Our Truest Enemy

When you ask a right-winger who our biggest enemy and threat to our civilization is you will get different answers depending on the group. Some will say it is the state itself, others will say cultural Marxism and social degeneracy, some will say white genocide while still others will say over-taxation and regulation etc.. All of these answers are true and have quite a bit of merit of course, but they tend to easily pass over a more seemingly subtle yet insidious and ravenous enemy.

We hear from time to time (usually in right-wing or right-leaning libertarian circles) of the “Deep State” or “Shadow Government”. Some lip service will be paid to it and it’s great evil, but little if any activism ever takes place to scale back it’s power or dismantle it. While there is a knowledge that political change within the current structure is doubtful, being that the shadow government will do it’s best to snuff out all dissent, most right-wing activism still centers around changing or dismantling the state on the very surface. They attempt this by running for office or advocating for the change of laws. These are all well and good, however, it has become obvious that the state cannot be scaled back, dismantled, or made to serve right-wing ends without attacking the puppet masters that are holding our politicians and state apparatus by the strings. While it certainly might be true that these puppet masters would pose little to no threat to our society without having such an awful weapon as our all-powerful state at its disposal, this fact remains irrelevant. The shadow government figureheads have now assumed the role of generals, and no army can be defeated without first attacking them.

In order to fight an enemy, however, you must first be able to name it and define it, The deep state encompasses many groups, organizations, and individuals but they all have one thing in common. The deep state is secretive, non-elected people or organizations that control and sway the policies, positions, and actions of elected officials. They are either directly funded by the state itself, directly funding the state itself, or both. Perhaps the most prominent examples of deep state actors are: The Federal Reserve Bank and it’s direct subsidiaries, the CIA, NSA, and various other intelligence agencies, George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, the Rockefellers, Planned Parenthood Action and the abortion lobby, the LGBT lobby, the Israel lobby, the anti-gun lobby, the mainstream media, social media masters like Mark Zuckerberg, and nearly every regulatory agency and it’s enforcers you could think of. We could truly spend pages upon pages going through all examples available.

Surely this war against the elite must take place among as many fronts as possible, but dedicating the majority of our collective time and effort on campaigning and trying to change up who is in political office would be foolish and short-sighted. The reason for this is that the system and structure of our very government are corrupt, and nearly all people who seek political power are able to be bought and sold. For every truly anti-establishment candidate that finds themselves winning and taking power, you will find hundreds around every corner to undermine them in their efforts. The election of our current President Donald J. Trump, perhaps, serves as the best example of this. Although he ended up clawing his way to victory, the deep state still was sure to get its foot in the door of his new administration through establishment infiltrators. The deep state operatives have also made sure that the congress and senate are stacked with opposition against him and his America first agenda.

No matter what form of activism a right-winger chooses to engage in, the platform should be used to continue to expose the deep state and when possible wage economic warfare on it. Whether this is done through the pedophilia revelations pouring forth from Hollywood, or through creating social media alternatives to challenge the current technocracy, or through counter-lobbying efforts, it remains obviously true that this can create real political change. One needs only to look back at the DNC/ Podesta email leaks and consider how enormously it impacted the election to validate the effectiveness of this strategy. The average American is disgusted by the ruling elites and wishes to see the fog lifted in their smokey back door meetings and activities which seal our fate as a nation. Only when we realize the depth of their perversity and power, thus realizing how unfixable this current system is, can we hope to see a populace that is mentally prepared to do what is necessary for true change.

Tony Canzoneri