Lesbian Sex & Scorched Earth Campaigns


Publisher’s Note: The following are two successive excerpts from Chapter XI of Set the World on Fire, which will be published 12 August 2017.


The writers at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Huffington Post, and Florida Politics all knew about this, by the way, and decided to go forward with their hit pieces anyway. This is their credibility on display.




The night we came home from the hospital with Cesare, Kimberly Philby texted me. She said that Victoria wanted to do a sex show with her, and she asked whether I would be okay with that. “Thank you for asking me,” I said, “but no, I am absolutely not okay with that.” Kimberly said that she would respect my wishes, and that she would tell Victoria no.


For the next week, I could not go a single day without hearing about Victoria from Kimberly. No matter how many times I told her that I did not want to hear about my ex-fiancé, Kimberly insisted on talking to me about her. Finally I told Kimberly that I had to cut her out of my life as well, since she would not stop talking about Victoria. I wanted nothing to do with her, I did not want to see her or hear from her or of her. She was a cancer that I wanted rid of. I could not be free of that girl as long as I was daily reminded of her, so I said goodbye to Kimberly, too.


Two days later, I received an email from Kimberly’s porn account. It was an advertisement for the live sex show.


Victoria & Kimberly


At this point, it became crystal clear that these girls were both fully invested in pulling me back into their lives, by whatever means necessary.[1] As I said before, Victoria’s modus operandi was to lash out at me every time I dropped her leash and let her go. She made sure that I would find out about this, both in her dealings with Kimberly and in telling other mutual friends what she was doing. I suspected that this was what she was doing, but when I received the email with the advertisement, that suspicion turned to certainty.


What I wanted to do was to burn these girls so badly that they would never think to do anything like this again. I could not have been clearer that I wanted to be left alone, but they had obviously not gotten that message. What I wanted to do was to post this advertisement everywhere. I wanted to send letters with the advertisement to the real estate board to inform them about what Victoria was doing; send it to her school, to the Rotary Club, to every single person she knew. I was convinced that a scorched earth policy was the only option left.


To make a long story short, in talking with several people about what to do, the consensus was decidedly in favor of self-restraint. The course of action was far simpler but would still get the message across: we would send an anonymous text message to Victoria’s parents with a link to the live sex show. This would stop the event from happening, and it would hopefully be the end of all this madness. So this was done.


The problem is that the exact opposite happened. The show was stopped, and I never received another advertisement again. But three days later, Victoria went into the local police station to accuse me of abuse, battery, rape, kidnapping, torture, attempted murder, and a host of other crimes. Kimberly then wrote an “article” about this police report for an Antifa website, which of course they were more than happy to publish. The title was in all capital letters: “LIBERTARIANS CONTINUE SUPPORT FOR AUGUSTUS INVICTUS AS BRUTAL ASSAULT ALLEGATIONS EMERGE.”




To this point in the story, the yellow journalists, the Libertarians, and the Antifa had been grasping at straws in order to crucify me in the media. But now, with a police report and a pair of more-than-willing ex-lovers, they had no desire to examine whether the allegations were true or false, no inclination to investigate the character of these women or the circumstances leading to their allegations, and no reason to do anything but use them against a person they had tried their damndest to run out of public life for years.


This betrayal was the catalyzing event for what was to become Operation William Tecumseh Sherman. All the things I had let slide, all the hits I had taken for the greater good of the Party or for Victoria’s sake or Anna’s, all the filth that everyone had thrown at me over the years, was now brought out of the meat locker and thrown onto the table for butchery.


This affair concerning Victoria & the Antifa came to my attention as I was away from the family home on the east coast of North Carolina. Having the top floor of my friend’s house to myself, I paced back and forth fuming with hatred. This was the last straw dropped atop all the injustices that had piled up over the years, and I wanted to destroy every enemy I had ever had: Kimberly & Victoria, certainly, but also the Libertarian Party of Florida, the Ordo Templi Orientis, the Altamonte Springs Police Department (especially Officer Chapdelaine), the Antifa, and everyone else. I would file FOIA requests to federal law enforcement agencies, prepare documents in the event of my death, tighten up myriad things I had let slide for years. Also to be considered is that this was all happening in the week running up to the Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival, which will be discussed in the next section.


