Why So Many People Oppose Property Rights

How the Left Turned So Many Against Property

by I, AnCap

Since before recorded history, man has plundered, pillaged, and robbed other men. He has stolen, he has exploited, he has hunted and killed. No consideration was given for natural rights, and therefore no remorse for the victim. Thus, the way to amass enormous amounts of resources was to use any aforementioned tactic to fulfill one’s self interest.

As mankind evolved to become the undisputed ruler of the earth, so did his tactics. Eventually, it became harder for man to assault his way into success. No longer could he afford to backbite all those who lived outside his pack. He was forced to ally with those outside his immediate family to compete with those who had done the same. Survival of the fittest was extended to group extensions of his self interest.

It was through these alliances man discovered he could achieve his goal and satisfy his uneasiness by serving his fellow man. Granted, he hated much of the other tribes, but in order to advance his interests he accepted servicing his fellow tribal members.

Over time, man developed contracts and agreements between his own tribes as well as others to document his service. His proof of achievement was certified with currency, and his allocation of earned scarce resources was rationed in property. The scarcer these resources, the more prevalent the property norms.

As this model was more widely accepted, institutions that depended upon coercion seemed increasingly obsolete. Eventually, limited government models and constitutions were developed to restrain a dying animal from lashing out. A beast that could not produce anything on it’s own made much less sense in a world where great personal gain came from helping rather than hurting people.

In time, the global ruling class noticed an alarming trend where technology would further accelerate the decline of the obsolesce. In a world where money could change hands in an instant, a trip across the globe could be completed in hours, and the wealth of human knowledge could be unlocked with the swipe of a finger, soon millions would wake up to their game, and that couldn’t be allowed.

Upon impending globalization, the aforementioned elitists had an epiphany. Since mankind has evolved under the assumption that anyone who gained wealth had gotten it through primal brute strength, perhaps there exists some innate, forgotten evolutionary defensive mechanism against such accumulation that would cause the public to revile the wealth. Could it be they could subconsciously trick those who indirectly benefit from the wealth of the productive people to revile those same productive people? If so, a state of poverty would result that ushered in state-dependence for generations to come.

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Featured Image by Cory Doctorow.


I, AnCap