Doxxed? Now What?

Doxxed, Now What?

The big day is here! The news media and powers-that-be have a juicy image, video, or other “evidence” of your involvement with Thought Crime! Your name has been published and you have been fired from a job you may or may not enjoy. You now have to make a choice.

  1. Prepare a statement apologizing, denouncing and disavowing anything and everyone you know that is also associated with Thought Crime. If you choose this route, the article ends for you. Cowardice, however, will follow you from now on.
  2. Are you sure you want to move forward? You can always choke down a blue pill and resume a normal, safe, and mainstream life, right? No?

Good. It’s hard to go back after realizing certain truths. And allow me to be the first to congratulate you! It may feel like your world has caved in, and that’s simply because it somewhat has. However, you have taken a step toward freedom. Being someone that was very publicly doxxed and fired in the summer of 2017*, I have five suggestions for you.

  1. Take a breath. The world you’ve been conditioned to participating in has been dismantled. Let it fall. Don’t try to control their chaos. Stop reading comments about you from people who don’t know you. It’s likely that what was published about you was taken out of context or outright false, I get it. Productions about me were built on a false narrative and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. But this world moves fast, memories are short, and in a few months it will seem much smaller. If you’re able to get a lawsuit, you might actually make a few bucks on it and right the internet wrong. I’ll let you know down the road how that worked out for me. Taking a breath puts you back in control of you.
  2. Pay attention to who reaches out you. I saw “friends” talking about me in the comment section of a Huff Post article, yet none of them reached out to me. Former students defended me while 90% of the people I’d worked with for years did not return my calls or messages. Realizing that I would’ve taken their calls and returned their messages indicated that I extended a code of honor to far more people then I should have. If they know about your situation and they don’t reach out to you, they’re not your people. Draw a mental line and determine who is in and who is out. You’ve likely gained some new friends and associates out of this situation, and that’s a strength. Think tribal moving forward.
  3. Inventory the stuff around your house and sell what you truly don’t need. Use Facebook marketplace or some other online garage sale to clean out clutter. You’ve taken a step toward freedom (or been pushed) so getting rid of things you don’t truly need will free mental and physical space, and it’ll put a few bucks in your pocket. If you don’t have money saved and you have a 401(k), take a loan on it or cash it out if necessary. There’s no better time to liberate yourself from a system that despises you.
  4. If you don’t already, start lifting weights, eating right, and making yourself strong. Find a program and stick to it. Man or woman – it doesn’t matter. Physical fitness is mental fitness. Become strong mentally and physically, and focus on building a currency outside of the mainstream. What seemed impossible in the comfort of your former job will now become a necessity in the discomfort of pursuing freedom.
  5. Inventory your skill set and write out a plan of action. Start with the end in mind and list the steps that need action along the way. There are many ways to gain independence and provide for your needs. Remember, necessity is the mother of invention. Being doxxed is unsettling and possibly the most embarrassing thing you’ve gone through. Embrace this challenge and visualize what your success will look like. Then move it forward in achieving it.

We grow when we are in uncomfortable situations and face pressure. There truly is no other way to improve than to face external pressure and personal discomfort. So take a breath, recognize who your people are, clear out the things and people that no longer belong, make a plan and go get in shape. You can absolutely thrive beyond this episode and trust me, millions of other Thought Criminals are rooting for you.

*1 of 350 misrepresented articles about me

TRC admin