Refugees, Protestors, Trump and Cab Drivers

New York Perspective: Another week in Paradise

OH the horrors — Trump bans Muslims…umm…not so fast. The so-called temporary “ban” issued via presidential executive order, was designed to assess the national security threat posed by ISIS militants infiltrating refugee populations. To be clear, Trump’s executive order doesn’t even scratch the surface of banning all Muslims. BUT do you know who does ban an entire population? Syria Iran Iraq Yemen Libya Algeria Bangladesh Brunei Kuwait Lebanon Malaysia Oman Pakistan Sudan Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Ah the truth shall set you free…

In other bizarre news — I can’t get enough of good ol Chuck Schumer. Long long ago back in 2015 he said, and I quote “a refugee ban is necessary”…yet our current President in 2017 supports the same ban and poof — Niagara Falls and it’s “mean spirited”.  I can’t… selective amnesia anyone?

And then there was the protesters at JFK airport. NYC cab drivers went on strike, for an hour, to support the protesters. Uber suspended its surge pricing in support of the cab drivers that were supporting the protesters. Lyft announced a million-dollar donation to the ACLU and Uber not to be outdone, set up a $3 million fund to support drivers impacted by the immigration ban.

Stay with me now… Uber’s CEO stepped down from Trump’s tech advisory council while Starbucks made the promise to hire 10,000 refugees worldwide and staged an employee global walkout.  Oh, and the most powerful tech firms in the world — Microsoft, Apple and Facebook are collaborating on a court challenge over our immigration policy.

Let’s dissect all that for a moment shall we… on second thought let’s not — let’s just ask one simple question… WHY are they fighting for a potential employee base that has minimal education/experience over us?  Hourly rate? Bottom Line? Line their own pockets? Big hearts? I’ll let you decide.

Anyway, if you watched the news lately you’ve seen lots of very pretty and expensive signs that read: Hate Free Zone. The irony is that those that carried those signs had on full display their hatred for anyone that disagreed with them. Ahh kids, they say and do the damnedest things, don’t they?

In all seriousness, the riots across our land, make no mistake, are not by accident. I mean how much more evidence do we need? We’ve witnessed the movie and singer gods profess the evils of Trump; we’re reading about a former Obama Defense Department Official speaking of a military coup to remove Mr. Trump from power; and perhaps saddest of all, we watched the party of inclusion skip the committee meetings to stop the Trump Administrations appointments. So, what does it all mean I wonder out loud. My only conclusion — to rip up for good our Constitution of the United States. After all, their bible, written by Saul Linksy spouts — devise, disrupt, disorganize and demoralize.  Any questions??

Speaking of Saul, let us turn to Rule #14 which demands followers to “confound the enemy with allegations he cannot possibly disprove”. Happy to apparently help the cause Nancy Pelosi said Trump’s Supreme Court justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch (a Columbia, Harvard and Oxford graduate), has hostility toward children in school and children with autism. Huh? Her proof? Well, don’t ask such trivial questions.

Let’s hear from Elizabeth Warren who said Gorsuch is the reward to powerful interests who have tried “to turn the Supreme Court into one more rigged game that works only for the rich and the powerful.” Oh dear — no proof at all just an outrageous allegation. It is odd Gorsuch received unanimous support for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals not so long ago but now, he has hostility towards children? Alinsky must be so proud, I mean these two moppets are attacking a man who is committed to honoring our  Constitution AND who they supported. Hmmm, must be a coincidence to my above conclusion.

Let’s talk about Trump’s regulatory reduction… by Executive Order — every new regulation MUST have two regulations eradicated. The order sets a budget each year for what new regulations would cost the economy, companies and employers. For fiscal 2017, it gives a budget of $0 for new regulations. OMG the horrors of it all.

Speaking of saving money — The Trump administration announced Friday that the Pentagon has reached a tentative deal with Lockheed Martin for the purchase of 90 F-35 jets at the LOWEST PRICE IN THE PROGRAM’S HISTORY – saving US millions! That’s called game, match, score!

I’m not into sports — at all really (ok I love the Yankees, and the Giants, and the Rangers) — but I must comment on the treatment of Tom Brady. This poor guy dared to support Mr. Trump with a “Make America Great Again” hat in his football locker. When questioned by USA Today about “whose side is he on” he chose not to get political stating “If people want to take sides, you know, they can obviously do that. It’s everyone’s right. They have a right to do that. And I have a right to stay out of it, too.”

Well, apparently, he doesn’t have that right and has been labeled “a coward” via an opinion piece in the Washington Post.  Within the same piece the author chose to give us a hero — San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick. You know the jerk who refused to stand during the singing of the national anthem. Apparently he showed “outright bravery.”  Upside down world anyone?

Speaking of an upside down world and a bit closer to home on Thursday, teachers and staff from the Rochester City School District in upstate New York were informed via email that February 17 will be “Black Lives Matter at School: A Day of Understanding & Affirmation.”  Sweet Baby Jesus — don’t ALL LIVES MATTER?

Gosh, I do wonder where all this ‘hate’ comes from that spurs riots and destruction, murdering of Police Officers — etc. I digress. The story continued with this will be a day to recite the history of slavery and denial of civil rights to black citizens, the impacts of which continue to this day. I’m curious, will the truth be told that it was and continues to this day to be the D Party that enslaved(s)? I know, I know, it’s a minor detail that will not enhance the socialist agenda.

Lisa Douglas
is a Christian Conservative American, USN Veteran and mother of 5 productive children. Lisa keeps a watchful eye on both local and national politics bringing a close up and personal view of each piece of proposed legislation and how it will effect us.