How Many: A Poem About Western Decline

by I, AnCap

How many people have to wake up in fear
because you refused to act?

How many people have to live without sleep
because of your welcome mat?

How many people have had to flee
because their homes were lost?

How many people have to be fined
is this free speech’s cost?

How many websites need be shut down
Until the terror stops?

How many ships will you allow to in
before you secure the dock?

How many children have to lose their parents
because the door is open?

How many parents have to lose their children
because the system is broken?

How many savages will you allow
to destroy our cultures?

How little do you value your freedom
that you give it vultures?

How many people does it take
to realize you were wrong?

How many people are going to die
until the last freedom is gone?

Managing Editor