Ending the War on Drugs is a Must

Promoting freedom will recruit more followers.

History teaches that Libertarians, when discussing the legalization of a dangerous drug such as heroin, will be tossed into the category of advocating its usage. This has caused many of us to change the conversation to; some drugs can be legal while others should remain illegal. However, this is not the right way to look at the problem of the drug war, nor is it the right way to look at drug abuse.

There are many horrors that are a direct result of the drug war that continue to be overlooked because Libertarians tend to answer “gotcha” questions in a way that enables anyone listening to stop listening, and start thinking: “We need the war on drugs, because… well, because! It is not a perfect solution, but it is the best we can do.” What a horrifying conclusion.

How do we change the way people view this issue? How do we stop answering the “gotcha” question in a way that will enable people to accept what is instead of focusing on what could be? When asked questions like: “You are a Libertarian, so you want an all drug legal free for all, right?” No matter how tempting it is, Libertarians must not walk down that path, but instead, change the discussion to the message that our nation needs to hear.

When Libertarians talk about legalizing drugs:

We MUST stop doing our cause a disservice by discussing the horrific side effects of the drug war;

We MUST show how it makes us all feel when we see the corruption, the violence, and the use of fear by the politicians as a tool designed to make people compliant, and even welcoming to policies that limit freedom and increase government control over all aspects of our lives;

We MUST demonstrate that we are not interested in this issue for the people who want to get high. Instead, we are discussing this because the problems created by the War on Drugs effect everyone;

We MUST stop the blood flowing in the streets as a result of drug gang violence;

We MUST be able to protect our homes and our families from the politicians more so than from the crackheads and junkies;

We MUST change the fact that we have the largest prison population in the world; and

We MUST stop paying lip service in saying “freest nation in the world”.

Let’s BECOME the freest nation in the world. Let’s demonstrate that freedom does not mean chaos. Freedom means that we are free to live our lives, be in control of our own destiny. We are free to give our children the tools they need to be competitive in tomorrow’s job market, to live where they want to live. Freedom will provide us with the kind of opportunities, government programs have failed to provide.

When someone asks how we solve this problem or that problem? More freedom, less government will always be a step in the right direction!

Steve Scheetz
is the former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and Treasurer of the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus. He believes in order to achieve anything, politically, there needs to be reliance upon people. Steve has been working to unify the various factions within the party while making various projects a reality, such as the “People Against the Initiation of Violence” uniting gay and Muslim activists in the wake of the Orlando shooting in June to speak out against xenophobia, homophobia, fear, hatred, and most especially, violence. In July, his group “Libertarians Spreading Libertarianism” worked on outreach at the RNC convention in Cleveland, OH, and the DNC convention in Philadelphia. Steve is already laying the ground work for a 2018 congressional run in District 8, Bucks and Montgomery County, PA.