Ego and Echo Chambers

Ego and Echo Chambers

In comment threads everywhere, perpetual word wars are being waged between egos and echo chambers. In each of these threads, arsenals of emotional bullets are hurled back and forth among an ungraceful cast of, dare I say plebes? They wrestle and attempt to dance gracefully across the stage, yet perpetually fail to accomplish their intended goal, changing minds.

Before enlightenment I was deceived in thinking my comments mattered in the ground war of conflicting ideologies. The next time you find yourself in an interesting thread, and you are tempted to jump in and set them straight, see if this cast of characters is already present.


The Subject Matter Expert

The Red Herring

The Assumption Maker

The Generalization and Exception Guru

The Notorious Strawman

The Grammar Nazi


You may be one of all of them at some point, I know I have been. Yet, unless you are writing the article or are an active leader in a movement, I have three reasons for you to consider before you argue post.


  1. Is it about you or them? How many times have you crafted that perfect response, thought, “Oh hell yea” As you wrote line after well thought out line of history, perspective, reason, or whatever line of thinking you felt was superior to the other plebe. How is arguing with strangers online more than a mere stroke for your intellectual ego?


  1. Future Crimes. Everything is connected and everyone is vulnerable. In his prophetic text, Marc Goodman red pills even the most die-hard conspiracy guru. The notion of Future Crime is simply that things said today may be criminal tomorrow, and through the digital media many people are leaving trails of evidence that may be used against them. People already get fired and removed from Social Media based on gaffs or purposeful actions. Digital trails of daily activities are already monitored, monetized, stolen and sold to advertisers, criminals, and governments. Check out his book, Future Crimes….if you dare (ominous laughter)


  1. Missing real opportunities. There is a 24/7 stream of insanity, pretty much every time you log on. Instead of arguing into online echo chambers, go out and talk to real people that you don’t know! You might be surprised to discover that you can find them all over the place, libraries, grocery stores, and in your neighborhood! Ask open ended questions to see how they are feeling about the state of affairs. We are all connected to much of the same media and we all have opinions on current events. When you find common ground with another person, a real person, you can serve to show them that they are not alone, isolated, and disconnected in their discontent with the state of the modern world. You may find an ally in times when networks are crucial.


To be on the Right Wing* in the 21st Century necessitates guerilla strategies in both current and future actions. Do you want to “win” an argument to stroke an intellectual ego? Do you want to leave careless incriminating digital tracks of Wrong Think on platforms that are sworn to remove you, or do you want to meet real people and encourage those that think similar to you, build physical networks, and help those inundated by Leftist media know they are not alone? They are out there, and you can reach them in more effective ways.


*The Right Wing are Agents of Order, Leftist are Agents of Change – See French Revolution for linguistic history the terms Right/Left




Daniel Everett