The Odyssey Continues

We are on a journey; an Odyssey through time and place. The lotus eaters are plying their poppies of forgetfulness and ease while we wander a field of institutional lies without a care. We have lost all sense of mission, all purpose and meaning. Going home, to ancestral lands familiar to sole and soul? Shhh, have another lotus that whispers, we are all citizens of the world. Rootless and unattached, you will not protect and preserve the soil under your own feet. You will stand wherever spinning drug pushers sell their wares but you will stand for nothing. Spit out their poison! Remember who you are and where you came from. Leave their field of identical poppies behind and go home. Have interlopers moved in during your absence? Read the tales of our shared heroes and you will know what to do.

String your bow; the time is nigh. First, however, the hero must outsmart the one-eyed man-eaters who see only the ways and means of fleecing over-taxed and over-burdened citizens who just want to go home. Trapped in the darkness where the cyclops gorges and gulps, we despair of finding a way out of the cave and its distortions of reality that fool us into thinking this is life, this is normal, until a small beam of light shines through and an idea is born. Indulge the myopic and ride out under its nose! Freedom is just a few feet away; we must be brave and clever enough to take the chance and take those steps. If we must cling to society’s underbelly to get there, so be it.

After those first tentative steps we will wonder if there is enough wind in our sails to get home and we will look for shortcuts. We will abuse the gods’ blessings and be blown off course again and again, but we will learn. We will find our way and persevere through any hardship. Remember this when those who presume to tower over you grab at your heart and soul to feed their greed. How does one defeat what seems a hungry giant? With but the flick of a knife to the back of the knee; watch the bellowing monster fall and walk away. Let it wallow and starve alone. We must, after all, continue our journey.

Beware alluring attractions lest we become gluttonous swine and forget where we are going. Here will our heroes be distracted by those fair of face and cunning of mind. Here will we linger as memories of home drift ever further away. Break the spell and remember your true self! Leave distraction behind and ask the ancestors to show you the way. Honor the blood and they will tell you.

Back on course you may hear the sirens’ irresistible song. Plug your ears and remember your hearth. Sail on, between swirling monsters and gaping pitfalls that would destroy our battered humanity. Stay the course and we will weather the storm. We must not take what is reserved for the gods no matter how our hunger gnaws; for what seems too easy may well be cursed. Nourishment will be provided for the faithful and patient. Never doubt that the sun will rise.

Almost home, then comfort tempts the weary. A false home is offered in hopes that we will forget the true home we have been seeking for so many years. We must not rest long lest we are lulled into acceptance and false security; this is where hope is lost and home is forgotten. Shrug off the conveniences and comforts offered by those who want to keep our heroes and memories for themselves. Sail on and never forget why we must fight, why we must remember. Home is out there. Sail on.

Mankind, we are on an Odyssey and the gods are watching. Will we disappoint them? Yes, but only if we give up, take the easy road, and forget why we are on this journey. Every face ~ every race ~ has a home but far too many of us are lost. As we waste time arguing about who was on this or that piece of land first, the soul of a people dies. Still, heroes are born every day and the wandering hero within us all is begging you to set out on uncertain horizons. Heed the call.

This is dedicated to our new Odysseus, born August 7, 2018.  The world awaits you, little one.

Rachel Summers
Known as the Dropout Philosopher, Rachel Summers walked away from the Ivory Tower, spent a year in a motorcycle mechanics program, and started research for her first novel, CondAmnation, in a local Harley Davidson shop. Her novels are what some have called a journey into antinomian mysteriosophy, where socially sanctioned morality is turned on its head in order to shake out just a few drops of enlightenment.

Summers holds degrees in History, Comparative Religions, English Literature, and Philosophy but ran afoul of academia when her dissertation proposal was rejected as something that might cause a scandal or, worse yet, cause the check-signing alumni to sign fewer checks. Welcomed to stay and write if she accepted a pre-approved project, she chose to leave and vowed to cause a scandal indeed, whether with pen or sword. She is currently writing her fifth novel as well as articles for the Revolutionary Conservative and Europa Sun Magazine; thus far, the sword remains sheathed. You can buy her books at