jump from observer to partisan.


Richard is Publisher of Liberty Machine News and my co-host for The Spengler Chronicles, in which we discuss the ongoing decline of Western Civilization. One of our first projects together was during my U.S. Senate campaign, when Richard suggested I speak in Vancouver. This event turned out to mark a shift for both of us when the Canadian government expelled me from the country because the Antifa had threatened a riot and an assassination. At the event that took place in my absence, the Antifa physically attacked Richard, Lauren Southern, and others, with absolute impunity.


After those initial salvos by the Antifa in the Northwest, my approach to politics changed dramatically and irreversibly. We never relied on the police or any other government agency from that point forward. We made sure to have a small army at each event with enough weaponry to annihilate any attempts at violent disruption. We recognized an enemy that had been alternatively ignored or encouraged by local, State, and federal authorities. We awoke to the eternal war between the scum of the earth and those of us who fight for family, tribe, and nation.


There is a widespread misconception that Fascism arises from hatred, intolerance, bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, and a hundred other media buzzwords. It is, in fact, a reaction to violent Communism. The Fascists and the Nazis were not hailed as heroes by the public because the Italians and Germans were evil hatemongers: they were hailed as heroes because they crushed the Communists, and the names they bore were irrelevant.


The West has a long history of Communist violence and of corresponding, violent reaction. Like a vicious disease, Communism has infected the Western nations, spread to academia, the media, the very halls of government. If the West is a civic body, its organs are failing. The only medicine is radical surgery.


This truth and others are thoroughly explained in the film For a New Fascism, which boasts an all-star cast, including Kevin MacDonald, Ricardo Duchesne, Curt Doolittle, Stanley G. Payne, and Yours Truly. Whether you are confused about the present war between the Left and Right, or you are simply looking for a way to explain it to your friends and family, this film is for you.


Augustus Invictus
‚ÄčAugustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.