My first act was to take legal action against Victoria & Kimberly. In order to do this, my lawyer first had to send them cease & desist letters. This was enough to cause them both to stop what they were doing, but that alone would obviously not undo the havoc they had wrought. So we demanded retractions, as well. These were not forthcoming.


In the meantime, my attorney and I also developed a strategy to attack the Libertarian Party of Florida. I had asked politely several times over the years that they retract the press release that everyone knew full well violated the consensus of the Executive Committee. This rogue press release had been relied upon by my enemies for years, all of whom used it to say, “Look, even his own Party has denounced him!” The time had come to stop asking, and so we now issued a demand.


On the 27th of March, I delivered a private letter to the Executive Committee:


To the Members of the Executive Committee:


I think that, all things considered, I have done a magnificent job of keeping my composure while being under constant fire from every direction for the past two years. I do give angry speeches (though I hear that is part of my charm); I do use profanity (I am trying to cut back on that); I did call Adrian Wyllie a liar and Paul Stanton a spineless jellyfish (both of which descriptions were true). But all in all, I have kept my gloves on, no matter how absurd the accusations, no matter how vicious the attacks.


But all of those attacks were against me, personally. All of those attacks I consider political and nothing more. What has happened in the past week and a half, however, has been of an entirely different character. Now my family has been dragged into this slime – first my ex-girlfriend, then my ex-wife.


Every man has a line, a sharply drawn line, next to which stands a giant sign reading “DO NOT CROSS.” That line has now been crossed, and I will no longer keep my gloves on.


In October of 2015, this Executive Committee voted against expelling me from the Party. The vote immediately thereafter was to issue a press release stating “just the facts”: that the Party had not endorsed my candidacy and did not approve or condone my campaign platform. But that is not the press release that was issued.


I wrote an open letter to this Executive Committee last year after I was ambushed by Fox News on account of this rogue press release. I asked politely that it be retracted and that we act together to mend the gaping wound in the Party. Political tensions being what they were, no action was taken, and the press release remains to this day the standing statement of the LPF – not just on my Senate candidacy, but on me as a person.


For those of you with your heads buried so far in the sand that you cannot see what is right in front of you, the Antifa have threatened violence in Pennsylvania to the point that my debate with Will Coley was rescheduled by the mayor of Harrisburg himself. In the end, the threats were so persistent that the Harrisburg Police Department asked the Hilton to shut down the entire event, not just my debate.[2]


And do you know what the communists use as justification for this – and for every act of violence against my supporters – and for every threat of violence against business owners and libertarians across the country that dare to host me or to speak in support of me? The rogue press release issued in October 2015. The rogue press release that I asked you politely to retract a year ago.


But that was not enough. Now these same communists have stooped to pure soap opera-style fiction to attack me. My ex-girlfriend, who is a drug addict, was taken into prostitution by one of these leftists. To make a very long story very short, both girls got in a lot of trouble. And now the Antifa are using them to push their political agenda, accusing me of monstrous crimes, which slander they paint as justified because of this Committee’s refusal to do the right thing. I realize that sounds outlandish, but the life I live is stranger than fiction at this point. It is only a matter of time before I am accused of trying to blow up the moon.


And since we are now talking about my personal life – and not just what an evil Nazimonster Fascist Jew-hating eugenicist the former Chair of this Committee made me out to be – I will also note that the press release in question has been used as justification for threats of violence such that my security protocols at this point are that of an urban guerrilla commander or a diplomat on hostile soil.


Exempli Gratia: I cannot use my home address – on anything – lest I put the people around me at risk. I cannot mention what neighborhood my children live in, lest someone figure out what schools they attend. I cannot mention in what town my family resides in South Carolina because it is a small enough town that they would be discovered without much effort. I cannot disclose my travel itinerary or what city I am visiting unless it is for a public event. I travel with an arsenal at all times and with a private security detail at all public appearances. This is the level of operational security necessary because this Committee cannot be bothered to correct its mistake.


