The Unseen Cost of False Allegations


I know a guy who was accused of some vicious domestic violence. I never met his wife, but she is by all accounts a beautiful soul and a sweet woman. The moment I heard the allegations, I said to myself, “This is ridiculous,” and I paid no more attention to it. 


Well I also know a girl who knows the guy that I know. And that girl also knows the wife. And she saw the wounds, was intimately involved in the fallout, tried to find the wife a place to stay. Apparently the entire story was true.


Several months later, the girl I know brought up the situation to me out of the blue. “That’s right,” I said, “I forgot you know her personally. Sorry, I’ve had so many accusations thrown at me that I can’t believe a word women say anymore.” Even knowing that this had really happened, even knowing that my friend had personally witnessed the unfolding of events, I had completely blocked it out of my mind. 


Because of the repeated attempts to slander everyone on the right-wing by the SPLC, the ADL, the Antifa, leftists generally, the mass media, and even our own people, my automatic reaction to every allegation is chronic disbelief and pathological distrust. Having seen women manipulated by political activists and organizations, by media outlets and other interested parties – often against me personally – I can’t believe anything anyone says anymore when it comes to some alleged harm suffered at the hands of some stereotypical oppressor.


All these rabid feminists claiming that they are “seeking justice,” “raising awareness,” “doing the right thing,” “holding men responsible” – they are doing nothing of the sort when they defend false allegations to the death. What they are doing is burying the real claims of actual victims, so that no one believes a word any woman says anymore. These leftists use these women to further their political agendas, without any care for whose life they destroy: the accused, the accuser, or an actual victim in the future.

Augustus Invictus
‚ÄčAugustus Invictus is a jurist, writer, and political activist in Orlando, Florida. Publisher of The Revolutionary Conservative and Managing Partner of his law practice, Invictus is a right-wing libertarian and a member of the Republican Party. In 2016 he ran for the United States Senate in Florida as a Libertarian, and he is a former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Invictus earned his B.A. in Philosophy at the University of South Florida in Tampa and his J.D. at DePaul University College of Law in Chicago. Returning to his hometown of Orlando, he studied leadership at Rollins Crummer Graduate School of Business.

A Southerner and a father of eight children, Invictus contends that revolutionary conservatism requires a shift in perspective from the exaltation of abstract ideologies to a focus on our families and communities.