Has the Time for Arguments Passed?

It has become a popular phrase in right-wing movements for some time now ( much credit to Stefan Molyneux) that the time for arguments has passed. Society has become so polarized at large that conversations between the left and the right have become impossible. Any right winger that finds himself brave enough to speak out against the ever-expanding leftist insanity discovers quickly that there is no winning for him. Those on the right are either violently lashed out against in response to their opinions or find themselves instantly “refuted” by “facts” that have just been created out of thin air.

And who is there to refute these made up so-called facts? You or I or any independent organization can provide endless evidence or obvious common sense refutations and no matter how much sense we make compared to how little sense our opponents make, it matters very little. Why is this? This is because we do not have monopoly control on what is considered factual.

It is no secret by now that the left has steady control not only over the media and so-called “fact checking” but also over academia. Here they can engineer numerous useful idiots at ease. When you find yourself in an argument with a leftist you will find that whatever information you are working with is magically refuted and they can link article after article from mainstream news sources that supposedly back up their claim. Because, after all, how can these articles be biased when they’re peer-reviewed by an echo chamber of people who also think as you do.? If you fight your way out of the arguments that ensue they begin to quote college studies. After all, it is these all-wise educators that determine what is considered fact within our society. They couldn’t possibly have an agenda

While it has been plenty obvious that academia is dominated by the left and they don’t even deny it at this point…the ever important question has become why? Is it just simply because leftists are so much more intelligent than their right-wing opponents as they often suggest? Or is it maybe and more likely because the institutions of “higher learning” funnel in left-wing money and through educational grants and subsidies are dependent on the largess of the state? At the end of the day, these smart professors and colleges are all for “free” nationalized education…. What a shock that they love the idea of “free government money” without having to compete for your buck and offer you any useful service. The media and academia will always and without end push the agenda of the left because it is where their money comes from and they are dependent on a large government to stay alive. To them, pushing the agenda of marxism is merely self-preservation.

Being that the left, therefore, can create its own set of “facts” and is backed by all the media and academic institutions that are considered reputable, there remains no point in arguing with them other than to troll or sharpen your own debating skills. However, no significant political change will occur. There are a few things however that can and should be done. For one, in order to achieve any sort of social and political change, it is the institutions and their donors and the ideology that drives them that should be attacked first and foremost. We need to continue to arouse public anger against the media and academic institutions especially among the middle Americans they take for fools. Their “studies” and “experts” must be constantly scoffed at and scorned and their hypocrisies continually exposed. Those who claim to be gatekeepers of truth must come to be understood as the greatest perverters of truth. Furthermore conservative and conservative-leaning states and localities must be allowed to regain control over their institutions of education at the very least and must be allowed to physically remove the left wing parasites that dwell among them and poison the minds of their posterity. As we have seen time and time again, words are becoming cheaper by the day and at some point, action will be the only option left on the table.


Tony Canzoneri