I am giving this Committee 48 hours to issue a full retraction of the press release of October 2015. I will reiterate what I asked in May of last year:


What I want is to issue a joint press release between [myself] and the Executive Committee stating that the press release of 05 October 2015 was issued in error; that self-defense (up to and including a declaration of war) is not a violation of the non-aggression principle; that the LPF is fully aware that I do not advocate state-sponsored eugenics; that I have never advocated “state-sponsored murder”; that I am a member of the LPF and [former Chair and Secretary] of its Orange County affiliate; that I have been a delegate to the LPF State Convention for two consecutive years; . . . that my campaign sponsored the presidential debate [last] year[; and that my publication is co-sponsoring the State Convention this year, as well].


I have already had my lawyer send cease and desist letters to all parties involved in the aforementioned train wreck, and all have been notified that we are filing suit for defamation. We will send similar legal notice to this Committee on Wednesday March 29th at 9:00am if this matter cannot be resolved amicably before that time.


This is not an open letter, and it is not a legal demand. This is a private letter written as a professional request. I am writing you as a fellow member of the Libertarian Party of Florida; as a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County; as a colleague who now volunteers for the Legislative Review Committee; as someone who has fought alongside you against the government and its agents whether you like it or not. I am writing in sincerity and in friendship to request that this Committee correct a longstanding injustice.


I have maintained my reserve for two years, and I have waited patiently regarding this particular matter for a year and a half now. With the development of the Antifa involving my family in their sick games and using this Committee’s failure to retract false accusations as their justification, my patience has run out, and my reserve is about to be abandoned.


This week I correct all accounts. This week I settle all family business. On Wednesday morning my attorney will send legal notice to this Committee, and I will issue a public statement. Then we will move forward with legal proceedings. I trust you will not doubt that I stand ready for full-scale nuclear war. I would much prefer, however, that this Committee do the right thing and set the record straight in this matter once and for all.


What the Antifa want is for us to eat each other. That is what the Republicans and Democrats want, as well, along with the local, State, and federal governments. A lawsuit and a public relations battle will only further their agenda as we spend our time cannibalizing each other and refusing to face the real enemy. This is a time to show unity. I ask that you finally come to your senses and come together to demonstrate to the American people that this really is the Party of Principle.


Best Regards,


Augustus Invictus, Esq.

[Undisclosed], SC

27 March 2017


The so-called “Party of Principle™” proved itself yet again to be wildly misnamed. The retraction, a simple matter of a few paragraphs, which would be entirely true and cost no one on the Executive Committee a thing, was indisputably the right thing to do. It was simply correcting a mistake that had cost me and those around me a great deal of misfortune. And yet the abject hatred of certain persons toward me was such that the correction of a mistake was an act of total capitulation to a neo-Nazi, from their perspective.


When that request went unanswered, my attorney delivered notice of a defamation suit, to which he attached the offending press release, the transcript of the Grand Inquisition in October 2015, my “Official Response to Adrian Wyllie” from September 2015, our campaign press release of October 2015, my open letter to the Executive Committee after the Fox ambush, and my private letter to the Executive Committee two days earlier asking once again for a retraction. That afternoon, I issued a public statement via livestream, the transcript of which reads as follows:


Official Statement Concerning My Lawsuit against the Libertarian Party of Florida

29 March 2017


Good afternoon. This morning my attorney sent notice of a defamation lawsuit to the Libertarian Party of Florida. In October of 2015, a motion was made to have me expelled from the Party. That motion having failed, the next motion was to issue a press release about Yours Truly. That motion passed.


The press release was supposed to state “just the facts”: that I was not a certified candidate; that I had not submitted myself for review by the Selection Committee; and that the Libertarian Party of Florida did not condone my campaign for the United States Senate, and neither could it stop me from running.


The press release that was actually issued, however, accused me of promoting state-sponsored eugenics and state-sponsored murder, among other things. A rogue member of the Party wrote that defamatory press release, and it was issued despite what was agreed upon in the meeting.


My campaign issued a press release of its own condemning the defamation. But I let it go. Then, in May of last year, I was ambushed by Fox News, and asked about the fact that the Libertarian Party of Florida had condemned me personally. After that interview, I wrote an open letter to the Libertarian Party of Florida, asking politely that a retraction be issued so that we could end this bad blood once and for all.


But they refused to do so. In the months that passed, that press release has been relied upon by Wikipedia; by my detractors in the Libertarian Party; by yellow journalists across the country; and, as you might have noticed, by the Antifa.


Recognizing that the constant threats of violence by the Antifa are a real security concern for me and for my family, the Chair of the Party ordered on Monday that the defamatory press release be taken down. I was asked whether this would appease my anger, and I responded that it would not; though I am, of course, grateful that it was removed.


What I demand at this point is a full retraction of the defamatory press release. There can be no compromise at this point, because it is now a matter of family honor. Leftists inside the Libertarian Party of Florida have now dragged my family into their slime, spreading false allegations against me in a public fashion. The underlying matter is itself being litigated as we speak, and I expect that we will have full retractions immediately in that regard.


The problem is that the plethora of false allegations and defamatory statements all go back to the original press release by the Libertarian Party of Florida. Everyone cites as justification for their actions, no matter how vile, the fact that I was allegedly denounced by my own Party.


In point of fact, I was not denounced by my own Party, and it is time to set the record straight on that. A rogue member of the Party denounced me in the name of the Party by issuing a defamatory press release. I am releasing for the public the legal notice issued to the Libertarian Party of Florida this morning. The attachments therein prove that the Libertarian Party of Florida knew that the press release it issued was false and that even after repeated requests to correct the situation, the Party let its defamation stand.


I complained about the defamation as soon as it was published; I politely asked for its retraction almost a year ago now; and I demanded that it be retracted two days ago. My demand on Monday was met by skepticism – unsurprisingly by the very people who opposed me during the Senate campaign and who are now spreading the false allegations against me presently being litigated.


I will note that whether or not the Antifa are relying upon the defamation by the LPF; whether or not the violence that has been perpetrated was justified by the defamation by the LPF; whether or not anyone truly believes the defamation by the LPF or they are simply relying upon it for violence and slander they would undertake anyway; the fact is that the press release was factually incorrect; it was defamatory; and the Party leadership bloody well knew it. The so-called Party of Principle has an ethical obligation to retract false statements made against one of its own members if it dares to call itself principled ever again.


I trust that the Libertarian Party of Florida will issue a press release this coming Monday with a full retraction of all claims it has made against me. As I noted in my letter to the Executive Committee earlier this week, what the Antifa, the Republicans, the Democrats, and all levels of government want is for us to fight amongst each other. I have kept my gloves on for two years in the hopes that this could be resolved amicably, despite the most despicable slander imaginable. I have taken everything in stride. But now a line has been crossed. I am no longer asking politely.


After many discussions with members of the Executive Committee and the Chair himself, we agreed to mediate the dispute. A neutral third party was selected, and he went back and forth between the Party representatives and me personally to hammer out the text of the retraction. It was agreed that the Party representatives would draft a press release retracting the previous statement of October 2015, and I would approve or reject it.


But this simple task appeared insurmountable when those writing the press release were unable to come to any agreement as to what it should say. They had a deadline, and as that deadline approached, it seemed they would not meet it. I was informed at that time by a sympathetic member of the Executive Committee that the Chair, who had begged me to mediate the dispute rather than file the lawsuit, had actively sought to block the mediation, saying, “Let him sue.”


In the meantime, on the third of April, I heard from my old friend Scott Powers. The Libertarian Party of Florida had voted on Sunday night to issue a public retraction, so Stanton and his pals retaliated the next day by sending Powers the police report with Victoria’s allegations that Adrian Wyllie had already published to Facebook in collusion with Kimberly Philby.


Immediately I wrote Victoria. I told her about Powers, and I told her that he would go forward with the story no matter what I tried to do to protect her. I tried to point out to her that she was being used as a pawn by these people – by Kimberly, the Antifa, Adrian Wyllie, Paul Stanton, Matteo Marchetti, and a few others who would come to light in the coming weeks. I also explained to her that the only reason I was writing her at all instead of just throwing her under the bus was because she was once my family.


I gave her a way out, offering to clean up her mess as I had done so many times before with Anna. She refused to take it. Because of that refusal, I spent the rest of the calendar year defending her to the media, my political enemies, and everyone else. If I feel it is necessary to set the record straight now, it is not for the sake of my reputation but for the sake of Anna and the children. I have put Anna through untold Hell defending Victoria all this time, and it has not been fair to her.


As with all things, I turned out to be right: Powers absolutely did not give a damn about Victoria as a victim, and he went ahead with the story. People who know nothing of Powers or of his publication are totally unaware that it is not real journalism; with a name like Florida Politics, it sounds like a legitimate news source. That is exactly the point of taking such a name for a tabloid paper.


The same is true of a “libertarian” gossip rag called Independent Political Report. Over the years of my campaigns, various authors on the site used every opportunity they could to push the slander of Wyllie and Stanton. With the advent of this particular scandal, one wretched piece of filth named Paul Frankel – who had been involved in the conspiracy from the beginning – wrote an article with the deliberate intent of having me imprisoned and, ergo expelled from the Party.


And so it came to pass that the following day I was ambushed by the sheriffs on a back road in South Carolina with my wife and newborn son. That morning, Cesare went with a woman that Anna knew who wanted to babysit him. I happened to be at the house when she came by, and Anna introduced me as Augustus. This woman took our son and, unbeknownst to us, called the police about what she had read in “the news.”


I drove Anna to the woman’s house that night to pick up Cesare. As we were leaving the subdivision, a cop started following us. The baby was screaming for milk, and when I pulled over into a church, the cop was still following us. I backed into a parking space, Anna started feeding Cesare, and suddenly two cop cars pulled into the church parking lot and pinned the car with headlights pointed at us. I got out of the car immediately in order to draw fire away from the vehicle.


But thankfully, this was South Carolina, not Central Florida. They did not draw their weapons, and I was not handcuffed. They simply took my license in order to look for the warrant that must have been issued for the heinous crimes the babysitter had read about in the news. They took an unusually long time to run a simple warrant check, but they did apologize, saying, “We just have to make sure the FBI and CIA don’t want you.” Needless to say, I have not told anyone in this town my real name since.


This was the last straw for me. I had no problem taking hits because of Victoria. As I said, if it were not for Anna, I would protect that girl until my death. But this was no longer about me. My wife and my one-month-old son had just been ambushed by the police along with me, and it was now a matter of protecting Victoria from the media or protecting my family from violence. And so I released the names of Kimberly and Victoria in a video statement that Friday, explaining all the circumstances I have just explained to you, Dear Reader.


That same day, the Libertarian Party of Florida issued the press release I had asked for over the past year and a half. When the Executive Committee consulted attorneys to defend the lawsuit and finally realized that I had a case and that defending their defamatory press release would bankrupt the Party, they finally & begrudgingly did the right thing. The press release of 07 April 2017 read as follows:


The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) has conducted a review of a press release regarding Augustus Sol Invictus that was published on October 5th, 2015, and has concluded that it exceeded the mandate of the executive committee as discussed in its monthly meeting on October 4th, 2015.


The LPF, in accordance, has withdrawn this press release. Further, two items regarding “eugenics” and “state-sponsored murder” are mentioned in the press release. For example, “unwillingness to reject eugenics”, “call for eugenics”, and so forth.


Upon review of current information, the LPF concluded that Mr. Invictus, has on at least one occasion before the press release and several times after, disavowed government eugenics programs. And the item of “state-sponsored murder” is ambiguous.


Finally, the LPF would like to note that Mr. Invictus has always been a member in good standing, is a past Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County, a sponsor of the 2016 and 2017 LPF State Conventions, as well as a dedicated volunteer on the Legislative Review Committee.


Three days later, Kimberly signed her retraction. I removed the aforementioned video and resumed my defense of Victoria to the media and everyone else. But those two girls were not the impetus behind the conspiracy: they were pawns. Once the retraction was signed, I immediately wrote to Adrian Wyllie, Paul Stanton, Matteo Marchetti, and Paul Frankel, who were the main co-conspirators manipulating Kimberly and Victoria in all this:


Wyllie, Stanton, Marchetti, Frankel,


This is not legal notice, and my attorney is not being copied in this letter. This is a private request being made in the event that any of the four of you might have any shred of dignity left.


I have asked you repeatedly to stop dragging my family into your filth. You have repeatedly refused. In your most recent effort to get to me, you have used a dark family matter in a disgusting attempt to gain a political advantage and drive me out of the Party.


You think that in spreading this nonsense that Victoria & [Kimberly] schemed up that you are going to hurt me. You cannot hurt me. In pitting Victoria against me, the only person you are going to hurt is Victoria. You keep digging this grave, but you don’t realize that I am not the one who will be buried in it.


My ex-fiancé is a drug addict. She is nineteen years old. She does not know her ass from a hole in the ground. She is a fucking train wreck. And she knows absolutely nothing about politics. She is a civilian, and a pitiable one at that.


The allegations are false, and everyone knows that. You have been informed of this repeatedly. And now you are on notice that the girl who helped Victoria with this nonsense has admitted her role in the plot and that she did this as a result of a psychotic break. I am attaching her signed retraction to this email for your reference.


I tried to protect Victoria’s identity, until Frankel’s bullshit article got me ambushed by the police. I tried to sweep this under the rug, but you pieces of shit have insisted on making this affair a public matter. This is not political. This is a family affair, one that needs to be cleaned up, not for my sake, but for the sake of the 19-year-old drug addict you are pushing into a corner. She needs to get her life together; she does not need to be dragged through the mud. If your pretended concern for her is even 1% genuine, you will leave her out of it.


This is the last time I am going to ask politely that you stand down and stop involving my family. You can feel free to call me a neo-Nazi and a genocidal maniac all you want. But my family is off limits. I am not asking for a public retraction or for any admission of your wrongdoing; I am asking that you quietly withdraw all mention of the police report and of the allegations by Victoria & [Kimberly] – and we can all let it die quietly. This is not a legal demand; this is a private request being made in an effort to swiftly & silently clean up the fucking mess you scumbags have created.


[Kimberly] has already issued her retraction and is in the process of undoing the damage she did. I have asked her to donate the funds she raised for her legal defense to Harbor House in Orlando, so that actual domestic violence victims will benefit from this fiasco. So all of you have unwittingly done some good for humanity, despite your best efforts. 


Now do the right thing and make this shit disappear before you ruin this girl’s life forever.




Augustus Invictus


Of course they did not do the right thing; they only pushed it harder. So here we are.


For a full month after leaving Florida, I dreamt about Victoria every single night. Every night, without fail. And then came all of this. I could not get rid of her, no matter what I did. I left her, and she begged me to come back. I left the State, and she went into porn with Kimberly. I shut it down to make it clear that I did not want her harassing me, and she ran me and my family through the media and all else. I demanded a retraction, and she filed a second police report. I defended her, and she doubled down. She was deranged, an absolute nightmare that I could not expel. This was the state of affairs when I arrived in Pennsylvania.




[1] “Kimberly Philby” is not her real name. She is named in this book after another Communist traitor. In discussing this book with close friends & associates, one recurrent consideration was what to do with Kimberly. She had been the ringleader of this faux-feminist attack, dragging Victoria into her machinations after betraying me by going against my wishes to begin with and rubbing it in my face with the email advertisement. She had been the one to tell Victoria to file the police report; she was the one who gave that police report to Adrian Wyllie; she was the one who created a defamatory fundraiser for her & Victoria’s legal fees when we sent them notice of a defamation suit; she was the one who wrote essay after essay and even a full novel detailing what she thought our relationship was in order to ingratiate herself with the Antifa. For over a year, this delusional psychopath did everything she possibly could to get my attention. So, while her myriad betrayals are an integral part of this story, we all know that the attention she wanted would be granted to her a thousand-fold in the publication of this book. I could not leave this story out, but I also could not give her the attention she so desperately wanted. The only possible solution was renaming her, thus writing her out of history.

[2] This is discussed in the next section.





Augustus Invictus
​Augustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.